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my dog has been loosing his hair for the pass 3 months,...

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Question by bj
Submitted on 10/8/2003
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my dog has been loosing his hair for the pass 3 months, chewing everywhere, has a nasty fowl smell to him . He also has a 1 inch tumor-like coming from below his tail but above his rectum.His skin is scaly and black, he is hard of hearing and slightly blind( tunnel vision) He also has a inch diameter bubble like on his back. any body have any ideas? he's bowel movements are fine 2x, eats , sleeps, and minds still. he is also turning 14 in Feb. ..help what do i do?

Answer by DrPhil
Submitted on 12/17/2003
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Time to get a new dog i reckon


Answer by Dana
Submitted on 1/1/2004
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Sounds like old age is taking over.  If he minds well, has bowl movements and is eating, he most likely is doing well.  As far as the smell is concerned, where is it coming from?  His skin? his breath?  A vet visit is certainly in line. If he is happy, however, chances are he's just suffering from old age.  I've heard of the tumor thing before and from what I've heard and seen, vet's won't touch it.  It doesn't hurt them and doesn't really do any harm.  It's just a result of old age.  Good luck!


Answer by cricket
Submitted on 2/11/2004
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Well that's funny because my dog has almost the same thing. The vet told me that she is fine and it is just old age, the tumor like bump, if soft and kinda squishy is not a tumor it's almost like a boil. But keep it clean especially since it's near the rectum because it could get irritated and swell, causing it to hurt when he wants to go to the bathroom. If that's the case consistent lick of the area will occur. The nasty smell if coming from his mouth would be his teeth if licking and chewing himself he has a build up of hair in his teeth and needs to have them cleaned and if not looked after it could cause abscessed teeth to happen very painful for an animal. If smell is off of skin it could be something more serious like a skin disorder or infection and should be checked right away. The sight of animals go with their age, my dog is starting to get glossy eyes , she is 14 years old though so it all goes with time. Hope I helped !


Answer by sherry
Submitted on 5/9/2004
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My terrier and schnauzer mix is nine or ten years old, starting about 4 years ago he had skin problems. To started with, the dermatologist helped with lamb and rice diet and medicated shampoo, with the visits of course it costs a lot, but the main thing is that seemed helpful then. These couple years started to get worse especially summer time, he'll have bad smell from his body and black skin all over, even taking a bath couple days ago the smell will be back again, always chewing  on his skin. The vet can only give him cortizone and antibiotic, as soon as they're stopped, the itchiness comes back until i am introduced to a vet she believes in the pets eating natural raw foods, raw animal bones, turkey necks etc, etc,. ,makes me sick in the beginning of seeing my dogs chewing on those raw animal bones. but believe it or not, he's on this diet for less than a month now, i can feel his skin is smooth without all those bumps, he doesn't chew on his skin that often, even though i know he's till not used to that diet, since he has some constipation by not chewing well enough, hey! but at least he's not smelly now, his skin is much , much better. I'm not sure whether your dog is too old for this new diet or not, but never hurt to try if you can find a vet like this one. She also told me the bumps on him are only fat tissue because of the chemicals in the dog food and the medicines he had been taking all these years, never hurt to try!


Answer by han
Submitted on 9/21/2004
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i have a black lab and he has the same symptoms as your dog. my lab is about 13 years old and he has been losing his hair on his back side and has a bump on his rear end as well. it is very hard for me to see him every day because i do not want to see him like that. i want to put him to sleep to end his suffering, but the people at the spca said that it was normal and he is not suffering, but what do they know, huh? so my parents do not want him to be put to sleep yet. he has normal bowel movements, but he's been getting a lot of diharea lately. i do not know what to do to my dog. i love him a lot and it just bothers me to see him like this.


Answer by Nan
Submitted on 12/10/2004
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My golden has the same thing in regards to the smell.  He smells worse than a farm animal.  Eucalyptus and hemp shampoo really helps.  Good luck!


Answer by lenwoman30
Submitted on 9/13/2005
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hi my dog is having the same problem but i have not seen any lumps or anything but he is loosing all of his hair and is itching constantly he is not that old though between 8 and 10 not sure got him from pound anyways have tried many different store products and nothing helps so if you here of anything that helps let me know


Answer by sue
Submitted on 9/30/2005
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i think the dog is just very very  old


Answer by Crystal
Submitted on 1/11/2006
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Hi My Dog Has A Tumor Around The Same Spot And Now She Is On Nuvet And It Works Wonderful And The Tumors Are Almost Gone. If You Want To Order It Please Call 800.474.7044 And Ask For Code Number 90940
Or You Can Order It Buy Going To The Following Website www.nuvet.com/90940


Answer by vivienne
Submitted on 3/27/2006
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Had same problems with my dog Duffy who is now 13years.   After  tens and tens of visits to the vet to no avail I came across an article on internet regarding hypotyroidism in dogs.   He is now being teated and is doing fine.   By the way my dog was bitten and had 'sand fly' when he was four months old


Answer by Tiffy Taffy
Submitted on 5/21/2006
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Well, It's possibly old age or maybe the boil on his butt is maybe because he is dirty. Try to give him more baths maybe the dirt on him is making the boil worse.Or ask a vet for an ointment for it or something.And if it gets worse then you should probably end his pain and put him to sleep. PERMANENTLY.I wish the best for you and especially your dog!


Answer by foodog
Submitted on 11/30/2006
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check out Nzymes.com  I called them when I had problems and my dog is doing great now! I put my dog on a new nutritional plan. So many dog foods on the market are JUNK FOODS!!! Just think about it, people and our pets are suffering because of poor quality packaged foods. The world should boycott every company that makes Junk! in the long run the standards would raise and new industry would take over! So many company's only care about the profits and couldn't careless about our pets health or our health. Shame on the packaged food industry!


Answer by RIN
Submitted on 2/21/2007
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Answer by petvet
Submitted on 6/20/2007
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It really is beacause of old age. Usually because of age they come, or because they are just a natural thing. You should keep it clean. Wash it out every week with some epsom salt and try it with a nice warm towel. As for the teeth you should brush them at least once a week.I brush my dogs teeth and it makes a huge diference. It should help with the smell. Also give your dog baths reguarly and brush him to. hope you like my answer


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