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My 10 week old Cairn is constantly bitting my 4 yr old son...

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Question by Tam
Submitted on 9/16/2003
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My 10 week old Cairn is constantly bitting my 4 yr old son and us adults. Should we give her away?

Answer by Jo
Submitted on 1/26/2004
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You should use a combination of things;  One, Cairns like to be 'Ran'... i.e. take him out in the back yard and throw a ball or a stick, chase him, whatever.. OUrs loves a good run, walk, or rangle..  Redirect those nagging bites for attention with chew-toys.. Ours is a female, but inintially she was pretty attention-seeking; she started biting at feet, then pantlegs.  Both outgrown by about 8 mos.  We just got a (second) Cairn puppy.  We know........


Answer by char
Submitted on 9/24/2005
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hi im Charlie i have a 12week old cairn pup.
shes adorabel.......
but yer the nipping is bad .
a good thing that work for me is a Hyde chew.
there brill YOU NEED ONE there so good and my one loves it.
my uncle also has a cairn and says they will grow out of it.
and i don't know if your Carin goes as hyper as mine but if it does you should spend some time training her/him it really calms them down.
and there so intelligent mines learned sit, lay down, and stay (well when she wants to ).
i would erge you to keep your dog at lest a few more months, plus you son will most probably have a special bond wit the pup,
one more thing i can suggest is getting you son to play with her/him just after it wake up.
hope i help
ps don't forget to give your pup lots of toys it will take there mind off biting.


Answer by terri
Submitted on 5/21/2006
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i have been a veterinary nurse for years and have seen many dogs with this kind of behavoir.personally iwould i would not put my child at risk alot of the small breeds are like this get yourself a good dog my leonberger looks over my kids constantly


Answer by cbeeone
Submitted on 6/19/2007
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