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What causes homosexuality?

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Question by sis
Submitted on 9/5/2003
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What causes homosexuality?

Answer by brad
Submitted on 9/30/2003
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Perhaps being molested as a baby, before the child's conscious memory kicks in.


Answer by Matt
Submitted on 10/24/2003
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Well, I believe much of it is genetic. Some is probably society, friends and other influences. I'm gay myself. I was never molested as a child as far as I can tell (as you mentioned, conciousness is a factor). I had a strong Christian upbringing. My parents were both very loving and strict. However in 7th grade my best friend became bisexual whereas I was straight until second semester of sophomore year in high school. I then became bi and just recently gay. I am now 17.


Answer by frank
Submitted on 11/5/2003
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I know many gay/bi people and they were never molested. Also you do not 'become' gay you always have been. Saying some one 'becomes' gay makes it sound like you have a choice, talking as a bisexual i know there is no choice.


Answer by Matt
Submitted on 11/10/2003
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Although you have no choice, human sexuality can be a stage. Despite being presented with opportunities to engage in certain homosexual behaviors when I was younger, I had absolutely no interest and it was not fear of change that kept me from it.


Answer by james
Submitted on 1/8/2004
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being a bi/gay is a matter of choice,although parents and environment largely affect it..the important is your true to yourself and happy on your decision.


Answer by tigger
Submitted on 2/4/2004
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i am gay myself and was gay my whole life (although i admitted it to myself only recently). I was born that way and did not choose it. It is never a matter of choice but of acceptance. I also know that God loves me how I am!


Answer by Sara
Submitted on 2/13/2004
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Hey, look, I have been doing a lot of research on the topic for a school project.  I have found out somethings that you may all find very interesting, and may not believe.  Many scientist have done research to see if you are born being gay.  They have taken gay's checked out chromosomes, and come to the conclusion that genes have nothing to do with it.  However, they did find the more male children a woman has the more likely they are to be born gay.  There is something left in the womans system fromt he man that is passed on.  However, many have found out that 90% of gays were sexually molested as children.

Hope you get the picture.
I have a lot of gay friends, but I don't agree with their views on things.  They are still my friends, and they will always be my friends, but I still believe that being gay is wrong, and immoral, that gays should not be able to get married.



Answer by Blue
Submitted on 2/14/2004
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Why shouldnt gay people be allowed to marry!?
Its not thier fault they are gay and should have the same rights as everyone else.. anywaysrecent studies done with identical twins have been offered by some as evidence that the origins of homosexuality might be in the genes. In one study, Dr. Michael Bailey of Northwestern University examined 110 pairs of identical twins who had been separated at birth and raised in different environments. He found that if one was gay there was a 52% chance the other was also. But among fraternal twins, the chance fell to 22%. Because the ratio was higher among twins who are genetically identical, this study has been referred to by many as evidence that homosexuality is genetic in origin


Answer by TripleTek
Submitted on 2/15/2004
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With reference to the answer of Sara (2-13-04), I find your answer suffering from a glaring internal inconsistency.  On the one hand, you state that

"However, they did find the more male children a woman has the more likely they are to be born gay.  There is something left in the womans system fromt he man that is passed on"

With these statements, you have 1) related the findings of others that children can be "born gay," and 2) you have tacitly given your approval of the validity of such a statement.  In other words, by citing this study, you have implicitly agreed to the idea that people can be "born gay."  

However, you later state that

"I have a lot of gay friends, but I don't agree with their views on things.  They are still my friends, and they will always be my friends, but I still believe that being gay is wrong, and immoral, that gays should not be able to get married"

Here you state your belief that "being gay" is wrong, and immoral.  I would ask then:  how can it be "wrong and immoral" to be the way that one was born?  Had you not already agreed to such an idea earlier in your message?  

I would seriously consider re-assessing the basis of making such a statement as you did above given the diametrically opposed viewpoints you have assumed within the same message.  

As for the "cause" of homosexuality, I believe the question, as is often the case, is incorrectly phrased.  Asking about the "cause" of homosexuality implicitly assumes the standpoint that heterosexuality is "the norm," and that there must exist some "cause" for an individual to be attracted to individuals of the same sex.  

I believe only when we start addressing sexuality holistically: that is, to ask "why sexuality at all?" will we be able to come to an answer that is not steeped in presupposed value judgments:  in this case, that to be "homosexual" is inherently "different" or "changed" somehow from some artifical sense of the norm.

(I would add, as a postscript, that many societies throughout the world have viewed variations of both sexual orientation and gender identification as a natural spectrum of existence: Vedic India and Navajo civilization, to name but a few).  


Answer by Dragon Lady
Submitted on 2/17/2004
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I have read everyone's opinions and I just want to put my 2 cents worth in. I think that both facts are true. You can be born into being Gay and you can 'turn' gay. Some does depend on your up bringing and some doesn't. I have a few friends that are gay, and I don't give a rats tush that they are! Being gay doesn't make you not human. We came to this land for religous freedom. And now we are starting what we ran from. Only under a diffrent name. If we lived in the old land, I would have been burned at the stake because I am wiccan. Are we going to do the same just because someone is gay? According to Triple Tek: "how can it be "wrong and immoral" to be the way that one was born?"


Answer by Rob
Submitted on 2/19/2004
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Hi to everyone and yes i all-ready know i will have a horribly ratting for this posting. There is no I was born gay. The fact is people are pansys and they cant admit i chose this no its I didnt' have a choice. if your gay its because you want to be. also sara if you could link where your info came from it would be appreciated.

no my opinion isn't just me speaking what others have taught me but a well thought out opinion. I question everything and take nothing at face value.


Answer by ohioteen18
Submitted on 2/22/2004
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Well, I dont really know the answer to this. When I was in middle school, i participated in a game of truth or dare....in which some things were done....and it was only after this that I wondered about looking at boys. Now, yes my homosexuality was triggered by an event, but I dont believe that event caused it. I would be much more apt to believe that it had existed inside me my entire life, and that game of t/d was just a catylist of sorts.


Answer by SAMZ
Submitted on 2/24/2004
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I believe that this is something that is not biological. I believe that someone molested as a child does grow up confussed as to who they are attracted to. People who say that they are gay but have not been molested don't really know the fact. People molested as children will more than likely grow up not remembering what had happened to them.


Answer by MISSKIM
Submitted on 2/25/2004
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I have read all of these responses and it seems we all want a black or white, yes or no answer... fact of the matter is, it will be different per individual...NATURE VS. NURTURE...hereditary/genetics vs. environmental/learned....everybody is right if you chose either side....thats my experience as a therapist..read up on psychological theory of how people learn..this will explain much of behavior and mental processes....keep those wheels spinning folks...


Answer by Ski Bum Chick
Submitted on 2/27/2004
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I understand that not everyone has the same views about homosexuality.  I just want to know why can't everyone just get along.  This whole thing reminds me of the discrimination against blacks.  It's exactly the same.  
Like the Angelican Archbishop Benjamin Tutu of South Africa wrote, "If this sexual orientation were indeed a matter of personal choice, the homosexual persons must be the craziest coots around to choose a way of life that exposes them to so much hostility, discrimination, loss, and suffering"


Answer by Knux
Submitted on 2/28/2004
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Responding to Triple Tek:

"With these statements, you have 1) related the findings of others that children can be "born gay," and 2) you have tacitly given your approval of the validity of such a statement.  In other words, by citing this study, you have implicitly agreed to the idea that people can be "born gay." "

No, this study does not prove people are born gay.  What this study proved is people with similar genetic traits in the same environment will produce similar results.  Because 1 monozygotic twin became gay, it then greatly increases the chance the other will too because they will experience the same positive (ex:early sexual experience with same sex not looked down on by parents) or negative reinforcements (ex: rejected by peers or father figure)to lead the child to homosexuality.  I find it disturbing and laughable (not always at the same time) in your argument that homosexuality is inborn.

People need to realize that homosexuality within children rises from much more complicated issues.  Simple answers are not always there.  What it stems to be from is experiences that lead them this way.  They are changed after this experience and do not develop normal behavior triats of regular heterosexual people.  Disinformation has hurt us all and this subject no different.


Answer by jess
Submitted on 3/3/2004
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hey everyone,
i stumbled onto this site searching for some controversial articles on "homosexuality" and biodeterminism.  i just read simon levay's article on the size of the anterior hypothalamus in relation to sexual orientation and i must say it was quite homophobic (read the original study for details as to why).  
Isn't the very question of asking "what causes homosexuality" offensive?  as a queer feminist, i myself find it extremely offensive.  first of all, what is, or who is, a homosexual?  is there some poseterboy/girl image that is the definitive 100% perfect homosexual that we all are (or aspire to be?)  of course not.  that would be the same as saying all jewish people are the same or all black people are the same.  it is absolutely ridiculous from the start.  
i cannot say more about this because i must continue my search.  i'll leave on a final note for all to consider:  why not ask "what causes heterosexuality?"


Answer by superman
Submitted on 3/9/2004
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These articles pretty much explain it all:
<a href="http://www.johnankerberg.org/Articles/_PDFArchives/streams-of-life/SL2W0703.pdf">http://www.johnankerberg.org/Articles/_PDFArchives/streams-of-life/SL2W0703.pdf</a> and <a href="http://www.johnankerberg.org/Articles/_PDFArchives/streams-of-life/SL2W0803.pdf">


Answer by mhiles
Submitted on 3/11/2004
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being homosexual is not natural because god only create only 2 kind of human the man & the woman,so then he given adam a woman to fulfill his sexual needs.some say that they are born as homosexual,wee for my believe they are totaly wrong.


Answer by Dimond
Submitted on 3/11/2004
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I think that it is not genetics or enviromental, I think it is how the     person(s) feel. It starts when you start thinking that you are gay/lesbian, then you start acting like one. If your mama or pops ain't gay or a lesbo and non of your family members ain't, then it can't be genetics. It's about the mentality of the person and how they think and how they want to think. Your enviroment can't make you a homo either because you are your own man. Even if your surroundings are full of homosexuality that dosen'tmean you have to become a homo too. I'm a Christian and I believe that God made "Adam and Eve" not "Adam and Steve".


