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I need help my name is amelia, here is my "question" while...

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Question by Amelia
Submitted on 10/11/2003
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I need help
my name is amelia, here is my "question" while not technically a question,
I've had a male chihuahua for quite a while, and have made up my mind to get a female also, here is my problem, I do NOT wish to "fix" my dogs, and I am concerned about pregnancies, cost is no option when concerning my pets.. however, I cant find ANY helpful info on chihuahua pregnancies and birth, so PLEASE somebody send me info.. I need to decide what to do, I don't mind the hefty costs, or work, but I want to make sure I know exactly what to expect, so if I cant do it, I spay/neuter, i love puppies and they bring so much joy, but I'm not sure.. my e-mail is despondetdelerium@yahoo.com  thankyou in advance!!!

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 10/13/2003
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If you do not 'fix' your dogs, you will have either a pregnant dog or you will have to keep them 100% separated while the female is in heat twice a year.  That means putting up with howling, clawing, barking, etc. for several weeks twice a year.  This is just downright cruel to put the animals in close proximity and not allow them to satisfy their needs.  Also, you will have to keep the female 100% away from any male dog, since chihuahuas are so small an accidental mating with a larger dog could seriously injure or kill her.

Most chihuahua females are not suited for breeding, only an experienced breeder should ever attempt it.  Even then, many times, there is not a good outcome.  A good friend of mine, an experienced professional breeder recently had a litter born, all dead, and the dam needed an emergency hysterectomy.  This was an uneventful pregnancy and the dog had better prenatal care than a lot of humans do.  Total cost was well over $1000 for veterinary care.  

I know you said cost isn't an object, but the health of your pets should be.  An inexperienced breeder will not know when things are going wrong, that lack of knowledge could quite easily lead to the death of the female.  Even if the litter survived, they are orphaned and will die without the care of the mother or experienced persons.  That's not being a responsible pet owner.  

Puppies are very cute, yes, and there are so many puppies born every year that are euthanized due to genetic defects or because homes cannot be found for them.  

I don't know why you are so adverse to spaying/neutering your dog.  All my animals (all female) have been 'fixed', and they don't seem to mind not going through heat. Please Please Please if you get a female, have it spayed.  


Answer by jen
Submitted on 12/20/2003
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Chimama is so right.  To be more specific; 15 million companion animals are brought to U.S. shelters annually.  Of those 15 million, 12 million are euthanized.  Why add to the overpopulation?  Breeders are the main reason for this.  If you have doubt just go to your local pound.  What a sad sight.  Amelia, please don't breed your animals.
Thank you.


Answer by nikki
Submitted on 9/19/2004
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i think if you want to breed your dogs that is fine just go to the vet and read up on it i hate these people always saying fix your dogs thats wrong some dogs are happy to be mamas and daddys i wish i could help you out more but good luck trying


Answer by loveblue
Submitted on 11/2/2004
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hello ! anybody help me to do the book review of amelia earhart. Thanks so much !


Answer by chipet
Submitted on 5/5/2005
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For one thing the female will need to be bigger than the male in order to have a safe pregnancy. Second experienced breeders had to start somewhere, they were not born experienced. It would be plain stupid to fix an expensive registered dog. Yes there are risks, but life is a risk.


Answer by Amanda
Submitted on 11/6/2005
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i am triying to mate my fat onr


Answer by Kaylien Bel
Submitted on 12/4/2005
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see i have 2 dogs both red nose Pitt bulls. the female china just had babies. they are 2 days old. china will not leave the puppies at all. we will have to force her to go outside to go the restroom. she will refuse to eat. we will have to put the food in front of her, in order for her to eat. i did research on the puppies and i found out that the puppies should be eating 10% of the time and sleeping 90% of the time. to me it is the opposite. my puppies eat 90% of the time and sleep 10% of the time. is all this normal behavior?


Answer by Leina
Submitted on 4/13/2006
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You shouldn't breed your dogs do to over population, which someone already said. I know that a person saying that is going to stop you. If you do breed, have homes for the puppies before they are born. This will save struggling on your part.


Answer by Loving Pet Owner
Submitted on 7/16/2006
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I too, am looking for an answer to an unanswered question.  My question is, How long are Chihuahuas pregnant for?, as this is the first time my pups have done this.  I too wanted puppies and am about to have them by the grace of, Jesus!  I don't know much about what these people are saying, but what I do know is that I have personally been around and brought up around the breeding of different kinds of dogs, cats, and other animals.  Friends of mine have bred pets of their own and while yes sometimes there are problems people also have to realize that there are others when no problem results.  Much like humans.  I don't know your take on abortion or any of that but it sounds to me like these other people are for abortion, not that I have ever met them because I haven't but their answers say that to me.  I don't believe in that not only because it's wrong and murder, but also because it's against my religion and immoral.
Your decision is just that your decision.  Make your own mind up by letting your conscience be your guide.  If you decide to still do it, I wish you well and if not I still wish you well.  It's your decision.


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