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At what age do dogs, specifically Lhasa Apsos, go into heat...

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Question by tiki
Submitted on 7/7/2003
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At what age do dogs, specifically Lhasa Apsos, go into heat and how large is the average litter?

Answer by Debbie
Submitted on 2/6/2004
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I would like to know the answer to this too.  I have a Lhasa Apsos and she is coming in heat but I didn't think she was old enough yet.


Answer by Tanisha
Submitted on 2/21/2004
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Dogs can come into heat as young as 6 months of age. This is way too young to breed. They should be at least over 1 1/2 years old. They can also go into heat as old as 1 1/2 year or anywhere in between these two time frames! You just have to watch for the signs to know when for sure. They are: swelled vulva, and vaginal discharge. There are also possibilities of these signs: increase in appetite, temperament change, bigger teats, and increase in the amount of times she urinates.She will not breed the entire time she is in heat either. She has to go into full heat before she will allow breeding. Some dogs will allow breeding from the first few days of the signs while others will take up to three weeks into the cycle. Since the time varys so much, professionals put the dogs together every other day to find out when she is ready. Breeding is very complicated (as you can see) and you need to know as much as you can before undertaking it. I could write for hours telling you all the pros and cons to breeding, pregnancy, whelping, puppies and selling them. Please don't breed until you are as prepared on all these subjects as you can possibly be. If you don't it often results the death of the mom and pups due to the unexperienced not knowing how to care for them. The average litter size for these dogs is 4-5 pups.


Answer by Matt
Submitted on 1/11/2005
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I have a boxer who just turned 2 years old but still hasn't gone in heat.  Can she still go in heat?


Answer by sassy
Submitted on 11/17/2005
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What about pomeranians??? Is old year old too young to breed? What is she's a teacup? Don't breed her right?


Answer by Deelynn
Submitted on 1/20/2006
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Answer by dean and sharon
Submitted on 3/14/2006
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we have two lhasos male and female the male is 5tears the female 6 months. i read that they can not mate for a year and half but how do we keep them apart all the time! we wish to have puppies and want to no all we can. thank you 2 loving lhaso lovers!!!


Answer by Raven
Submitted on 8/24/2006
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My dog is over a year now, and i'm kinda worried...at what age do they go in heat??


Answer by dora
Submitted on 6/19/2007
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What age do pits go in to heat? How would i know? I have a seven month old pit. Is it to early for here to be in heat?


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