Answer by ste
Submitted on 3/15/2004
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in response to the thing about being molested as a child - if u had been subconciousley molested as a child u cant remember it rite!? therefore how can being molested automatically affect ur sexuality and make you gay, what about all the men that willingly have things stuck up them (enemas, wifes fingers etc)how come they dont trigger theyre homosexuality. well frankly its because its a load of bull. molestation doesnt trigger homosexuality its not a choice either, me speaking from my account)and that quote from the archbishop that someone put above is damn rite! why would we choose to be beaten, get abuse from people!? and in response to the rubbish note above - genes mutate and hence create differences in people otherwise wed all look the same u muppet how do you think that albinos are made?? hmm think again!


Answer by Jared
Submitted on 3/20/2004
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As a gay male, I know in my mind that it is not one's choice to be gay, somenights I will just sit in my bed asking God why he made me this way.  Still I have not found the answer to that question.  I was never molested as a child and I grew up in a small, very family-oriented Southern town.  My parents are still together and happily married, and I can remember as a child when I would have gay thoughts and I know for a fact that it is not my choice to be gay.


Answer by the~wanderer
Submitted on 3/23/2004
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No hatred here people, just stating what i believe. I think what a lot of people don't realize is that during pre-puberty stages it is actually fairly normal to experience attraction to the same sex (dunno why, somethin' about hormones). What i think happens is people get too carried away w/ this and think that they are gay and it cannot be changed.  Maybe they start to mistake the love they have for friend of the same sex as something more. They get themselves into a sort of mindset and after staying in it for a long time i'msure it's hard to overcome.  BUT i have seen it happen.  I know someone who thought they were gay and, w/ time and work, got themselves out of it. So really, I don't think it's possible to be "gay," just have strong homosexual feelings. I think homosexual feelings can also be triggered by pornography at a young age, early influences by friends or family members, the desire to rebel, and yes, being child molested.  I'm sorry if i sound unfair here, but i don't think the love a man and man or woman and woman can have could ever be really true love, because they cannot have sex.  There are different genders and bodies for a reason. Sex perfects the intimacy of a relationship and can only be achieved through a man and woman. i heard someone say being against homosexuals was unfair because it is just like when everyone was against African American people.  Well, that was unfair because you cannot help what color of skin you are born with, but i think you can help homosexual feelings.  
I apologize if this offended anyone. ^_^;    


Answer by Ola
Submitted on 3/23/2004
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as a child i felt more feminine than masculine. i use to stand out admire handsome boys like me.
age four and five i remember I love to cross-dress
my mother fought that with best of her ability
aged nine my school mates discovered my femininity. then i had dropped the idea of cross-dressing. they gave me the nickname "obinrin" meaning woman. at age twelve i reaffirmed my sexual vibe was to boys like me. yet that age i discussed sex with girls as a fantasy with friends. at 13  i had my first sexual intercourse with a girl. but the initiative was not mine really but of my friend. at the same age 13, i had my first sexual experience of a boy. i beat myself up after each encounter, yet the sexual urge remains. and up till today, i go with the two but more with men. I am African. Where did this come from? I was not molested by my father nor by my mother. But I know there are other members of my family, though married who are gay or shall I say bisexual. Is it in our family gene? I saw no choice in it. I leave the answer to God.


Answer by SeekingWisdom
Submitted on 3/27/2004
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I know I might be missing something here, but let me check my understanding: The very perpetuation of the species depends on procreation, right? Procreation is possible only through conception, right? That is, an egg fertilized by a sperm cell? Only females of the species carry the eggs, right? Only males of the species produce sperm cells? And isn't that the case for EVERY LIVING ORGANISM? The would seem to indicate some sort of natural design for the perpetuation of the species wouldn't it? And recent "medical manipulations" aside (test tube pregnacies, etc), isn't the natural and necessary means of conception & procreation possible only through the intermingling of the female egg & the male sperm? That's essentially how each new life of EVERY LIVING ORGANISM is started -- right? So it seems to make sense (to me anyway), that the "natural" and -- yes -- the "normal" design of LIFE ITSELF is to sustain and perpetuate itself through the "normal" process of procreation -- In the case of HUMAN life, it's a process of: Daddy's spermie finds mommy's egg & fertilizes it; and a new life is formed... Right? And it's essetially just a side benefit that the process of the two cells being introduced is usually --"normally"-- quite pleasurable for the mommy & daddy -- Right? Hmmm. So it would seem that the PROCESS of PROCREATION, under normal circumstances, is actually DESIGNED to be a pleasurable event -- would it not? Kind of like an added incentive -- no?

Ok, so if I think about all that... and then look at how the human body is designed (yes, DESIGNED), I recognize that... Hmmm. Boys have an 'outie'... and Girls have an 'innie' -- and (under most cicumstances) both seem to fit & suit each other very well! And boys have sperm... Girls have eggs...And, WHAT BETTER DESIGN could the POSSIBLY BE for the perpetuation of the human species???  And, what do you know -- a boy's 'innie' dosn'twork at all with another boy's 'innie' to perpetuate life, does it? And the are CERTAINLY none of mommy's eggs in another boy's rectal cavity, are there??? Therefore... silly me! -- I have to conclude there must be some sort of NATURAL, yes "NORMAL" DESIGN to the way human life is perpetuated. By extention I conclude that the two gender of the species were in fact DESIGNED by NATURE for that purpose. Would that seem reasonable? Hmmm. And if 2 boys can't possibly create/produce  a new life together, then I have to conclude -- THE ACT OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE between two men MUST BE "un-natural;" that is, AGAINST NATURE! Is that not reasonable? Hmmm. Therefore, because in the 'natural order' of things (and in the scientific world) whatever is MOST COMMON among a species is considered "NORMAL" for that species, I must conclude that sexual intercourse between two males of the human species is ABNORMAL and UN-NATURAL.

Seems to make sense to me! But then again, I'm just one of those narrow-minded, stupid conservative Christian republicans! What do I know?  


Answer by Kacey
Submitted on 4/1/2004
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The question what causes homosexuality is not answered by 'normal' or 'abnormal' or 'natural' or 'unnatural'.  It can not be answered completely by genetics or environment.  But better by understanding that the human mind is complex and ever changing.  What makes one person prefer the looks of a Ford truck over the looks of a Chevy truck?  Man continues to evolve further from the animal he once was.  Social behavior continues to expand.  Why can't a person prefer the love of the same sex because he or she has overcome the animal behavior and prefers it over the 'natural' choice?  I would like to think that I am gay because I prefer to be with men, a decision I have made just like my decision to drive a Jeep over a Toyota.  Some people can actually make their own choices and have faith in themselves rather than look to a deity or 'the norm' for their behavior.


Answer by your mom
Submitted on 4/3/2004
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SeekingWisdom, your right you are just one of those narrow-minded, stupid conservative Christian republicans

when adam and eve ate from the tree of life, they sinned and from then on sin was inheritant. all their children after them shall be sinners. they shall be BORN sinners. hence the fact that so many defects are possible at birth. Nothing is perfect anymore because man thought they could do things their own way...should someone choose to present an argument based on the bible, i would suggest the person actually somewhat know what their talking about?

Anyhoo, there are so many occurances that happen that make it so as SeekingWisdom would call it, are "not so normal" YES the norm is that MAN and WOMAN procreate and have children, but it doesnt always go as planned. Take hermaphrodites for example, what are they suppose to be? And also identity issues with transgender people, studies show its biological. Not to say homosexuality is like that, but I believe that homosexual males are born, homosexual. I don't think someone choses to be gay. Who the hell wants to be ridiculed? Called a faggot? dike? Who likes being teased? No one I know... I think despite "Will and Grace" and "Queer Eye for The Straight Guy" there are STILL too damn many misconceptions of homosexuals in society. Not everyone is a "Jack" and not all gay guys want to achieve a profession in interior design... or be fashion designers. These misconceptions have been set by gay men though, because they were open enough to share their sexuality with the world. Aside from all that though, I've come to find that the homosexuals I've encountered share many, many patterns, traits, call them what you will. And with this I'm trying to decipher who I do know thats homosexual, but not able to admit it. And its sad, that they have to hide what's so much apart of them. Someone's sexuality is not the only aspect of a person. It's part, but it definetly does not exceed their character and goodwill. And I think thats the part I'm having the most problem with: Why society continues to portray homosexuals with other things like child molesters and rapists. Why, despite loving your children, parents are unable to accept their children for who they are. Why parents can go so far as to disown them, send them to mental institutions. And what in their RIGHT mind, makes them think their child is somehow going to change?

I think hatred for homosexuals is more prevalent in males who are afraid their masculinity will be compromised if they befriend a homosexual. I dont know though... and I think you can corrolate girls as being more prone to religious following than boys, and so they are more eager to accept the Bible's thoughts on homosexuality (though, anyone who actually READ Leviticus would know that you could go to hell for doing just about ANYTHING, and that it was in the Old Testament: God blowing off steam).

I myself am not homosexual. I'm a "normal" straight female. but I have a few gay friends, two of which are twins: both are gay. They've went through so much, and at times, they become suicidal because they are tired of coping with narrowminded parents who cant just accept them for who they are. Honestly, one of them told me today they wish they weren't gay. Who wants to be gay and put up with the crap they put up with? With that being said, people need to rethink things about homosexuals.

Marriage is love; that's all it should be about. Why try and stop two people who love each other from getting married?


Answer by tina
Submitted on 4/5/2004
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you all are a bunch of sick s.o.b.s  you make me want to vomit. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You should seek counseling for your perverted views.


Answer by hitler04
Submitted on 4/7/2004
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whats up everybody i just want you to know tina that i dig what your throwing down. You all are a bunch of sick perverts and if you really wanted to you could do something about your sexual preference.


