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My dog is 6 years old. I got her from the pound when she was...

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Question by KC
Submitted on 7/8/2003
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My dog is 6 years old. I got her from the pound when she was two years old. She is part shephard, husky and beagle, weighing about 55pounds. She has a habit of jumping on the dining room table and laying on it when we leave the home. How do I stop this behavior without causing her to be scared?

Answer by Julie
Submitted on 8/26/2003
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There are two thing I would suggest one would be to crate train your dog.  There is no reason she has to have access to the dining room table when you are gone.  many people think that dogs do not like crates and see null as cages.  Dogs who are crate trained properly do not view them as this but a safe place to sleep.  There is lots of books and info on crate training your dog and it is really worth it.  If you decide not to do this try putting Aluminum foil on the table dogs do not like the sound or feel of it and avoid it.  Good Luck.


Answer by Jaz
Submitted on 11/28/2003
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You have to keep an eye on your puppy and don't yell at your animal because they will be scared of you.


Answer by Dani
Submitted on 10/25/2004
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I have adopted a 6 year old animal.She had a stay at home full time owner who adored and worshipped the ground she walked on. She is pretty spoiled , but friendly, loving and smart.  Question is, she has never been off a leash and her first day here she got loose and bolted and ran for hog hell! Luckily I caught up with her, she is a Cairn terrier and they have minds of their own. Anyway, my question is how do I train her not to do that?  All the dogs I have ever had I had from puppies and I trained them to always come, but they were puppies. They were frequently loose outside and always came home. thanks


Answer by Goofy
Submitted on 3/1/2005
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I agree with Jaz you will just scare your dog if you yell! I have never yelled a my dogs before and they never give me any troube. Using a crate is not all that bad. You need to think of what you want. Do you want dog hair in your food? Just take baby steps an whisper to her what you want to her/him to do. after about 2 weeks or so your dog will not be on your table anymore!


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