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Hello. I'm writing you desperately about my Cairn named...

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Question by brightpavilions
Submitted on 10/14/2003
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I'm writing you desperately about my Cairn named Kramer. He's now over a year old and still both a bundle of joy and a basket of hell!

I recently, moved from the house I stayed in with my Mother and the dog. He had always been quite a little terror, but we had hoped with training and as he grew up his behavior would improve. Unfourtunately it has not. My Mom is doing everything she can to make this dog a good one, but she has become very distraught. She feels hopless. He has started obedience classes, but I fear they won't be teaching him much more than the basic "sit, stay, come." I'm worried his behavior is something that may be inherent in him. To make maters worse an anonymous neighboor dropped a note in our mailbox telling us how we need to keep our dog quiet and that his barking is disturbing the neighboorhood. Needless to say my mother has lived in this neighboorhood for 26 years now, so she is quite upset.

I want to give her some advice, but I'm hardly an expert. Some talk has come up about possibly having to give Kramer up for adoption. This would obviously be the absolute last step. We really do love this little guy. We've spent so much time not to mention money on him, but he IS at times unbearable. I'm hoping there's something, anything that you who love your Cairn too can suggest.

Thank so much for reading and any light you can shine would be very much appreciated.


Answer by Jo
Submitted on 1/26/2004
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Simple,  You've heard of
Pavlov, right?  He needs 'conditioning'.  In other words create a controlled environment.  Does she have a clothesline? You must get a tieup rope,attach it to something, and the dog, especially at the prime barking hours, my Cairn did worst at night...  As soon as the dog starts the 'yapping', scold and bring in. Kennel for about 5 minites.  Do this consistantly.  It's the only way if she's too old, or embarrassed to chase the dog around the yard scolding it at night..


Answer by lou
Submitted on 4/21/2004
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maybe instead of traditional methods you should think about positive training methods.  Training will be much more fun for both of you.  Read "The Idiots guide to positive dog training"  its definately worth a try


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