Answer by val val
Submitted on 4/11/2004
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After reading these responses, I have noticed that I could be the perfect test subject for the causes behind homosexuality. I am bisexual and have an identical twin sister. (To those wondering, my sister is not gay. She is married to a man and pregnant with her second child). Therefore, it is obvious genetics is not solely responsible for my homosexuality, but I know that being attracted to the same sex is not a feeling I chose to have.  In response to Knux, being gay is not triggered by some traumatic event. I was not molested or abused as a child.  In fact, I didn't even know any gay people growing up. I grew up in a loving, catholic home and still turned out to be bisexual. I know many will disagree with what I have said, but like everyone posting responses I can only speak from my personal experiences.


Answer by Gaycollegekid
Submitted on 4/12/2004
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I can see a lot has already been said about this subject in this forum.  To those of you who have scrolled this far down, here are my thoughts.

1) I did not choose to be gay.  

I wish that I did have a choice.  In fact, every day of my life I pray that God will change me.  I don't like having same-sex attractions; however, the fact is I do have strong feelings, desires, and attractions for men.  No, I don't think it's natural, but I know that I never chose this condition.  Why would anyone choose to be looked down upon and persecuted.  I want to have a normal life with a wife and kids.  Right now I question whether that will ever be possible.

2) I am gay now, but I was not born this way.  

I remember as a 2nd and 3rd grader being very attracted to women.  I can even remember coming across female pornography while playing at my friend's home.  I was highly aroused by the material.  However, at the age of 15 or 16--after many experiences which I feel contributed to my becoming gay--I realized that I had stronger feelings and desires for the male gender than I did for the female gender.  I had to admit to myself (though I had denied it for many years) that I am gay.

3) Homosexuality sits more on the "nurture" side than it does on the "nature" side.

Like I said, I remember being attracted to women.  Only after being estranged from my father, feeling unaccepted by my male peers, and failing to follow the family tradition of playing sports did I find myself struggling with same-sex attraction.

I don't deny that some genes may make a person more predisposed to becoming gay, but I feel that homosexual tendencies can be largely attributed to one's experiences in life.

4)  I believe (though I am losing hope) that a person can choose to overcome homosexual feelings and desires by developing positive relationships with other men.  

In my own experiences, I have found that I am rarely attracted to a man once I get to know him.  My attractions/desires/wants for men are based largely on my need for acceptance among the male gender.  

I must admit that my beliefs and attitudes are biased because of my religious background.  Nonetheless, I know that I am rarely very happy when I begin living the gay lifestyle.  I know, I know, "Societal pressure is responsible for my discomfort."  I don't really care what people say about why I feel terrible.  I just know what I feel: when I am acting out on my desires for men, I am unhappy; however, when I am living my life according to eternal truths and principles which God has outlined for me, I am happy.  I realize that the word "happy" is an inherently difficult word to define; nonetheless, just know that I feel peaceful, calm, in control, motivated, and good when I am working to control my homosexual desires.

I have to be honest though, it is very difficult to try to control these desires.  I must constantly work at it.  I do know, though, that it's worth it.  

To those of you who made it this far, let me know what you think about my thoughts.


Answer by X
Submitted on 5/3/2004
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In response to the research with the identical twins, one being gay the other was 52% likely to be gay.  And other similar research the only logical conclusion is obvious:
The sexual attraction of a person can be said to be given genetically to them on a CONTINUIM at birth.  (Think of how in high school some of your freinds seemed more interested in boys or girls than others, this gives support for a continum idea) Some are more likely than others to be attracted to the opposite sex than others.  BUT IT IS BY CHOICE AND THE ENVIRONMENT THAT THAT PERSON BECOMES HOMOSEXUALLY MINDED.  And such mindedness can be changed, and has been shown time and time again to be able to be changed.  Homosexuality is a sin.  Plain and simple.  But just because one is born more suseptiable to a behavior does not mean it should be encouraged, or is uncontrolable.  Take for instance a compulsive thief, or a serial killer.  Both were born with genes making them seseptiable to their devient/sinful behavior, yet both behaviors can be controled, and both are not to be encouraged.
As to gay marriage, legal marriage is something you have to qualify for, not a right.  It was put in place to strengthen the family and in doing so strengthen the nation.  Getting a federal grant for college isn't a right, you have to qualify for it, the same goes with legal marriage.
Homosexuals already have the right to marry, but just like anyone else they have to meet the same requirements as the rest of us to do so.

In short, both nature and nurture seem to help decide the sexuality of an individual.  Thus homosexual mindedness can be changed (and in many instances has been).  Just as some people are born with a seceptiblility to alcoholism.  Yet just as an alcoholic can choose not to drink alcohol, so too can a homosexual change their behavior.

Unlike one of the previous writers above, I don't appologize if I offend anyone.  Sometimes the truth hurts, your going to have to deal with it.  X


Answer by Tippy
Submitted on 5/11/2004
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(making sure this thing works


Answer by Dr. Rummingsfelt
Submitted on 5/11/2004
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I look at this and I am stunned that almost 70% of you people's subited answers are sadly incorrect.
   For the hand full of you who said that There is DNA reaserch and for this matter is....well horribly wronge. Who have you gotten this reaserch from anways? Let me Explain my reasoning.
  1. About 97-98% of the Human Genome has been completed and sequenced to where we have significant infomation about humans and the such BUT out of that high percentage, conclusions about whether you are gay from birth can not be concluded, although I am not rulling out that you can't be for there is still the few percentage left to be reaserched.
   You might ask your self why the last has not been decoded and it is simply that they are triple bonded rather than double as the 97-98%tile. Funny enough...we are around 70-80 percent close to a banna.
    The last bit of Sequence contains EXTREMELY improtant infomation that we can not ge tto at this time. When we do, (If we can) a significant answer to all this may be made, but of now there can not be one made due to the lack of data over this subject found in the de-sequencing of the human.
Many might say that you are born gay, and then some might say that well, its a sin and you will have to over come it or you will suffer. I myself, am gay, and I was brought up from a christian household. I have experianced the terrible growing up, but who hasent?
   To the kid a while back that said "God still loves me" you are incorrect, for it says in 1st corinthians 6:9 that homosexual acts are not permitted into the kingdom of god....so if i were you I would find a diffrant god if you want to stay gay.
   Some ask..."well i want to be strait" well trust me, It won't happen and let me explain why.
    Your mother has Y linked X-Chromes and your father X-linked Chromes. In the change of Chromes in Mieosis, your mother's Y links out weigh your father's. This would result in you having more "Women-like" attributes. One of the strongest of this is Of coarse...well you guessed it, attraction to a male. There you have it folks. That is true reaserch completed. If you want to know my sources I will give them to you.
     Have a wonderful day-
                 Dr. Rummingsfelt


Answer by dude
Submitted on 5/12/2004
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well first of all id like to say that i am a 15 year old boy and going through some of what you all are talking about i do not choose to feel what i feel if i could i would choose to be straight. i figured it was just a fase but it never seemed to go away. i feel that you are born with being homosexual and to me its not a great feeling if i come out of the "closet" my parents will dissown me i will not have friends but its not my fault so who ever wants to "attack" me im ready for it because it only makes you the lesser person


Answer by chris
Submitted on 5/19/2004
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to "Dr." Rummingsfelt and others of the same mindset...if the genetic decoding shows we are 70% like a banana, and THAT makes sense to you, I question your assertions. What's this about Y liked X chromosomes...isn't that genetics??
you say you are gay and it won't happen that one can "change" to be straight, your very assertion that it is genetics shows it isn't one's choice...
The assertion that they "better get another god if they want to stay gay..."is also absurd because God loves everyone, even "sinners" as you seem to think they are. The beatitudes state: "blessed are the meek" and "blessed are they who suffer persecution for justices' sake...for their's is the kingdom of heaven." The sermon on the Mount coincides with this..."Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude and insult you, and denounce your name as evil on account of the Son of Man, Rejoice and leap for joy on that day! Behold, your reward will be great in heaven"  Words of Jesus Christ (Luke 6:22-23.) (What is Leviticus, some thousands of years old, interpreted by those thousands of years ago??)
Besides, can't doctors spell a bit better than that??


Answer by THOMAS
Submitted on 5/20/2004
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I am certainly not an expert in this area but I am heterosexual male, speaking on behalf of many lesbian friends that have opened up to me I find that many women, those that could not block out the scars of being molested and were either physically, mentally or emotionaly abused in their lifetimes just simply find it more comforting without that threat of abuse to be better lovers to their lesbian partners.


Answer by Dr.Rummingsfelt
Submitted on 5/23/2004
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Well, to the kid that decided to thrash about at me here is my post to you.
  First off, Wont babble on to me about the bible, I know enough about it all around and on this matter to back up what i am saying. Of coarse it says in the Bible that God loves everyone, But There is still sin. I guess god can love you and You cans till go to hell. I meen if you want that thats fine. You see...As it says in the bible homosexuals shall not be permitted into the gates of heaven, I would say that well if you are gay, You can not go to heaven. I meen isn't that what it is saying?
   Another thing,you were wondering about the Y and X Chromes I talked about, They are not to deal with Genetics in the subject you are talking about. Chomes are on DNA, and DNA is information. (i hope you know that). When The chromes are exchanging information at Meiosis II Sometimes the female data gets weighed out more than the male. Thus being female actions, one being attraction to males. what I am trying to say is that we have not found significant information about homosexuality from DNA but we can conclude that when the x chromes are being exchanged, balancing can mess up if you will.
   Yes we are 70 Percent identicle to a banana. Of the brains that is trying to challenge me I would look through your information before challenging me. We are 98 Percent Identical to Apes. I say this to back up with what I said about the Human genome. That we only have about 97 percent completed. the last bit is largely important...(Aparently). You need to do more research before trying to state that what I say is wrong. I am not speculating so Don't assume so.


Answer by Gay Country Boy
Submitted on 5/25/2004
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Being gay is not a choice!It has nothing to do with the environment.I was raised in the country.No one lived near us.
I have never had sex with anyone but i am as gay as they come.My voice is very high and i often get mistaken as a woman when i answer the phone.Lets see who created me GOD did.I get so sick of the people who bash gays and use GOD to do it.I still live with my parents and i am 40 years old.I know they think i am gay.What good would it do me to come out to them.I do not know any other gay people.I do not have one friend in the world.
I just want you all to know that i did not make a decision to turn out GAY!Ijust am.
Yes i have asked GOD to change me.But he did not.We are just what we are.


