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...postmodern drama?

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Question by amin azimi
Submitted on 7/8/2003
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what is postmodern drama?

Answer by laleh
Submitted on 3/26/2004
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postmodernism does not have a clear and exact meaning.it has a vast area of meaning. to apply this approach to drama the meaning becomes even more complicated. postmodernism in drama works in two levels: first concept and the second which is more important than the former one in form and structure. sometimes these two elements are entangled with each other, however, as we see in the works of early postmodernis dramatists it mostly works in the area of form and structure that somehow remind us the avant-gardism movements. thses palywights violate the standard and traditional form of the drama. forexample, sometimes there is no interaction between the characters and this achieves through playing on the concept of language. so in the genre that interaction is regarded as the major element we face long and one-sided monolouge that is cut several times to emphasize the incomprehensibility of the language...


Answer by LitWack
Submitted on 12/10/2004
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As its name implies, Postmodernism is not a specific ideology, but more a reaction against Modernism.  The Modernist movement in literature was rooted in Enlightenment philosophy, which valued rational thought above all else, and also in Romanticism, which valued personal (emotional) experience as a tool of transcendence, inspiration, and understanding.  Virginia Woolf was a classic Modernist: she believed that behind the "cotton wool," or vague confusion, of everyday life, there is a transcendent order which we sometimes get a glimpse of in rare moments of inspiration.  

Jacques Lacan might be called a classic Postmodernist: he believed that beneath the artificial order which the rational mind imposes on the world around it, there is an infinite, terrifying chaos which he calls the "Real."  Our flashes of insight actually show us existence as it really is: incomprehensible and dangerous.  Our whole existence is focused on perceiving an order which does not exist.  Language, history, and traditional artistic forms are all artificial constructs which give us a false sense of security and control.  

It's important to note that although the term "Postmodernism" refers to a backlash against Modernism in the early to mid 20th century, the roots of Postmodern thought did not begin after Modernism, but developed alongside it.  Postmodernism in theater can be traced back to 19th-century dramatists like Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg, both of whom wrote plays in both the hyper-realistic Modern style and more surreal experimental styles which profoundly influenced Postmodern drama.


Answer by Matt
Submitted on 5/17/2007
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