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Faulty Spaying Situation!!!! HELP! This story may be a...

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Question by Rena
Submitted on 10/22/2003
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Faulty Spaying Situation!!!!  HELP!  This story may be a little disturbing, but I am looking for some advice...
I have a 3 1/2 yr. old (beautiful) Rottweiler name Lexxus.  When she was spayed (@ about a year old) all seamed well.  Until...she had a vaginal discharge (white).  This was 3 months or so after the spaying.  I took her to the same vet and he gave me antibiotics to treat the "infection" (not thinking it was relating to the spaying).  I continued to give her repeated antibiotics, but the discharge continued.  Nothing appeared to work and this continued for 3 months or longer.  Finally, a friend of mine informed me that her knew of a Rott and it had the same symptoms and it actually had Pyrometria (sp).  Supposedly, this is an infection of the Uterus.  Not understanding how this could be, I brought this "idea" to my vet (believe that!).  After X rays and failed meds, he decided to do exploratory surgery and found that he had left a "stump" inside which is what caused the infection.  There is a point to this story, I promise.  :o)  After the surgery, the discharge stopped and all appeared to be well.  Now...1 yr. later or so, the discharge has come back!  It is a little thicker, but cream/tan in color.  I took her back to the original vet (who did the spaying) and he said it was a UTI or a bladder infection...something like that.  So...he gave me an antibiotic.  Well, this didn't work and then he gave me a stronger antibiotic (Cephalexin).  This started in August of 2003 (the second indication of discharge).  Well, it's Oct. now and she still has the discharge.  I am so completely upset and torn apart (my dog is my child) I decided to get a second option and took her to a new vet.  This vet recommended a scope to see inside.  And guess what...I just found out, today, that there is a pouch of "something" holding the "puss" inside (which is causing the discharge).  At this point, I am completely distraught and the vet recommended 2 options...1)  Use a vaginal douche to attempt to clear the bacteria or...2) Open her up again to see what is wrong.  I have chosen option 2, as I don't want to take any more risks.  I still have yet to proceed with this.  However, here comes the reason for this post...Help!!!  Has anyone out there had this happen to their Rottie??  If so, can you offer any advice?  I am so upset and will be contacting my old vet for reimbursement if this is a result of the faulty spaying.  I appreciate anything that anyone could say to help.

Much appreciated.  Rena     Michigan

Answer by Lucy's Mom
Submitted on 10/23/2003
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Rena, I cannot offer you any advice at this time, but let me say that I feel for you and you and Lexxus will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Answer by MARYDVM
Submitted on 10/25/2003
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Stump pyometra is a rare, but possible complication whenever a spay is done. Since the uterus connects to the cervix, which connects to the vagina and the outside of the body, it is impossible to remove the uterus without leaving some tissue behind. This is called the uterine "stump". On rare occasions this bit of tissue can become infected. Usually a second surgery followed by a couple of weeks of antibiotics will fix the problem. Since this wasn't the case with your dog,it is hard to say why the problem has returned. I would definitely have the infection cultured when the next surgery is done, because it may be a very resistant bacteria that requires a special antibiotic to cure it.


Answer by Rena
Submitted on 11/26/2003
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Just wanted to add a note that my dog underswent another exploratory surgery and there was still a piece of the Uterus in there. So...my 1st vet still did not remove the tissue with the 1st exploratory surgery after the faulty spaying.  Needless to say, my old vet is reimbursing me all the money I spent at the new vet to correct Lexxus' discharge and to have the additional tissue removed.  It has been about a month now and she is doing well.  I just recently got a new puppy (1 month ago) and they are both very happy.  I don't know if anyone cares, but I wanted to follow up my original email with a happy ending. My 2 Rotties are healthy and doing well.  Thanks to 'MaryDVM' and 'LucysMom' for the input!!  :o)


Answer by Tina
Submitted on 11/26/2003
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I have a Springer Spaniel and she is having orange discharge and odor the vet tells me it's due to that time of the month even though she has been spayed but it's all the time not every 6 months and its getting worse. What is this can anyone help me? I would apperciate anyone's help?


Answer by leslee
Submitted on 7/6/2004
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I have a dog in the same situation - she is on her first surgery - they got the infected stump out but she is 3 days out of surgery & I am not sure if the coast is clear yet. She was spayed at the SPCA in Orlando and my vet said he has not seen a worse spay job in a long time.


Answer by carol
Submitted on 7/19/2004
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I have a large samoyed/sheperd mix that was spayed by Vetsmart (veterinary division of Petsmart).  We have since used a different vet.  We just finished 15 days of antibiotics (for vaginal infection) and she still drops about a tablespoon of liquid from her vagina (ranging from almost clear to dark tea color) when she gets up from laying down ....can I go back and make Vetsmart fix their botch job for free??  