Answer by biologist
Submitted on 5/30/2004
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Gentle People: read this.
      In Indonesia there lives a type of fish. If in there ponds there are too many males and too few females, some males will change to become females; when there are too many males and too few females, some females will change into males. Apparently, the purpose is to perpetuate the species with maximal production of offsprings. Organisms have some natural controls on population. The lemmenings blindly march to the sea to be drowned, not driven by predators but perhaps by that internal control which we do not understand yet.  
      Could it be that current threatening  overpopulation of human race on earth is trigering a kind of self-regulating mechanism---the production of many members that do not reproduce biologically? i.e. the homosexuals.
      Also, we all know statistically within large population there there always abnormalies. Some infants are born with two heads, some connected with each other; some with limps or organs misplaced... No doubt this could happen to sexual mechanism. So we can safely conclude some homosexuals are probably anormalies. But why are there so many today?
      You all perhaps have read the deformed frogs due to pollutants. Maybe the manmade chemicals from pesticides to myriad drugs are causing anormalies in embros. This is especially critical in early stage.
      Also, could it be caused by noise and mechanical vibrations so prevailent in this machine-run society? Say a mother in early pregnancy driving a car. If a couple of stem cells got shaken and misaligned, which happen to be controlling sexual development. The child may become inclined to whatever sex it happens to misalign to.

Environmentalist X  


Answer by secret sorrow
Submitted on 6/2/2004
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I don't believe that we are born with sin! I don't believe in evolution (that you're evolving from an animal you once was). The matter of homosexuality is (as seeking wisdom's opinion) un-natural and abnormal. If homosexual hove from evolution, then this world would be full of homosexual at the end.


Answer by JDOGG
Submitted on 6/2/2004
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If you can't choose your sex partners then your insane. If homosexuality is deemed normal, then other sex dysfunctions will follow? Bestiality, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, it's all an act of insanity.  The term homosexual is only 40 yrs old, the numbers of homosexuals are increasing dramatically in recent decades, the confusion of sex as an act of pleasure is out of control. Why are priests abusing boys at the age of 12-15? To recruit, and cause a confusion. Gays abuse and recruit, they need to feel accepted as a sane part of culture.  My question is if Homosexuals are given a minority status, how does one prove this?  There is no factual findings that state the act of homosexual sex is genetic.  One can have a more feminine or masculine qualities,  but your not born into having sex with children, animals, or other gays.  The in crowd with gays agree that they act on abnormal sex when they become frustrated with the opposite gender. Lost souls flock to other lost souls.


Answer by DR. Rummingsfelt
Submitted on 6/6/2004
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OK guys and girls I guess i am going to start over and try and make this understandable. I see that alot of you have your own views and what not and that is all great. If i were you however, I would not conclude on ANY idea yet, for the reasoning behind homosexuality is not certain at this point in time.
   The bible is a wonderful book with the most significant size of history known to date, and the subject of homosexuality comes to the surface. It basicly has 2 men that are attracted to each other and I belive some other men are with many other men. Jesus of Nazerath says that they should not do that for it is against his father, and that they should turn away from their sins, and move basicly on the right path. As we see this, we must conclude that the bible's info says for us to turn from this sin so many of us is commiting. Sin as in, the ways of the Bible. It also says that homosexuals will not be allowed in the gates of heaven. (1st Corinthians 6:8) There for guys, You must turn from this if you want to go to heaven, if you believe in such thing. I for one am not putting down the bible, or its command at all, I am just giving you information that may help you understand all this. If you are going to the Bible's point of view, Homosexuality is a sin, and you must overcome it. you know everyone that when you lie, it is a sin correct? Well then when you lie, you repent and turn from those ways, but down the path you may lie again, this is because it is a sin and sins do not go away from you in the aspect that you would be tempted to do wronge. In this matter, homosexuality could be the same. You may be looking for a """""Healing"""""" from this and maybe it is possible, but as the bible seems to put it it is a sin and of coarse as you know you can keep sinning and sinning, IE. You might have to live with this the rest of your life repenting from your ways. This is the Bible's Stand Point.
     Scientist for many years have wondered about the comings of Homosexuality and if at all there is a way to prevent it. Just in the past 10 years or some more there has been the study of DNA that has grown to a large study. As the study being so young, we are just in a small portion of the subject, and still of coarse trying to get into it more, but the deeper you go, the more advanced the systems get, being harder to understand or even grasp the data. I could talk on and on about this but I am going to tell you, what I believe, (After doing alot of reading and studying from MANY different sources,) Best supports this information.
     People say that DNA has nothing to do with homosexuality and I frown to the thought of that due to the fact that we do not have all the information at hand. Like I said before, we are 98% identical to Apes in DNA Sequencing...98%!!! The 98% is large, but that last little bit is apparently important. The Easier DNA to sequence is double bounded. The last bit that we have not gotten yet, is tripled. This being said, the information in the last bit of DNA of basic humans is so important that it could very well hold the answers we are looking for about homosexuality. Do you understand everyone that there is so so so many Hypothesis about this subject and none yet have been proven? You can not conclude anything yet, unless you are, well Dumb, and dumb not in the extremely negative way. One last and final reasoning I believe how humans are gay is very simple indeed. (Let me remind you guys and girls, the information is NOT my speculation, it is information I learned and read over years). When you are in your mother's womb many things occur, one being the changing of Chromes in the body. This is changed with the mother and the father...let me give you an example. if you had 42 X-Chromes, 21 would come from your mother, and 21 would come from your father. when this happens in Meiosis, stage 2, Sometimes, the mother's X-Chromes, or Y-Link, can out weigh the father's X-linked Chromes. when this happens, the mother's traits could be more than the fathers, and the liking of males could occur later on. remember that when one goes into Puberty, many Chemicals are being released and many changes can occur, but who are we to know yet right?.
    I really hope that My information was significant to you people some how or another. I am always glad to help.
         ~later Moons


Answer by Bobby
Submitted on 6/11/2004
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I am very interested in "what causes one to be homosexual." I'm not one but I'm quite bothered by the fact that because I believe homosexuality has causes (yes including experimentation with other confused souls as it seems some on this board have affirmed my opinion on that)...I am afraid to express my views because I will be bashed and called a homophobe just for holding this opinion. I actually have friends and acquaintances that are gay but I don't agree that their lifestyle is harmless or natural. Do I have a right to my opinion or should I be called names because I don't follow the generally established opinion pushed by gay rights activists, Hollywood and the media? One person actually asked a question to make a point and I agree with her (though I think she will be offended by my interpretation of the question)...she asked, "Shouldn't we be asking what makes one a heterosexual?" My answer to her is "Yes" and then we should promote THAT behavior. In truth, we are not "born" anything. I don't believe I was born a heterosexual but I found stories like "Cinderella" to be romantic and I suppose this helped shape my future notions of how my love relationships should be (even though I have equality with my husband and it is not quite a Cinderella scene but this was the first example that came to my mind). I have heard on this board, and other real life stories of how gays sometimes claim to have had homosexual feelings and thoughts from young ages such as 4 or 8 years old. I think that in itself is abnormal and needs to be looked at further. I had no thoughts about kissing boys or having sex with anyone of any sex at such a young age. Pardon me for calling my own experience "normal" but that is my perception.


Answer by Sandi
Submitted on 6/12/2004
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This is for GayCollegeKid:
You said to tell what we think. Everything you said makes a lot of sense to me. You are completely admitting that something happened to influence your sexuality. You don't say what that was but you indicate difficulties in your relationships and acceptance issues, etc. You did not mention "experimenting" but I wonder if that was one of the causes. I am so abhorred when I hear of young people saying they are "experimenting" with others of the same sex, claiming this will not make you gay, but will help you "find out" if you are gay. I think the result of this is almost guaranteed you will "discover" you are a bisexual. Sexual stimulation can be arrived at in many ways and it is likely to be pleasurable if you are in the mindset to "let it be." Even if your not gay, you might enjoy a same-sex experience if you were drunk or using something at the time this first occurred because of strictly the sexual stimulation (same as what you'd get from masturbating, really). But after that point, you become confused, guilty, etc. etc. People should really avoid this type of "experimenting" at all costs. This is a moral belief of mine, not really religious even. I feel the healthiest natural relationships are between men and women. Even if you don't believe in God and you believe in evolution, isn't it obvious that the only reason that sex is pleasurable at all is so that reproduction will likely take place? It makes no sense that someone would be "born" to be homosexual. I have wanted to research this topic for a long time but this is the first time I have found a site on the Internet that presents the sides to this issue in a more rational manner instead of just mud-slinging and filthy talk.


Answer by Zoe
Submitted on 6/12/2004
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Hello all. I have been reading your responses and I wanted to address several individuals that said homosexuality was not a choice because 'who in their right mind would choose to be ridiculed...'
Many of you believe that you are homosexual because at some point in your life you have been attracted to someone of the same sex.  One thing that the bible states is that we walk by faith. Faith is not what you feel, it is what you believe.  There are individuals that have sexual relations with animals. Are we passing laws that say beastiality should be lawful because these people are attracted to animals? No. I believe that homosexuality is wrong and a sin. I view it as I do any other sin. The bible states that whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. So if you believe that you are gay, you are, and you will put up little or no resistance when the opportunity comes for you to participate in that lifestyle. If you do not believe you are gay, you will put up supreme resistance in getting caught in that lifestyle. Homosexuality is a choice. Because it is a choice, you can be free of it if you choose to. If you really want to know how, email me at violyn38@hotmail.com. I know that many homosexuals are hurting, and no one seems to care. God cares and He wants to help.


