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...right way to trim the coat of a long hair...

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Question by nladzinski
Submitted on 9/13/2003
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What is the right way to trim the coat of a long hair dachshund? When I take Harry to a groomer they always cut off almost all of the long hair. I have been instructing them to only trim his paws and maybe a little around the rectal area for cleanliness. What is recommended?

Answer by sara
Submitted on 10/9/2003
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I can't say as I know the answer to your
question because my little guy is a short
haired miniature, but let me ask you something...If you only want a little hair
trimmed from his paws and his rectal
region, why not give this a gentle go your-
Your dog would probably be better with
your handling of him/her anyway.  If you
chose to give it a go, go gently till he/she
gets somewhat used to it.  But let me
specify something about this very ado-
rable breed.
I do most everything for my dogs which
includes things that they simply  do not
enjoy like, for example, brushing their
teeth, grooming their paws, cutting their
nails, etc.  No matter how much I do
these things, they have not developed a
liking for them, just a 'tolerance.'
So don't expect miracles, but just use a
gentle, yet firm hand in grooming your
precious boy.




Answer by sirwack1
Submitted on 11/6/2003
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I am a Dachshund breeder.  I have 3 short hairs and one long hair.  Their is no reason for you to have any of your dogs hair trimmed off, except for personal taste.  When I groom Sugar Baby, I trim the hair on the bottom of her paws a little, so that she does not track in mud.  Other then that I brush her out daily with a good med. soft brush, comb her ears out and her tail, and if her bum needs attention I use a warm wet wash cloth.  If one grooms their dog on a regular schedule, it is quick and easy.  It cuts down on the number of baths required (which should be only twice a year if possible)and can be a fun bonding time for you and you pal.


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