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...teach my Chi Pedro to come when he is called?. ...

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Question by chiluv
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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How can I teach my  Chi  Pedro to come when he is called?.   When the front door opens he darts out and wont come when he is called.  I have tried treats to entice him but he  wont come home.  AAAH !!!!!!          

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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Put Pedro on his leash before you open the door, that way he can't rush out.  If he isn't already leash trained, time to start, get a fabric leash (no metal links).  


You need to work with him so he understands that running out an open door is Not OK.  Put him on leash and attach it well back from the door, put him into SIT and give him the command to STAY.  When he's reliable at that, do the same and open the door.  If he gets up, put him back into SIT, repeat STAY and praise him when he doesn't make a break for the door.  You can gradually work him up to being close to the door, and when he is really understanding, try it with the leash on but not secured to anything.


At the same time you are doing the above, do this.  

1) Put his leash on and let him run around the house with it on for a while each day.  Call him, making sure that if he doesn't come, you can grab the end of the leash and keep him from playing 'keepaway'.  Offer him a treat and praise him for any movement towards you, reel in the leash as he comes but don't pull, chihuahuas can be stubborn, he's got to think it's his idea.  When he comes to you, praise him "Pedro good boy come", then give him the treat.  Once he's reliable doing that, and does it even without the promise of a treat, continue to praise him every time and proceed to step 2.

2) Take him outside and repeat the above, except keep your hand on the leash at all times, you might want to use an extension so he can go a ways  out before being called back.

3) Start leading him by the leash.  If he stops or fights, don't pull, just stand still and regain his attention.  Constant praise while he's doing what you want is necessary, e.g. "Good boy Pedro walk with Mommy/Daddy".  He starts to pull, stop.  "Come, good boy Pedro".  Start out again "Good Boy Pedro walk ...", etc.

I don't recommend anyone let their dog off leash outside.  I know, I do it myself when I'm there to watch them (Bad Human!), but all it takes is once when they dart off or don't come and they could be hit by a car or attacked by someone else's dog.  Reliable COME and a leash means you can stop him from running into the road and/or get to him quickly and pick him up into the safety of your arms.

I also recommend the book Chihuahuas for Dummies, which is the best book I have on the care and training of these adorable little creatures, it has complete instructions and can do a better job of teaching you how to train Pedro than I can in a FAQ.


Answer by Nrthngal
Submitted on 12/3/2004
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I never in 8 months of having two Chi's used a leash or harness. I have always used this fail safe method. If your Chi knows what "bye- bye's" means, you can just use this to go out and open the car door, when they dont listen to your commands, let them jump in the car and take them to the house that way. Tell them bad puppy and put them back into the house, this will work in getting your dog to listen to you. This breed is like children, and they cannot be left alone when very small.....that alone makes it easy if you have had them.  lol
Treats and bribery wont work because they dont understand what its for.


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