Answer by VernalEq
Submitted on 6/13/2004
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The causes of homosexuality are clearly much more than meets the eye.  In terms of a biological/scientific explanation, well, there has been no evidence whatsoever apart from blatant speculation.  Twin studies have directly contradicted any theory of a genetic basis for homosexuality.  First, these studies are based on emotional characteristics that can be, or, I would dare to assert, have to be influenced by the external environment.  If one twin is bald, then the other should be bald to some degree.  If one twin is tall, then I should expect the other twin to be tall.  These are physical, not emotional, characteristics that can be applied empirically to DNA makeup.  Homosexuality cannot.  To say that it is natural is a contradiction in itself since nature has failed to find a way for two males or females to procreate.  Whether one agrees with this or not, sexual organs where developed for the benefits of BOTH pleasure and procreation, not just the former.  I lived out the lifestyle as a gay man for a long time until reality knocked at my door and showed me himself...reality.  What was I doing?  I was seeking out ways to fill a void in my life that, yes, began as a child.  For that reason, I used to say, "I was born gay," or, "I have felt this way since puberty."  Well, of course!  I had been incessantly seeking out a replacement for my emotionally absent father, even before puberty.  However, that search was not eroticized until I reached an age where I was interested in sex, at puberty!  I will step out on a limb and say that this is generally the case for EVERY homosexual.  The normal sexual orientation for the opposite sex has been oriented in the reverse with (unconscious) hopes of filling our respective emotional voids, which in MY case was my father.  Later, with the onset of sexual maturation and desire, that search morphed into a twisted act of seeking out sexual and emotional gratification.  Sadly, what one finds, however, is that these voids can't be filled with others, sexually or relationally.  It becomes a never-ending quest for satisfaction leading to obsession, and depression.  We can ONLY find what we seek in GOD.  He knows the plans he has for each one of us.  Though it seems unfair that God would allow us to undergo such a painful experience, we must understand that God is sovereign.  TRUST in HIM with all your heart and He will make your paths straight.  


Answer by VernalEq
Submitted on 6/13/2004
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In response to Dr. Rummingsfelt's:  "Like I said before, we are 98% identical to Apes in DNA Sequencing...98%!!! The 98% is large, but that last little bit is apparently important. The Easier DNA to sequence is double bounded. The last bit that we have not gotten yet, is tripled. This being said, the information in the last bit of DNA of basic humans is so important that it could very well hold the answers we are looking for about homosexuality."

This would be a very interesting and credible theory.  However, you've neglected to mention one rather important caveat.  The 98% similarity in Human and Ape Genes are in body-building genes.  So, to reiterate my point...why should we assume that the remaining 2%, which I would claim as merely trivial, would be any different.  Are we really to believe that these genes would in any way control, or influence, sexual orientation???  Your theory regarding the M2 phase of mitosis is, politely, insubstantial and mirrors how scientists presently are scrambling to patch the hole that is the crumbling theory of "evolution," but that's another Q and A.  We can't cover the inevitablity of a creator with ridiculous theories and speculations.  Nor, can we run from his command to live holy and righteous lives.  This can only be done through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Yes, to use the most loaded of all words, He loves YOU, regardless of what you've done or how you life.  You only have to accept Him...why not?  Don't take scripture out of context and allow it to justify sin in your life.  It will only be to your detriment.  


Answer by Somedude
Submitted on 6/15/2004
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To the guy above me: I Think you should have read The doctors Statement more clearly. He said he did not support any of the Ideas cause none seem plausable yet to agree with them. I just want to say that You aparently belive in Christ, and Thats cool and stuff, but you must understand that you are acting like your belife is true, and to your point of veiw i know you think it is, I used to be there man. I know how you feel and how stronge you are in your faith, but remember that others have their Ideas too, and telling them that they are wronge and you are right is wronge. Thanks...


Answer by Sven
Submitted on 6/18/2004
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I just found this site today, and figured that I may as well insert my opinion here for what it'sworth.  Specifically I wish to respond to "Dr. Rummingsfelt".  In your answer you stated that Jesus in reference to homosexuality said, "...that they should not do that for it is against his father, and that they should turn away from their sins, and move basically on the right path."  I have read the New Testament several times, not only for research, but also to grow closer in my commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I have yet to find one thing that Jesus had to say in regards to homosexuality.  He did however have much to say about is being so concerned with other peoples perceived shortcomings, that we neglect to take care of ours.  Furthermore, there are three incidences in the New Testament that are cited when referencing homosexuality.  There are in Romans the first chapter, where the apostle Paul, talks about a group of people who as a result of turning away from the one true God, have turned a significant problem of that day-temple prostitution.  The passages in First Corinthians chapter 6, and in 1st Timothy, also list the word "homosexuals" (in the English translation) in a list of people who will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.  The word translated "homosexual" (in the Greek artsokeines), is a very vague word, which could mean any number of things, and was only used by Paul twice in his writings, (in the passages in question) and are nowhere else found in ancient Greek literature.  It is believed however that the word there referenced the practice of pedastry, (the practice of an older heterosexual man taking a boy lover, and "aiding him in his transition into man hood.")  Whatever the meaning of the word, because it is vague, one cannot build a definitive doctrine on it.  If indeed homosexuality were such a grave sin that would keep one from the gates of heaven, God being God, would have inspired the apostle Paul to use a clearer word there, so that his audience, then, and now, would be clear as to its meaning.
Finally, it is not for any of us to say who will go to heaven on to hell; for to do so is to place ourselves on the judgment throne where only God belongs.  God is well able to do His job, and does not require out help.  He did say however in Romans 8:38-39, that there is NOTHING that can separate us from His love that is in Jesus Christ.  Jesus said that "whosoever comes to me, I will in no way cast out."  Well, I'm a whosoever, (that happens to be gay), and I'm grateful that in His love, he will not cast me out, as He will not cast out anyone else that sincerely comes to Him.
Sorry if this sounded a bit preachy, but I felt the record needed to be set straight.



Answer by some dude
Submitted on 6/21/2004
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Well, it seems that you have not read the bible clearly enough, cause it says in corinthians about homosexuality clearly about if it is ok or not. You need to support your information better.


Answer by Kalashnikov
Submitted on 7/3/2004
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OK well seeming as I just stumbled across this site about 20 minutes ago I didn't actually read all of these posts, but I found many of them to be a waste of time, like whoever it was that could not spell the word "wrong".
So anyway, I'd like to touch down on the child molestation "factor" of homosexuality.  That's kind of stupid don't you think?  I mean come on, I'm looking at everyone going "Oh my God, being gay is Satanic and Sinful and wrong."  Oh excuse me, but if being gay is such a sin well than what would you call it when all these "good" straight people who are molesting their kids?  Yeah I thought so.
Now lets go on to where I make a decent point.  I have seen lots of people say that being gay is a choice.  Oh, what a great choice to make!  Yes I'm so glad I chose to be violentely oppressed for my whole life and thrown out by my parents!  It's great to know that not even my own family loves me!
Here, I have a good challenge for all of you who are NOT gay.  Right after reading this post, I DARE you, for just FIVE minutes, that's 5 minutes, to "choose" to be attracted to the same sex.
I actually took that last paragraph from 2, the ranting Gryphon by the way, so yeah if you hear it don't think I didn't give him credit.  His website can be found at www.rantinggryphon.com.  If you want to hear the rant that it came from, it is called "Parents".
If God will forgive someone for murdering their own children, then he will sure as heck forgive someone for being gay.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe killing someone isn't half as bad...but I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.
It's not even like I act like a girl, I hate when I see a guy talking like a 16 year old drag queen dressed in pink triangles.  In fact, you wouldn't be able to tell me apart from the straight guy walking next to me.  Ooohh scary huh?  That guy that isn't dressed like a girl might be gay!!  This is where I actually agree with you straight people.  If they say it shouldn't matter if they are gay, then why do they have to go telling people.  I don;t know ask the gay parade idiots not me.
Screw Bush and his "Christian Right" view on polotics.  I hear people all the time "God bless Mr. Bush for banning gay marriage!"  Oh yeah, God bless you Mr. Bush, for trashing our economy into a 13 trillion dollar deficit.  God bless you Mr. Bush, for funnelling all of the tax cuts in your entire presidential term to the wealthiest 2% of Americans.  I'm sure it's hard to spend as much money as they do, they deserve that extra money.
And I know the last paragraph was off-topic, but here comes another one because I could care less if it was or not.  I would just like to say that if being straight was a choice to make, do you not think I would make that choice?  Or do you think the person that typed this is really truly evil and wants to corrupt your kids into becoming part of the occult?  Or is it being rejected that draws me into being gay?  I wish I was straight.  You know why?  Maybe because I can't walk down the block without someone spitting in my face and telling me how much of a terrible person I am.  But I guess I deserve to be hated, because I must truly be an evil piece of crap corrupting the world.  Sorry but the last time I checked, the only thing anyone cares about nowadays is themselves anyways.
I am gay, and a member of the furry community, which is NOT about having sex in animal suits, and a Christian all in one.  Wow, is that possible?  Oh and I could care less what you think about me, I get my face spat in everyday remember, so I can deal with your sh*t too.  So go ahead, give me your best "Good Christian" shot.  And tell me how you did with that challenge


Answer by anish
Submitted on 7/14/2004
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I don't exactly know any quote from the bible that makes homosexuality a sin - my parents weren't religious, I am straight. Naturally, I think, liking another boy, nasty!! We don't know if there is a heaven or hell. But a child cannot have two mothers or two fathers. Some people say "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!" I really don't know what to think. I live in the Caribbean a VERY gay-conscious area. I only know one person who's gay out of the hundreds i know. I think culture has an effect on it too - no offense Americans!


Answer by Some dude
Submitted on 7/15/2004
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Hell yeah Kala. By the way, i am DR.Rummingsfelt, and I am no Doc. I am just a student, in study. I just thought maybe some basher might listen to me if I had a title of some sort. I just wish to all you to grow up and smell some coffee...or in that case smell anything, cause This world and our life time is too short to care about who is F u c k i n g who. Good night.


