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My 1987 Dodge Aries will run fine when cold, but if it is...

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Question by Deaver
Submitted on 7/9/2003
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My 1987 Dodge Aries will run fine when cold, but if it is warmed up it will not go above 35 mph without jerking and sputtering.  What do I do?

Answer by Jobie miller
Submitted on 8/29/2003
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I wish I could help, but my 1987 horizon is doing the very same thing. It is ridiculous.


Answer by fieldguy7
Submitted on 9/6/2003
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Turn the ignition switch on, off, on, off, on then watch the POWER LOSS  light.

Count the number of times it flashes at you.

Look for a 2 digit number consisting 1 to 5 flashes for each digit separated by a pause between digits and additional trouble codes.

55 means the computer is picking up nothing wrong.  Any other number will lead you to the area of the problem.

I have the code book if you give me the numbers.


Answer by BRUNO
Submitted on 9/13/2003
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Answer by Coshanna
Submitted on 12/12/2003
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i have an 87 dodge 600 and i have the same problem. that's a little odd. i have to restart it about 4 times before the power loss light goes off and i can drive fine


Answer by Berto
Submitted on 1/12/2004
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You have a heated oxygen (o2) sensor. I predict that if you run the turn the engine key 3 times diagnostic you will get a code of 51 or 52. Your o2 sensor is running a lean fuel mixture. But you can't tell when the car is cold because it will only work once it is heated up and it will usually start sputtering around 40mph. 99.9% guaranteed this is your problem. Just make sure to disconnect your + battery cable before installing. It is your o2 sensor...


Answer by fco. baldazo
Submitted on 2/17/2004
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que significa power loss y que debo de hacer


Answer by Lisa
Submitted on 3/28/2004
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I can start my car for a hour then is starts running in and out like there's not enough gas getting in somehow. Then I turn the car off and if I put my foot on the gas the car cuts out there and now. sometimes the car turns off completely by itself after I have been driving it for awhile. computer and all. Its no problem to start after it stalls. I drive a dodge aries 87 2.2 codes are all fine.


Answer by Benjamin83
Submitted on 5/6/2004
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Can someone please send me codes for a 87 dodge aries


Answer by marcos
Submitted on 6/7/2004
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Answer by Italo_bro
Submitted on 7/2/2004
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             Diagnostic Codes Chrysler
Throttle Body (Single Point) Fuel Injection

1984–95 2.2L & 2.5L/L4       

11    Fault In Distributor Circuit{4}    
   Engine Not Cranked Since Battery Was Disconnected{1}    
   No Distributor Reference During Engine Cranking{2}    
12    Memory Standby Power Lost{3}    
13    MAP Sensor Pneumatic Circuit{3}    
13    No Or Little Change In MAP Sensor Signal{5}    
14    MAP Sensor Electrical Circuit    
15    Vehicle Speed/Distance Sensor    
16    Loss Of Battery Voltage Sensor{6}    
17    Engine Running Too Cool{7}    
21    Oxygen Sensor Circuit    
22    Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit    
23    Charge Temperature Sensor{4}    
   Throttle Body Temperature Sensor Circuit{7}    
24    Throttle Position Sensor    
25    AIS Motor Driven Circuit    
26    Peak Injector Current Not Reached    
27    Logic Module Fuel Circuit{8}    
   Fuel Injector Control Problem{2}    
31    Purge Solenoid Circuit    
32    Power Loss Lamp Circuit{4}    
   EGR Diagnosis{2}    
33    A/C Cutout Relay Circuit    
34    Speed Control Solenoid Driver Circuit    
35    Fan Control Relay Circuit    
36    Spare Driver Circuit{4}    
37    Part Throttle Unlock Solenoid Circuit    
41    Charging System Excess Or No Field Circuit    
42    ASD Relay Driver    
43    Spark Interface Circuit{6}    
44    Battery Temperature Out Of Range{8}    
44    Loss Of FJ2 To Logic Board{9}    
46    On Battery Voltage Too High{7}    
47    Battery Voltage Too Low{7}    
51    Oxygen Feedback System (Lean)    
52    Oxygen Feedback System (Rich)    
53    Logic Module Failure{4}    
   Internal Engine Controller Problem{7}    
55    End Of Message    
62    EMR Mileage Unsuccessful Update{10}    
63    Controller Failure EEPROM Write Denied{10}    
{1}—1986–88 models.
{2}—1989–95 models.
{3}—1984–90 models.
{4}—1984–85 models.
{5}—1991–92 models.
{6}—1984–89 models.
{7}—1986–95 models.
{8}—1984–88 models.
{9}—1989 models.
{10}—1988–95 models.


Answer by Stainless
Submitted on 12/9/2004
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I have a problem with my 1987 Dodge Aries LE Wagon. When I try and start I'm not getting the engine to turn over ie.. No Combustion. I did your error code for this and it came out with a 27 Logic Module Fuel Circuit. So it basically is telling me that something is wrong with the Fuel Delivery correct? So Pump or Fuel Filter. Pump is failing or Fuel Filter is clogged. Am I right at guessing the problem? Thanks


Answer by dodge_shadow
Submitted on 1/24/2005
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my 1994 dodge shadow will start fine in all weather. i can start the car in cold weather and let it warm up but once it is warm, if i am not on the gas all the time the car will die. i have no problem with the car going over 30-40 mph. how can i fix this.


Answer by gamma
Submitted on 6/24/2005
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The answer to Lisa problem is in the computer circuit board.The circuit board is next to the batterie in a black box connected to a ribbed thingo

Try finding the button-shaped silver colored transistor. Check the number and get a new transistor at a electronics shop and replace the part, mine had Malaysia 2N-3055 on it. Mine worked fine after that


Answer by CHRIS
Submitted on 7/12/2005
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My sisters car is having the same problem - It is giving me the code 13 (MAP sensor pneumatic circuit) and code 14 (MAP sensor electrical circuit). Anybody know what this actually does and what I should do to get it fixed...does it just need a new sensor to fix both problems or wiring too. Thanks for the help!


Answer by Mechanic_Dude
Submitted on 9/27/2005
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It you fuel system i had the same problem with my 88 aries and it turned out to be the fuel system lines and all were all F****ed up
so try that and see.


Answer by TOM
Submitted on 2/18/2006
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Submitted on 4/2/2006
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Hi there i have a 87 dodge 600 and it runs very rough when cold but runs alittle better when warm. I pulled the codes off and i got a 15, and a 31 can you explain how to fix these and where is the purge solonoid.


Answer by REY
Submitted on 5/2/2006
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I recently replaced my egr valve because the engine on my 2.5L was creating too much Nox, but when i took it for an emissions test it still failed, what else could be causing this problem


Answer by Chris M
Submitted on 7/4/2006
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91 dodge dynasty. when I start up the car it runs for a second and quits. I replaced the computer 8 months ago for the same problem. can there be another reason other than the computer?


Answer by Tony
Submitted on 12/18/2006
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been there done that.
may come up with all sorts of error codes on their computer, all wrong.
The catalitic converter is plugged, replace it.


Answer by Usagi
Submitted on 3/24/2007
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Happened to me.

Just replace it, and all will be well.


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