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My beautiful JRT mutt,(L. Nipsy Russell, named after his...

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Question by Les
Submitted on 9/5/2003
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My beautiful JRT mutt,(L. Nipsy Russell, named after his favorite thing), nips or bites at everything, and seems to know he's not supposed to take shoes and whatever is within his reach to chew-DESTROY!  I've been unsucessful in getting him to stop this behavior.  He seems to get indignant when he's reprimanded.  He barks loudly, sometimes whines and growls under his breath, he stands with hind end up in air, front paws extended, ears are back looks you straight in the eye. Next he starts racing through the house barking all the while and then comes the jumping up onto me, (Alpha DOG!)  Seems to be doing his nipping/stealing to get attention? ANY WAY TO GET HIM TO STOP THIS NIPPING/STEALING BEHAVIOR?  His age is unclear < 4mos. the DVM thinks.
Thank you!

Answer by scobbyandrew@aol.com
Submitted on 9/6/2003
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My JRT, "Hope" has been nipping and bitting also. She to is four months old. It seems natural for the breed to behave this way, if not properly disciplined. My female, Hope responds very well to a rolled up newspaper. When she's very naughty, I smack it across my leg, she reacts well to the noise. If she continues to be real aggressive, I do resort to a swat on the behind with the paper roll...this stops her in her tracks!


Answer by Laurie
Submitted on 9/27/2003
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Pups often start out with this behavior. If they chew on you or your shoes say "NO" very loudly then take a favorite plush toy or a rawhide chew and substitute it immediately in their mouth in place of your fingers or shoes.  They tend to be very mouthy their first year.  Part of this is their teeth coming in and part is just natural behavior.  Eventually they will understand that it is OK to play with their toys and chews and nothing else.  I always have a rotation of favorite toys and rawhide, (by the way the bigger the rawhide bone the better.  They'll eat through something small in two seconds at this age.) , available at all times.


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