Answer by Barb
Submitted on 7/20/2004
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This is in reply to Kalashnikov. Some of your points got "lost" along the way because of the bad feelings you have against what you perceive as gay bashers. First of all, you bashed someone who can't spell "wrong" but you, yourself, spelled politics wrong. I may spell words wrong too, but it is mostly likely to be a typo (and the mistakes you and the other writer wrote may be typos too for all that I know). All I'm saying is that I think something went wrong in your life to "cause" you to be gay. I don't think it is a "worse sin than murder." And you are right, if it is a sin, certainly God will forgive that. Good does not forgive sinners if they do not repent, however, this includes  murderers and all others. But this is not about religion. I don't think you "chose" to be gay, at least not consciously (but some do and have as much as admitted it on this board!). Something must have gone wrong in your life. I really believe that. Attraction is a social thing. There is no biological reason for humans to attempt to mate with the same sex. Attraction is very complicated. I'm not attracted to fat men, but I prefer tall, dark and handsome men. Was I "born" that way? I doubt it. I think socialization has everything to do with whom I'm attracted to. Could I learn to love a short man (the answer is yes because I'm married to one). I could probably also learn to love someone of my own sex (yes even in "that" way). But I don't want to and so for me it is a choice and I choose to be heterosexual. How can so many claim to be bisexual? If you are bisexual then it definitely seems to me that you do have a choice. Someday I'd like somebody to explain to me how the bisexuality thing fits into "I was born this way and it is not a choice" argument.


Answer by jennvier
Submitted on 8/10/2004
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I have read most of the posts from all of you and I can see that there are two sides to the story. I don't know for sure who is right and who is wrong, but I do have a question....if being gay is so "normal" and "natural", then WHY ARE THERE NOT GAY ANIMALS OUT IN THE WILD????? Human beings seem to be the only living creatures who would deliberately have sexual contact with a member of the same sex and call it "natural". If it is so "natural", why are no other living beings doing it??


Answer by Kiea
Submitted on 8/10/2004
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This is for college kid.  I have to tell you aside form all the rants I have seen here, you by far have been the most rewarding read. I will tell you why.  I was touched sincerely.  I appreciated your honesty, and your willingness to evaluate yourself and  what has caused this behavior.  Is it wrong or right, I don't know, but I do believe it is an end result of something that has occurred in each and everyone of your lives.   I have to say I agree with most who don't believe one is born gay.  I a person is born gay or lesbian at all.  I on the other hand will concede that I don't  believe it is a choice in the sense that, I believe that various situations and chemical imbalances are to blame.  

Believing this, I can not say that your behavior is indeed a willing choice, but rather something to be looked at on case by case basis, studied, and if desired, healed.

One last thing. Environment also plays a large part of behavior whether we want to accept this fact or not.  Example me.  I was molested as a  child by both male and female alike. I was also raised in a single parent home and subjected to abuse by (not all), but some of my mothers passing lovers.  I grew up "normal" my attractions laying with my male peers.  I however found that I became sexually active at a very early age, and over the years had numerous partners.  

In my environment during that time in my life, I found myself surrounded by like minded women.  I was extremely sexually active and so were they.  All of us had grown up in single parent  homes, and at some point we'd experienced sexual abuse.    I was like an alcoholic with other alcoholics cheering me on, only it was sex that had become my outlet and my way of filling that empty space.Again, remember I'm in and environment where although my behavior is risky is being re-enforced by those around me.

Anyhow, my escapades continued to escalate, and so did my peers behavior.  I finally reached bottom when I found myself engaging in homosexual behavior.  FOR ME THAT WAS IT! I was complete and utterly disgusted with myself.  I begin to question where I was in my life and what it was I was doing.  My behavior wasn't  healthy what-so-ever but again, I was going with the flow of my peers who in return said  "ITS OK" I was doing what I wanted to do.  I suppose I could have been sucked into the gay lifestyle as easily as some of the rest of you have been, but I was given salvation in the form of my son .

My life changed completely.  I had something to fill that void in my life.  I was lucky. but for my friend, my co-conspirator, she wasn't so lucky.  She's still trying to fill that void in her life.  And unfortunately she's caught in the gay life style now.  Is she happy?? NO she told me so herself.  Was she born that way, absolutely not.  In her words. I know its wrong, but I'm living my life how I CHOOSE to.  In other words its not a matter of her being born gay.

Also remember this.  It is easy for an drug addict to say to another drug addict that there is nothing wrong with getting high.  

It is easy for a pedophile to say to another pedophile that their lust of adolescent children is "normal"  It is we who object that don't understand.  

It is easy for one adulterer to tell another adulterer there's nothing wrong with betraying their spouses trust.  

It is easy for a woman/man to lay down with her dog and then seek counsel with those like minded.

My point is, no one likes to be a lone.  No one likes to feel as if they are different.  There is nothing to be gained by telling you that Yeah, I'm sadder when I engage in homosexual sex than I am when I don't.  

Anyone wanting an open ear can reach me at
Sensualsistah27@yahoo.com Besides I'm a writer who's writing a novel dealing with the topic.  Probably can't tell that based on my post


Answer by kiea
Submitted on 8/10/2004
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This is for gaycollege kid.

You don't seem to comfortable with your current situation.   This is a link of people like yourself who's is seeking change and understanding of their homosexuality.  Check it out.  I 'm not trying to force only offer a little assistance.



Answer by tom
Submitted on 8/16/2004
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I am 22 yrs old and just recently my mother has found out about me. Let me tell you that at no point in your life do you ask to be rejected or different from anyone else. I'd love to get married, have kids and do the same as my siblings. Being gay makes you different from the norm and it sucks, but I have come to be cool with it. But some of these comments are so stupid. If you arent gay then you have no idea. Any straight people in here, did you pick to be straight one day? The one message is funny....the more males a woman had the more frequently gay they are. Maybe because there are more people gay then you realize.


Answer by David
Submitted on 8/28/2004
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I find this chat about choosing to be homosexual interesting and got me thinking... Whatever your sexual preference, just ask yourself. "Could you get sexual with the other genitalia?" I doubt it! Some of you might recoil in disgust! If you find you could honestly consider it though, you might want to ask yourself some searching questions as no way could I do that. I couldn't go anywhere near one Yuk. Not the most of attractive places to be at the best of times so the choice thing... I don't think so. If people really do believe you actually "choose to" as you might want to try and think carefully about it this time and consider if you could honestly choose to. This is without adding on the prejudice that goes with it, and some people, religious or not are frankly I think are being unreasonable. If you have children who turn out to be homosexual or your children's children what are you going to do? Reject them? I would be ashamed as a human being if I did. Considering if I was homosexual and how it would effect my daily life and based on what I have observed, back in school, at work, on TV , newspapers in the street and all those everyday places its not something I would ever choose to be. Would you? Of course not. Life's hard enough already without others adding to it so don't be so short sighted. And to add to it, being grouped with child molesters too. There are straight child molesters male and female you've all read the newspapers and watched TV. Stop having such selective memories. Maybe it would have been accepted by now if it was visually obvious who was homosexual. Maybe a different skin tone? I wouldn't consider what I believe to be at the expense of somebody else's well being and right to be alive and to have a reasonable lifetime in a considerate way. Just because I don't want to doesn't mean anything more than just that. We're not talking about murder here, just sex. We have a vast population so I don't see homosexuals as having any effect on the populous and homosexuality has been around for a long time. We all have families and are somebody's children and if we keep rejecting people on nonsense like this it causes a much bigger problem. Why is the bible used by some as a way to bully? I just don't understand that. Some people seem very selective about what parts of the bible they stick to and pick out. Use it more for useful good things instead, I'm sure it mentions about that in there somewhere. In regards to DNA, i like to think if there is a part of it that makes one sex able to be sexually attracted to another, then this can end up anyway round in any sex as that's how we are made. We have diversity it makes us, us stop knocking it. Nobody is perfect not anybody that means me and you. If we weren't brought up being lead to believe everything is ordered and straight forward then maybe we could get over this nonsense. It's a shame some people don't seem to learn and stick to this unrealistic ideal. On the subject of sin, I would consider gluttony to be far worse. This affects many people on a vast scale and is much more devastating than whom sleeps with whom. This seems to get overlooked as a sin far too easily. I guess those gates open quiet wide so you will be able to still squeeze into heaven? It's a varied world and we should be thankful there are differences it is who we are. If it's not your thing, fine, end of story, it's not the end of the world you know. I hope they never find out why it happens and never find a way to prevent it. It will be the tip of iceberg and a move for the worse. Walk a mile.. I don't see why homosexuals want to marry though more and more are giving up this outdated practice. Save your money.


Answer by Damaijin
Submitted on 8/29/2004
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Homosexuality is decided at a young age or even at birth.  It happens when the brain is still forming connections with itself and learning how to function.  There is a production of a certain hormone and abnormalities of this hormone cause homosexuality.  Homosexual women tend to have a larger amount of this hormone.  Homosexual men tend to have a lesser amount of this hormone and heterosexual people have a balanced amount of this hormone.  Being transgendered is something completely different and is not affected by the early production of this hormone.


Answer by Coit
Submitted on 9/5/2004
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The point is... you are BORN gay.  It isn't a choice, it isn't a result of molestation, it isn't a societal "phase," you can't catch it, you have no choice in the matter, you're NOT going to hell, it is NOT an abomination by God, it's not the cause of AIDS, it's as natural as being straight, and it's NOT worth killing yourself over it.  Speaking of getting over it, the world needs to get over it!  Gay people are no different than straight people--they eat, sleep, work, play, love, and NEED ALL OF THE SAME RIGHTS AS EVERYONE ELSE!  It's just who you are!  Just as your genes determine your height, eye color, bone structure, hair color... it determines your sexual orientation.  Anyway who refuses to accept this needs to walk a day in a gay person's shoes!  (No, they don't need to be drag pumps!!!  ;o)  The end!


Answer by Bobo
Submitted on 9/5/2004
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I haven't read all of the replies, but I am finding that many people are saying, "I was born this way, I can't help it."  This is both true and false.

I myself am attracted to the same gender.  I have known this since I was 5.  I am now 17.  I participated in sexual activities and experienced more than most children early in my life.  I always was a very sexually active individual.  However, when I came to the realization that what I was doing was looked down upon in society, I began to question, "What is this that I'm feeling?  Why am I attracted to men, instead of women like I should be?"  I then began to hold back my feelings, and I ignored them.

