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I have a samoyed/border collie/blue heeler mixed female, (...

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Question by lazycane
Submitted on 9/8/2003
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I have a samoyed/border collie/blue heeler mixed female, ( looks like a pure samoyed ). On her hind paws she has what looks like two (dew) claws on each paw. What are they and is this normal?

Answer by Deb
Submitted on 9/28/2003
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They are, exactly as you suspected, dewclaws.

Rear dewclaws are not common on Samoyeds, but they are not unheard of. I can not speak to the other 2 breeds in her mix.

Front dewclaws are fairly common in Samoyeds, but many breeders have them removed when the pups are very young. Not all do this. It is not required for showing them.

I think most breeders would definitely remove rear dewclaws because (unlike the ones in front) they are very dangly and more likely to be ripped off, causing pain and bleeding.

I have been involved with Samoyeds for 14 years and am a member of the Samoyed Club of America (FWIW).


Answer by Rabbi
Submitted on 10/6/2003
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How do i go about stringing up a Spanish/ classical guitar?


Answer by Sterch
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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You slide the three nylon and the three silver wound strings in the tuning pegs, one at a time and in the proper order. DO NOT STRING THROUGH THE HOLES AT THE BRIDGE TO START such as with most other guitars. Pull the string all the way through until the brass ring at the end of the classical string meets the hole in the tuning peg and is unable slip out. Next, wrap the string twice around the peg. After that, slide the string down and insert it from the inside, into the holes at the guitar’s bridge and pull through. Next, you would want to cut the string four to five inches from the outside of the bridge. Your next step would be to pull the excess string up and over the bridge and toward its self -- Meaning the part of the string that is right before the bridge. Then, wrap the string around that part of the string, GOOD AND TIGHT.  This will create a loop with the bridge within that loop holding the string in place. Finally, tune the strings E, A, D, G, B, E from low to high. Then enjoy some good pickin’.


Answer by Ashley
Submitted on 7/14/2007
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Hi what age do you put the puppy out with the sheep?


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