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hi there i have a 76 fireglo Rickenbacker 4000 bass my...

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Question by ricspud
Submitted on 9/27/2003
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hi there i have a 76 fireglo Rickenbacker 4000 bass my problem is that it looks unlike most i have seen it doesn't have through body neck constuction(its a set neck) no binding at all and a single horseshoe bridge p/u  it has 9 dot inlays ,20 fret maple neck with a walnut center stringer ,i could be wrong but the finger board also looks like walnut (too light in color to be rosewood)can someone out there shed any light please? .....spud
P.S the name plate on the head says made in u.s.a. model 4000

Answer by Ian Woff
Submitted on 10/28/2003
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Your instrument sounds like a bog-standard Rickenbacker 4000 bass.  Unlike the two-pick-up 4001 bass, an example of which I purchased in 1976 and kept for a few years (wish I'd held on to it!), the 4000 featured only one pick-up (bridge), a set neck rather than neck-through construction, dot inlays rather than triangular inlays, and no body binding.  I believe the fingerboard was of the same wood as the 4001, which Rickenbacker referred to as rosewood, although much lighter in colour than the rosewood fingerboards of any Fenders I've ever seen.  Hope this helps!


Answer by j rox
Submitted on 2/2/2005
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Woff seems to be on the right track with your question.  I myself have a 76 3001 series which is in some respects similar to your 4000.  The fretboard is still rosewood, they just used a different color stain.  At least that was the response to my e-mail I sent to their Q and A on their home page.


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