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...symptoms of sids?

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Question by Jamie Hoskins
Submitted on 10/9/2003
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What are the symptoms of sids?

Answer by melanie hollin
Submitted on 12/8/2003
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My son died of sids when he was 4 months and 16 days old......He was as healthy as any baby could be, but there where no signs ,no symptoms, anything.I don't think there are signs of sids ....Maybe some precautions the doctor gives you to take but other than that it's just one of the things that in this life we all wished their was signs of, wish we could stop, or atleast no what happens.              "sids is angels getting their wings"  


Answer by Francine
Submitted on 2/8/2004
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There are no symptoms of SIDS.  It amazes me how very healthy that the babies (including my own precious little baby girl) who have passed from SIDS appeared to be.  My daughter Madison, was 10 days short of six mths and was in the 95th percentile for her age (that means out of a hundred babies her age, she was at the top of her growth and weight chart for that age group...bigger than 95% of the infants that would be her age).  She was very active and smiley, a very healthy and happy beautiful baby girl. She had never been sick a day in her life..........  one minute we had a perfectly healthy baby girl, and the next minute we had a perfectly healthy dead baby girl. (I say that because there is no apparent or outward reason why she died.....  an autopsy confirms that there is no reason why she passed...... it is unexplainable)  SIDS is when our precious little babies get their wings, but we are a family left with no answers why our baby girl had to go, and I find that so unbearable.  I want more than anything to know Why this happened.......  instead I have to live with not knowing why, but knowing that I couldn't do a thing about it.  I took and followed all the precautionary measures they have out there, I never did drugs in my life, there was never anything soft in my daughter's crib, my daughter never slept with us, my daughter did not suffocate, my daughter did not have any airway obstructions.  My daughter just went for a nap one evening and never woke up........  and even though we started CPR, etc within moments of it happening, we still could not save her.  That is what SIDS does.
SIDS stole our baby girl away....... and there is no reason why it happened  Precautionary measures are not causes.  Do they lower the risk of infant death??  Yes.  Do they prevent SIDS??  No.....I know first hand.....


Answer by CodyDawson
Submitted on 6/30/2004
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There is no symptoms for SIDS. You may have a perfectly healthy baby. Never caused any problems for you and one minute they are there and then the next they're not. I know that is exactly the way I feel about my cousin. He was at the sitters doing all the things they always do there, went down for a nap and left us then. And the sad part is, is that there are thousands upon thousands of websites for prevention tips and coping methods, but there are no answers as to why this happened or how it happened. This is the worse thing that i have ever had to go through and I think that it is mainly because i spent so much time with this baby and loved him so much to have him taken away from me and the rest of my family and then not have any answers of why? Why did this have to happen? He was so healthy (bigger than all other babies his age), so good, so loving, so caring, never getting a change to really experience life (he was one day short of Five months) and just as fast as his life was given to us, it was taken away with no warning, no advanced signs. There are no symptoms for SIDS. But hopefully, someday someone will find some so that the future of mothers will not always have to worry about putting their baby down for a nap, and not be able to pick up their child again to keep warm and safe.


Answer by CRYSTAL
Submitted on 12/9/2004
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Answer by amanda
Submitted on 12/23/2004
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Answer by Genesis
Submitted on 8/25/2005
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I believe that sids has no sign I am eighteen years old and gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy you've ever seen on june-17-2005 one night I laid my angel down to sleep not knowing that would be the last time I would ever see his eyes open again and the next morning my son was gone, He was only a month and a half and sids took my precious angel from me i don't know what causes sids but i do know that nothing prevents them.


Answer by grassonfire
Submitted on 5/1/2006
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can u give me good information about SIDS that causes it and alot of information on the symptoms.


Answer by Ashley
Submitted on 11/14/2006
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its sad to see little infints who die of SIDS, i just want to let every family who has lost a child from SIDS that i am very sorry.


Answer by kathy
Submitted on 11/16/2006
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first of all id like to say sorry for your losses and god be with you all.im so scared of sids,thats what goes through my mind alot.im a first time mother.my daughter is 2 and ahalf months old and i always worry of when she sleeps of what could happen while she is asleep.rigth now it is nearly 5 am and i havent slept all night as im holding my little girl on my chest readign all night of sids and precautions and the more i read the scareder i am as i know i cant change the future of my child nor her destiny.from what i have read i will do all precautions as i can,as well i believe mother sleeping with baby is great and i wonder,they say from what i read that you can touch the baby and the breathe again when they have anemia and i even read how some used monitors when baby is at high risk because of anemia,and even holding the baby in carrier all day.so i only conclude that perhaps do all this,always have someone holding the baby in there arms or carrier at all times unless the baby is awake or when the mother sleeps to have baby beside her on there back and useing a monitor that awares of sids,because when the baby is held it isnt sleeping deeply or when sleeping next to mom from her movements and sounds while sleeping and while holdng baby if she stops movement you can always move then to awaken or breathe again and at night have monitor that alarms you and of course breast feeding and not smoking near child or in house and all other precautions,i know it doesnt prevent sids but i feel more at ease being right there at all times and even some always have baby held by someone 24 hrs a day unless awake as i also learned they beleive now it is cause of a brain stem defieciency that they cant detect untill after death and believe in 10 yrs or so will be able to detect why,i pray they do and asap,but the best is to pray always to god and thank god for each moment god gives you with your child and to cherish it.i know to always hold your baby may seem you cant get nothing done yourself but u can still do alot with a carrier and not worry as much as to putting baby down to sleep.as you will also create a close bond with your child.


Answer by UDontNeedToKnow
Submitted on 6/12/2007
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From what i have red the symptoms are: the child will turn blue,go limp and the...stop breathing..this is what i got from an encyclopedia


Answer by unlucky
Submitted on 7/4/2007
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there is nothing to predict whether an infant is going to die of SIDS. i am not the mother or relative of an infant that has pased due to this sudden death syndrome.. my best friends nine month old sister was a happy and very smiley baby that was really loved suddenly died of SIDS about six years ago now. she has never  really gotten over it but she is happy with her mum, dad and younger brother. i cant imagine how it would have felt walking up to the bouncer and looking over to the cot to realize that your baby isn't breathing. a post mortom was conducted and there was no explanation to the death. to this day her mum still wants there to be a cure.


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