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I am looking to rescue a chihuahua that is looking for a...

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Question by linda
Submitted on 10/10/2003
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I am looking  to rescue a chihuahua that is looking for a good home.can anybody help perhaps with the Chihuahua rescue address or website?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 10/13/2003
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Bless You!  


Results can be limited, you put in your zip code and how far away you are willing to go.


You can look by region, it's rather hard to hone in on location though.


Southern California only.


You can get information on groups all over the country with email addresses right to the people in charge of each group and sometimes also websites.

I hope these are helpful, I just put the words 'chihuahua' and 'rescue' in a web search engine and looked at the top 6 sites.

Again, thank you so much for considering a rescue dog, you are literally often a life-saver.


Answer by medic04
Submitted on 11/13/2003
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I just wanted to stop by and say You can't go wrong by getting a unloved or unwanted Chi. I lost my Chico just over a month ago and still can't stop thinking about him. He was attacked by four strays that came Thu our yard. He gave so much love the three years I had him. didn't think I could love another chi...Boy was I wrong. I got Ginger a 8 year old Chi yesterday from our local shelter. Now, I want to return the love to another Chi that was given so freely to me. Good luck, and go for it.


Answer by 11-year-old
Submitted on 12/23/2003
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what a touching story i wish i could afford a chi so far i only have $100


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 1/2/2004
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Please accept my condolences on the untimely and violent loss of your beloved baby.  I'm sure you were horrified that this had happened.  I hope that precautions have been taken to prevent strays from getting into your yard again.  


Answer by luv_4_7
Submitted on 5/2/2004
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i have a three year old chihuahua male tan color house trained and so loveable have to move and i am unable to take him with me if you are interseted plz contact me  at luv_4_72003@yahoo.com plz by may 15th or he will have to go to pound


Answer by bambii
Submitted on 11/27/2004
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to the 11 yr old with only 100.00.

i have a 2 yr old chi and is due to have pups in 30 days. i am not sure how many that she will have and i just spoke to my husband and we would be glad to help you get your wish there are a couple of problems yet. 1. is we don't know how many she will have and i don't know where you live so that leaves the problem of how to get the pup to you when the time comes. my e-mail is theark_75@juno.com. e-mail me back please.


Answer by dee
Submitted on 12/17/2004
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i have 2 chihuahuas that need a loving home we can make $ arrangements.please if interested please contact me at joelanddionna@bellsouth.net. it is a male and female under 5 years old and under 5 pounds. thanks


Answer by patti
Submitted on 9/11/2005
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i am looking for a loving pet if you know of any in my area please contact me. spudraspberry@yahoo.com i live in oklahoma.


Answer by Lynn z
Submitted on 12/3/2005
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sorry to hear about your dog, I wish I would have read your mail sooner. I have a 2 year old chihuahua that I need to find a home for asap. He was given to my  12 yr. old daughter as a puppy by her father, she does not take care of him, and I do not have the time or the energy for this little dog. He is so awesome too. We have a bull mastiff who likes to play a little too rough with him, so I am worried about his safety as well. I am going to be very picky about where he goes. He is a luv bug, sleeps in our bed, and we will miss him tons, but need to do what is best and safest for him.  any takers?


Answer by Sheila
Submitted on 3/13/2006
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Hi Sandy,
  I would love to adopt your chihuahua. I would give him the best home. My Chica lived to be 13. I rescued her from an abusive home. She went everywhere with me. I think of her every day. I don't know where you live but I'd be willing to travel.If you are interested please e-mail me at ninnypoo22222@yahoo.com
       Thank you,


Answer by nrsjoody
Submitted on 5/10/2006
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Can you send me a picture of your little boy chi?  My hubby and I just lost our old chi female to old age.  She was 18 years and was rescued from the pound.  We might be interested in giving your baby a home.


Answer by brenda
Submitted on 11/12/2006
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I have a black 3yr old chihuahua that I need to find a home for, he has become mean to my little grandchildren, and I don't want to take him to the pound, please e-mail me at bren7216_99@yahoo.com if you are interested in him,,thanks


Answer by Stace
Submitted on 3/17/2007
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I hope everyone rescues more Chihuahuas. Tell everyone... BREEDERS ARE BAD. It's like forcing animals to have sex. There are more than enough poor homeless and abused dogs already. So please, stop making more dogs. PauleyP RockS! Lurve, Stace, Australia


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