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need to know how to thread a singer model 248. machine and...

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Question by opalmae01
Submitted on 9/21/2003
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need to know how to thread a singer model 248. machine and bobbin

Answer by Bob Richardson
Submitted on 11/23/2003
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1) Slip spool of thread on thread holder. If spool has excessive diameter, use vertical spool pin.  Lead the thread through the guide at the front of the bobbin winding cover.
2) Make sure you have the correct end of the thread holder against the spool.  There are 3 possibilities based on the size of the spool.  The end piece is reversible to match spool size, and in the accessory box is a very small top for tiny spools.
3) Bring needle to highest position, raise pressor foot.
4) thread from the plastic guide for the thread holder to the metal loop on top of the machine, down through the metal strap, around the tension disk and through the metal eye at the left of the tensioning widget.  Then through the wide metal strap at the top again, up to the eye on the piston that goes up and down while sewing. Then down to the needle, passing through all the guides, there are 3 including the tiny slot at the top of the needle housing, through the needle eye and off to the right away from you.

Pick up the bobbin thread by turning the hand wheel toward you until the thread emerges in a loop under the foot.  Pull out the loop and lead it off to the right.

The only tricky part is the tensioner.  Go all the way around to the top, then down to the eye and back up... it runs on a metal piece at 9 o'clock on the tensioner.


Answer by baglady
Submitted on 3/21/2004
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That was a great response - very helpful!  Will you also tell me how to load the bobbin?  It doesn't load smoothly when I do it.  


Answer by chika
Submitted on 10/13/2005
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I want to be singeer


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