Up until about my freshman year, I had no problem hiding them.  But, along with the usual high-school drama, they started to tear at me.  I became a cutter, and attempted suicide.  I then went to a counselor, because my friends were concerned.  Yet no one knew the reason for my severe depression.  Finally, after about 40 scars, I started to tell people.  Most weren't surprised, they were actually very supportive.  But that didn't fix my depression.

I kept cutting until I came to the point where I just had to find out what my problem was.  I started researching the topic, and all I found were a bunch of controversial reports bashing one theory and uplifting another.

I then just gave up.  Say you were born gay.  Say it was because of how you were brought up.  Blame what ever you want.  But the truth here is that even though you might have been born with the feelings, or something may have caused those feelings, or those feelings just popped up out of no where, there is a choice.  The choice is whether to act upon those feelings and engage in homosexual activity.  If you allow yourself to do so, then you are choosing to be homosexual.  If you refuse to accept them, and you put them behind you, then you are choosing a heterosexual life.  There is a choice, and it's up to you.


Answer by AP
Submitted on 9/17/2004
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is it possible 4 a gal 2 b physically attracted 2 guys but romantically 2 gals?


Answer by GayAnd Proud
Submitted on 9/24/2004
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God knows why I was born a Homosexual!!
Being 18 and a Gay, I have suffered tremendously basically half my life, either by having people using my Sexuality against me or Humiliating me in public..
Most people, especially Homophobes believe Homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle??......
Come on!! think about it, do you think if we GAYS had a choice we would still choose to remain gay??....I don't think so!!.......
Ive come along way, learning to respect and love myself....and I love being who I am, regardless of my Sexual preference...
If a person chooses to judge another person on there sexual orientation, it would be like judging a person by their skin colour (most people don't except RACISM), but when it comes to Homosexuality which is part of a person, just like being dark is to Africans and White to Europeans....people let it happen??   :( Homosexuals are still put down......    
If only SOCIETY accepted us with open arms, it could help us GAYS accept ourselves aswell.....


Answer by jan
Submitted on 9/29/2004
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It can't be genetic, because it would have been selected out by now.  QED.


Answer by powerlabs
Submitted on 10/2/2004
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Men are born so that they can find a woman to reproduce with, our basic needs are food, sleep and sex. This is so that we can reproduce. Those unfit to dominate will become woman-like and will be dominated by the more masculine men. The ones that were born unfit to dominate will become gay and will not pass their genes on. People think that you can be born gay, this is because a guy who was genetically weak actually somehow reproduced (because of our society deffending the physically, mentally and emotionally weak) and his son was also genetically weak and forced to become woman-like as well. That's how nature works. Gay people are just the lowest of the men in terms of self confidence, and self confidence correlates with fittness, even mental fitness. Sorry guys, thats the truth.


Answer by soccer_dude_1984
Submitted on 10/5/2004
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Answer by soccer_dude_1984
Submitted on 10/5/2004
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oh and for those of u who think that god made adam and eve and not adam and steve, don't forget that its a theory... u haven't actually seen it happen have u? so how can u possibly be sure that that's what really happened?

by the way its a theory supported by all HETROSEXUALS not HOMOSEXUAL PEOPLE (i wonder why - obviously to make them look the only "normal" human beings, sounds appealing doesn't it?)


Answer by soccer_dude_1984
Submitted on 10/5/2004
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oh and one more thing straight people (heterosexuals) are a bunch of perverted people!!!

nah just joking with ya your actually pretty cool people most of u except that some are a little narrowmided but I'm sure that u could change if u wanted to!



Answer by spacebard
Submitted on 10/14/2004
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Hey Sara, you say that you have friends and they will always be your friends but you think they are wrong for being who they are and you don't think they have the right to get married.  I think you're a hypocrite as well as a bad friend.  If you hate someone's way of life you are hating what they are.  Also, the United States needs to fix a few glitches in their bill of rights.  They say that all have equal rights and they in fact, do not.  Why is it that a murderer on death row can get married but my gay uncle who has been with his partner for 15 years cannot?  HYPOCRITES!


Answer by Daytona Beach Guy
Submitted on 10/18/2004
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Being gay is NOT a choice, or a PREFERENCE. It's not really a lifestyle. Sure, it may be considered one for those people who chose to continue living a stereotypical "Gay" lifestyle. My attraction to men is the same as man's attraction to woman and vice versa. It's an ATTRACTION. Some people like coffee, and some like tea. Whichever one you like, dosent make a difference. You still get the caffiene! :)


Answer by dude
Submitted on 10/25/2004
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gays are people too they live they die were the same,we just like the same sex. God doesn't make mistakes ,do you think he just did it to so have people go to hell , so heaven doesn't get to crowded i don't think so he doesn't make mistake's and being gay isn't a mistake its Gods doing


Answer by dude
Submitted on 10/25/2004
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gays are people too they live they die were the same just like the same se x God doesnt make mistakes so why would he make homosexuals, o he can have people go to hell , so heaven doesnt get to crowded i dont think so he doesnt make mistkes and being gay isnt a mistake its Gods doing


Answer by takaminegirl
Submitted on 11/4/2004
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I didn't read all the posts, but enough to see that most people think you have no choice in the matter of being gay.  That is NOT true.  You do have a choice.  I have several very good friends who were all VERY MUCH involved in the gay lifestyle who found Jesus and are gay no longer.  So don't tell me you can't choose, or you can't change.  Just because something feels good, or because you feel accepted doesn't make it right.


Answer by noway
Submitted on 11/6/2004
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I am a girl and i think i am gay.  i don't want to be gay but it is something i cannot help.  i have never kissed a girl or dated one, i still date boys hoping maybe that my homosexuality will change.  i don't think that my parents would support me if i told them the truth.  i think that genes and choice comes into play with homosexuality because i did not choose to be this way, but i think some people choose it as a "fad".  


Answer by Mikey
Submitted on 11/10/2004
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As a gay guy myself, I have no idea if my homosexuality is a result of being born this way or by other factors, such as environmental conditions - (I'm talking about our surroundings that we grew up in, not the climate or weather.)  Nobody can say for sure that we are born this way.  Something may have happened in our early stages of life that influenced us towards homosexuality; something we don't remember.  We may not have had a choice in being gay...but we do have a choice in whether we act upon it.    Cheers & God Bless my friends!


Answer by brick
Submitted on 11/17/2004
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Hi.  As an openly gay man, I will admit that the cause of homosexuality may not be COMPLETELY hereditary, but rather more of an environmental issue.  I can remember as far back from when I was three years old and had sexual desires for men. I'm also certain that no one molested me b/c my family is strictly Babtist...and as for you religious 'homo haters', try looking at information that doesn't come from a Christian association or heterosexual.  I hope this does not offend anyone that is actually open minded about the issue but I do hope that I have enlightened a few people here.  


Answer by Chiharu
Submitted on 12/6/2004
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well...i'm gay and i'd just like to say to all those ppl who say that same sex marriges shouldn't be allowed and that being gay is just some twisted preversion...well....to be honest how the hell would u know? u'r not gay and u have no idea how it's like to fall in love with someone and know they will never return u'r feelings....or to be persecuted just cause u have a boi friend where as all the other good boys don't...and  u realli don't have the rite to judge queers if u'r not cause u'r looking in from the outside and no matter how much u think u understand how it is...u realli don't have a clue wat it's like...and wat rite do u have to tell us if were allwed to get married or not..y should u be allowed to and not us?...i thought we were all supposed to be equal here...i live in toronto and thank fully same sex marriages are recognized here and i'm greatful that some ppl are finally starting to get it...but there are still to many ppl who think of it as just sick perversion....we look back on history and we see examples of horrible persecution like slavery of black ppl etc. ...and at the time that kind of persecution was excepted and thats how ppl all thought...and maybe this is just like that and it's gonna take time for things to change...


Answer by Zinc
Submitted on 12/11/2004
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I am not sure if this is an answer or a question but I am very unsure about the points people have made, especially on the ones about turning gay.

I started to realize that I was gay when I was 10 years of age.  I started puberty before everyone in my year.  I got erections around boys, and was able to tell who was fit or ugly, i can roughly tell with woman but just not attracted.

I am now 14 and still attracted to men. Both my parents are straight as far as I know and my brother is defintley straight. Neither of my family know Im gay.

Nobody knows im gay, and i am at the moment in boarding school surrounded by men. Firstly, i dont want rubbish about upbringing.
Secondly, My primary school was co-sex.
Thirdly, You cannot choose your sex just like that as some people seem to think.

Being homosexual, is hormoneal, if you start puberty far ahead of everyone else you might expect being gay, or maybe thats just me. Scientists have not proved the cause of homosexuality, a test of 1000 people with 99% results positive isnt fully accurate. you still need to explain the extra percent.

I do not feel proud being homosexual, especially if you dont fit in.

I would like to have kids when I eventually grow up and I dont know if i can if i cant hav e sexual intercourse with a wife when id ont really want to or doesnt attract me or even makes me sick.

I really dont want a horrible insulting reply.

I would like an answer to this question please:

Is there a way to become straight or at least BISEXUAL, without anybody knowing (e.g. discretly). Are there pills etc...?