Answer by rotty mom
Submitted on 10/3/2004
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why would you want someone to open you dog up again when they did such a bad job the 1st time (or 2nd) That happened with my dog yrs ago ( only did 1/2 a spay) I had to get her done again. Needless to say i sued the vet and won. Almost cost my dog her life.Also....word of mouth does wonders....that vet is no longer practicing.


Answer by cathy
Submitted on 11/14/2004
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Hi, My name is Cathy, I would just like to tell all you people that still have your pets with you to be thankful
My dog Sassy..was diagnosed with pyrometria 5 days after I noticed something was wrong, we took her to the vet on the 13th of November, and I knew something was wrong, but never in a million years did I know that would be the last day I would have her..the only thing they said that could help was to have an emergency spay done...but that she was so sick they were'nt even sure she would survive, so we made the ultimate decision..we had her put to sleep...I feel very guilty for my dog being so sick and having to die because I never got her fixed.
So please all of you out there CHERISH your dogs and hold them near..and if you notice anything wrong please take care of it right away... She was a very special dog and deserved better than I could give her


Answer by Cathy
Submitted on 10/4/2005
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She wasn't as lucky as your rottie, my dog had to be put down, I miss her so much, but I am glad your dog recovered, that is such a horrible thing for a dog to go through,
My Sassy was 7, and I had no idea they could get that disease...it has been almost a year now, and I miss her more than ever.
Dogs do fill a big space in your heart...and mine is broken...I miss my girl.. the poem rainbow bridge helps though..I love that poem
thanks for listening


Answer by Jill
Submitted on 11/30/2005
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I have dog that came from the Charleston animal shelter but was spayed by my regular vet that I have used before.  She has the discharge (green).  She was spayed when she was 6 weeks old because that is the protocol when you adopt an animal from that shelter.  Anyways she has been on multiple antibiotics, and has had the dousche and it has came back once again.  She is a year and a half old and this has been going on for more than 6 months.  I was told today that they wanted to do the exploritory surgery.  And they mentioned the "stump".  Obviously this isn't that rare.  


Answer by Jill
Submitted on 11/30/2005
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I wanted to add one more thing.  I don't know if anyone else has experienced this or not.  But in addition to the discharge, my dog has "accidents" when the discharge is not being treated by antiobiotics.  As a matter of fact she peed the bed last night.


Answer by Lady Valmar4
Submitted on 6/17/2006
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I don't know if it's okay to put this here but I could really use some advice. My cat about a week and half ago was spayed finally. He is not a kitty anymore but he isn't a full grown either. The vet gave me some amoxcilin to give to him each day. About a week later, I went to the vet because my cat had begun to act depressed and salivated. He wouldn't clean himself like usual and he would sleep too much. After the vet saw him she said he had ginivitis which might be connected to the spaying or he could have FLV or something. She gave him a shot for the swollen lymph nodes and gave us a more stronger and better anitbotic. He appears better but he is still drooling a ton and acts sleepy still. She said if he wasn't better to come back to the vet for a blood test but I can't afford that. If I have to do it I will but I want to wait to see if he is going to get better. He already has resumed cleaning himself and meowing like he usually does so... If anyone has any suggestions on what to do, I would be very much appreciative.



Answer by ilovemypet
Submitted on 2/26/2007
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That is why I am not spaying my dog. I hear so many horror stories and i think it is much heatheir not to do so. I am very responsable owner and keep my dog on a leash when I bring her out. She is an inside dog. My friend spayed her dog and 3 days later her stitches came open and her guts were hanging out. She had emergency operation and they fixed her. My friend told me that if she had to do it all over again she would have not done it. It is easier and less dangerous to nute a male dog then to spay a female dog.


Answer by Fibsi
Submitted on 4/26/2007
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I have a female Bernese Mountain Dog and she had her emergency surgery from stump pyometra 5 days ago! She had one litter in 2001 and they had to take out the puppies with a surgery. Unfortunately the vet we are visiting then didn't do his job- he left the ovaries and there we go- 6 years, later, after many times of having that weird and smelly discharge- stump pyometra! I thank my current vet for the immediate reaction! Keep your fingers crossed for Atta! And, please, try to make sure your vet is the right one for your dog!!!


Answer by rottieowner
Submitted on 4/30/2007
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I would just say to the last poster...

"do you really want to subject your dog to their faulty knife again?"

Do as the original poster did, get a second opinion from a respectable vet in town, then go back and show them the bill from the other vet, threaten legal action if need be.  It's a drop in the bucket for them to refund your money for the previously pooched surgery.


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