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Environmental Question: Hardware Spec. HP Netserver LC3...

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Question by mcgyver
Submitted on 9/11/2003
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Environmental Question:

Hardware Spec.
HP Netserver LC3 PII 400 SN:SG85003944
14" HP CRT Monitor model D2821-60501

Dear all,
This is concerned about human health. My question is we
are having 2 units of HP servers and now they are being
located in next to our boss's room.
All i would like to enquiry is about the radiation being
transmitted from the 2 monitors. For your information, his
seat is facing back to the 2 monitors with a piece of asbestos
material being in the middle as wall.
I wonder if the radiation from the monitors would transmit
and spread over to my boss's sitting area and cause a
unwanted health problem because he would be sitting there
for a long time.
Will the radiation be around if the 2 monitors are in the
state of being power off. If they are switched on, will that be transmited to my boss's sitting area next room?
I hope u could enlighten me because i am not in that field of working. If uou can't help, pls point me to right good forum .
Your feedback is appreciated.

Best Regards

Answer by klown
Submitted on 1/21/2004
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Why on earth are you concerned about the radiation of two monitors when there is asbestos in the room, monitors omit small amounts of radiation which is potentially dangerous and can easily be blocked with easily available screen filters. Asbestos has been proven as a carcinogen. In Australia it has been banned for many years for use in new buildings, and is only allowed in old buildings as external cladding, there are huge fines for any company who is found not to have removed internal asbestos in offices. I don't know what the laws in your country are but, I would be calling in a professional to remove it regardless.


Answer by Aquerio
Submitted on 9/16/2004
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The radiation from it will be a problem.
It can cause brain cancer and
also can cause testicular atrophy.

It has also been linked to baldness.

Studies from Holland have also showed loss
of libido.


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