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About three days ago when I switched on on of my systems (it...

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Question by Idwal
Submitted on 10/9/2003
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About three days ago when I switched on on of my systems (it is an older machine which boots to IDE) I found that a number of partitions were missing.
On investigation I found that a 9.1Gb Viking II drive on the system was returning a "Not Ready" error.
The drive did in fact sound as though it was spinning up as normal and it was also emitting the familiar "rattle" of the head stepping across, presumably as it performed a calibration operation. The green LED on the controller board also lit and went out at the end of the head movement. The LED would then flash if the drive was interrogated.
Not that they have much say in the matter, but I have tried the drive with adaptors from the three main names i.e. Adaptec, Advansys (Initio) and Tekram (Symbios) with the same response.
As always there are some files on the drive which were not backed up and it would be a great help if I could recover them.
Whilst browsing the Web for any tips I noted that the problem is not unknown with references to Maxtor drives and also Seagate drives.
With regard to the Seagate drive there is a solution offered on the Sun site of an updated bios for the drive together with the means to install it.
I have been unsuccessful in finding any reference to such a solution for either Quantum or Maxtor drives. I was therefore wondering if there was a download available where I might try re-flashing the BIOS on my Viking II drive. I would appreciate the opportunity of trying if possible, even if it is a last ditch measure, after all I have very little to lose. Any other solution would be gratefully received.

Answer by Bokchoi Cowboy
Submitted on 1/23/2004
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I just experienced the same thing with a Quantum Viking II that I have.  Same "Not Ready" message, same spinup-write head sounds-LED flashing.  

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