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Why do Chihuahuas like to lick so much?

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Question by cdcolli
Submitted on 10/20/2003
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Why do Chihuahuas like to lick so much?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 10/21/2003
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Because they love you.  A chihuahua bonds with one or two people very closely.  Even if the dog goes through several owners, it will still remember the previous owners years later and want to greet them.

Licking is a way of showing love and respect.  Young wolves lick their mothers mouths in order to get her to regurgitate the food she has carried back to the den.  When they grow up, adult wolves will still lick the snouts of more dominant members of the pack.  

Chihuahuas also spend a lot of time grooming, just like cats.  They will groom each other to show respect and keep fresh the bonds between pack members.  So your chihuahua is grooming you as a gesture of love and respect.

Because you are the center of your chihuahuas universe, they Must show you how much they love you, they just Have To.  You don't have to allow kisses on the mouth, but please don't try to stop them from licking you entirely.  

You can teach them "Enough" which means "What you are doing was OK for a while but now I want you to stop" and "No Lick" for people who don't like it.


Answer by Danielle
Submitted on 3/30/2004
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They really love you! They need care, just as does any other animal!


Answer by Marilyn
Submitted on 5/31/2004
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My new female chi puppy also licks - but mainly her "private" parts.  Is this normal?  I'm beginning to think she may have an infection or something?  If anyone has any advice about this I would really appreciate it! Thanks very much.  The information provided on other issues has been very helpful so far.


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 6/10/2004
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Your puppy is likely just fine, chihuahuas are like cats in the respect that they are very fastidious.  Chihuahuas like to be clean, so they often lick their genitals to make sure there is no pee pee or etc. to cause an odor.

As they grow, and lose their puppy roundness, they tend to groom more areas since they can now reach them.

One of my girls spends much more time grooming herself than the other, but she's my precious princess.  She also will clean her feet for extended periods sometimes, so I have to make sure to rinse them well if she walks in something nasty or on a 'treated' lawn, lest she ingest it.


Answer by Skippy
Submitted on 6/24/2004
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Answer by chiwawagrl
Submitted on 8/25/2004
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Yea, my chihuahua kisses me all the time... shes very affectionate but I also learned that they do this because they like the salt in your skin.


Answer by danielle
Submitted on 5/17/2005
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i'm trying to get my mom to let me get a chiuhua. but she thinks they bark too much! :( HELP ME


Answer by Nicole
Submitted on 9/14/2005
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my dog licks all the time and its not just her privates she licks the couch, you, and the floor to is this normal?


Answer by Peanalope
Submitted on 3/2/2006
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Ok I have a teacup Chihuahua named Peanalope and I was wondering if it is normal for her to be overly protective.  I can't even take her to Petsmart without her growling and snapping at other people and dogs.  She also when sleeping if moved snaps at anyone except me.  She has even been in obedience school and nothing works.  Is it normal for her to act very hostle and agressive towards others.


Answer by Gemini
Submitted on 5/12/2006
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My Chi give kisses like there is absolutly no tomorrow. Most of the time she greats me with kisses, but when she is upset or really wants attention she'll give kisses with a single mindedness that you have to admire. The only thing she does more than give kisses is jump like a pogo stick.


Answer by Teresa
Submitted on 7/3/2006
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me love basset hound. me always have basset hound. me basset hound is best.


Answer by queen doggie mom
Submitted on 7/29/2006
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my chi freaks out whenever she has mud or thick amount of dirt on her, is this ok i mean i thought they like getting all dirty but mine sure does love her bath...::hmm::

any feed backs?


Answer by jason
Submitted on 3/7/2007
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my chihuahua licks the air... almost like she has peanut butter in her mouth  ... any one else know why she does this


Answer by ashley
Submitted on 7/2/2007
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so my 2 chi's lick up my golden retrievers pee in the grass after she goes, then when they come in they clean her private. why?


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