Answer by Joey
Submitted on 12/31/2004
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Hey everybody.  Well I must say there is a plethora of interesting beliefs and feelings here.  Initially,I must say I am a gay, agnostic teen, but I substantiate my opinions with logic.  Primarily, the foundation of a sin to me is hurting another.  Killing is a sin because you remove a loved one from someone's life.  Stealing is a sin because you are devaluing someone's long hours of labor.  However, being gay is incontrovertibly nothing of the sort.  No one is being hurt, no one is being lost, no one is being denied what they worked for.  The focal point of homosexuality is undoubtedly the celebration of love.  It only occurs in a different form than that of a heterosexual couple.  I am an avid participant in many community service activities, I am a mentor for two children, I participate in Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and I donate to charity.  Watching people get hurt both physically and emotionally by others makes me incredibly sad.  I can assuringly add that innumerable heterosexuals are murderers, bullies, and dregs of society, but their sexuality is not a distinguishing trait.  With this said, I view myself as a more benevolent person than the aforementioned heterosexuals, while simultaneously being gay.  I think people should place their concerns and discomforts regarding homosexuality on something that warrants consideration a bit more.  Only then can we realize that homosexuality is simply a trivial factor.  We all need to learn to love one another and try to understand that everyone is different, or put in another way, to manifest my respect for those who without a doubt believe in a higher power, "God makes everyone special."  However, I think the religious application to this subject is unfair, for it supports a "well that's the way it is because the Bible says so" mentality.  We all need to be more open.  Who cares what "causes" homosexuality.  It happens, it is very real, and there is no reason to eliminate it from society.  Also, several people claim to be opposed to homosexuality because it breeds hurt and immorality.  Sadly, we forget that ostracizing acts produce hatred exponentially more.  For example, racism produces the murders and battery of different races, religious intolerance extinguishes and hurts those of different faiths, and lastly disgust toward homosexuals hurts and kills those of a different lifestyle.  Essentially, those who are against homosexuality because they believe it is a sin oftentimes perpetuate another sin, which is hurt in itself.  We need to learn to respect each other and look at the bigger picture.


Answer by Losthope
Submitted on 1/9/2005
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It seems to me, Homosexuality is a choice. Be it because of estranged relations with Daddy or attractions acted upon.
So many Gay men feel bad about their relationships because they know deep down it is wrong.
It has nothing to do with rights, being born that way or God. It is choice, one makes the choices to act on their urges and emotions, hence we have murderers, rapists, peeping toms and yes, homosexuals.
People have to be strong and make choices which are best for them in the scheme of life.
Homosexuality is wrong in the sense that it is against the natural law of things.
If you succumb to urges and emotions rather than think through your choices you find often you have made a mistake and regrets begin to grow.
I have a college age son who thinks like this, he reacts to all things emotionally and always find he regrets his choices. Right now he is going through a self loathing stage because of his choices, he refuses to hear me when I tell him I love him, but am disappointed in his actions.
He only hears what his heart feels and I ache for him.


Answer by Nate15
Submitted on 1/10/2005
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To all the arguements going on above, I would like to say that I did not have homosexual feeling until I was around 12, i liked girls before then. I am currently a Christian at a Church of Christ in West Virginia and believe homosexuality is wrong. Every day I have these feelings but I sort of block them out. It is said in the Bible that God would not allow Satan to tempt a man beyond what he can handle. I am the only one of about 7 people in my school with this PROBLEM that does not go along with it. For you who believe God made you this way and he accepts it, you are stronger than other people, you can endure temptation that most others can't. I, whether or not I am right, believe that this is a blessing and a curse. BUT God wants you to WORK your way to Heaven. Its like saying "God gave us these cuss words so it must not be a sin to say them." Its not true. I am telling many here what they would rather not hear, but remember, THE REWARD IS GREAT!

Nate, Age 15


Answer by anti-gay
Submitted on 1/14/2005
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being gay is gross becuase i meen a guys weener going up a guys butt. theres nothin wrong with gay girls


Answer by semac1025e
Submitted on 1/24/2005
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There is no where in the bible that says that being gay is a mortal sin.  Paul is one in the gospels that says that it is but Jesus has never said a word about it's being a sin.

Also I heard a psychiatrist say that an overbearing mother and submissive father are likely to have homosexual children.  


Answer by Ashley
Submitted on 2/9/2005
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You know, I'm bisexual, and it is indeed not a choice. This is a fact, not a guess. Gays are born with the opposite thing that makes you attracted to the opposite sex, and bi's are born with both. There you go. And I've done alot of accurate research on that.


Answer by Katherine
Submitted on 2/12/2005
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Let me just say, it is easy for straight people to say homosexuality is wrong.  Let me also ask, why do you care who someone else loves anyway?  Its not even your business.  If your reasoning is found in the bible, let me also point out that the bible is pretty clear about leaving the judgement up to Jesus.  Let's all make an effort to love and respect everyone; the world has too many problems as it is.


Answer by Skyshadow
Submitted on 2/28/2005
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I am gay... and i came here asking what causes homosexuality, i have come to accept that i do not have a choice about it. I have hated myself for it but what can i do? I just accepted it and tried to move on. I am afraid to tell anyone because i am afraid they may turn on me...I no longer hate myself, but i do have one more thing to say. I was not sexually molested...as far as i know. But i did not have a "Father Figure" I think that being gay is caused by both Nature/nurture.


Answer by Penelope
Submitted on 3/16/2005
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I agree that some people are born gay.  (I emphasize the word, "some".)  I believe the majority of people sexually involved or attracted to same-sex partners, are merely involved because it's "in" to be gay.  I think that legalizing gay marriage will justify every sexual feeling anyone has ever had toward the same sex as "it's okay to have sexual relations with someone of the same sex".  It's legal.  For gays, it's easy to be sexually satisfied with partners of the same sex because there is no work involved.  Same bodies, same feelings, no maps...no guessing...easy.  For a man and a woman, there is work.  It's rewarding, nonetheless, but it's work.  I've had sexual relations with women and men.  I have to say, I wouldn't want to marry a woman or spend my life with a woman, but the sex is fulfilling.  Women know how to give oral sex because we know what and how to stimulate the clitoris.  Don't get me wrong, I love men.  I love their strength, their smell, their bodies.  I love being a woman in a relationship with a man.  Sex is satisfying with a man because it is so natural and curious and different.  
Bi-sexuality is natural.  Homosexuality is rare.  What is sad is that our society thinks that since they have had a few fantasies about the same sex, this means they are gay.  Very few people are REALLY gay.  Some think they are and 10 years later they realize they were wrong.  (David Bowie, anyone?)  My aunt's girlfriend of 12 years just decided she wasn't gay anymore...
Don't confuse sexual feelings for a confirmation that you are gay.  


Answer by java
Submitted on 3/17/2005
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Hey all,
  I am an 18 yr old gay female n i just wanna have my input too. having homosexual attractions cant be helped and ive been this way as far back as i can remember. acting on those homosexual feelings i know can be helped and i understand when ppl are uncomfortable with it. i dont think its natural and i dont think a homosexual pair should be allowed to raise a child. however it is the way i am and i cant help that. i dont know what causes it but i think god will forgive it, but i dunno im not him. i dont parade my sexual preference around n im not proud of it, but i am wut i am n ive accepted that. i fought it off for a long time and tried to force myself to be normal, but trust me it doesnt work. ne ways, take care everyone, lata.


Answer by ok
Submitted on 3/21/2005
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Wow, I don't really know what to think any more...I mean i've known I was gay since like the first grade and I don't, at any point, remember being molested or abused.  On my mom's side of the family there are already three openly gay people, and I always just assumed that it was a biological factor. They came out way after 1st grade so I dont think that they influenced me to be gay. The people on my mom's side of the family are some of the nicest people I know. But according to some of you, me and my family are just f*cked up. I dont know why anyone would choose to be gay when they are hated just because of that fact and I also know that I couldn't choose to be straight. I'm only a sophomore in high school and have only come out to two people. Its not like I I love the fact that I'm so different and I'm obviously not flaunting it. Being gay is a big deal to me. I'm dreading the day that I come out of the closet, only because I know people will judge me without even talking to me but I am also looking forward to the day that I come out so I can get this huge weight off my back.


Answer by will
Submitted on 3/24/2005
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God made them that way


Answer by grumpy
Submitted on 3/29/2005
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thank you for all your information it really helped me and actually i appreciate your work and your sharing with people like me


Answer by Dude
Submitted on 4/12/2005
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Well it has just come to my attention that none of you know what you are talking about it is not a sin to be gay but a sin to act upon your homosexuality (if your too narrow minded it means you can be gay just don't have sex with the same sex)if you say being gay is a sin your a dumb ass being gay is not a sin because God made us all God doesn't make mistakes God knows were only human people who continue to use the bible as an excuse you need to check up on it because your wrong


Answer by 666
Submitted on 4/25/2005
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man all u ppl are fags


Answer by Stan
Submitted on 5/7/2005
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The thing that i really don't understand is people who are not homosexual and therefore could never understand whether there is a choice in the matter of which sex you are attracted to, who come in here and start preaching because they think that their way of living is the "right" way. Im really sick of people telling me that something has sparked this somewhere along the course of my life ( and whoever says that 90% of gay people were molested really need to be getting there facts straight,), this was the way i was since the beginning, i dont question why people are straight.
To any people out there who say that being gay is a choice and then start telling other people it is a choice, you should really go and get a life.
I swear if i could be straight, i would be.If you are not gay than you cannot understand what it is like to be gay, i swear it is not a choice, i swear i had a normal life and was loved by my family, i swear it's just who i am. So accept it


Answer by derek
Submitted on 5/8/2005
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I am straight and I think that homosexual acts are evil. I realise though, that some things I do are very evil and I wonder how a homosexual be condemned more than me. I totally believe that we should leave judjement up to God and I dont believe all homosexuals are going to hell, no matter what the "good book" says, Peace.


Answer by PENIS!
Submitted on 5/8/2005
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dr rummingsfelt.... if we r not forgiven for our sins, what did Jesus do then??? was he crucified for nothing then! and! define insane! u bigot! if anyone is going to rot in hell its u!

p.s. learn how to spell "course"!!!! ahh!


Answer by PENIS!
Submitted on 5/8/2005
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dr rummingsfelt...and! if people r born homosexual and it is all DNA, and it is a such a horrible sin to be homosexual, than y would god create people like that???huh?? answer me that?? i suggest u rethinnk ur views of ur religion before addressing them to the public! i dont like u  at all u bigot! ur views r just as erroneous as the ones u claim r as well! i am 15 yrs old and am smarter than u! also! by usng so many "facts" from the bible, u r also implyng that everyone must read from the same bible and have the same beliefs! therefore, u r also implyng that those of different religous beliefs r going to what u thnk of as hell. i personally dont believe in hell. so no more from u dr. rummingsfelt the bigot! i wonder how u sleep at night.


Answer by a young bisexual
Submitted on 6/24/2005
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look a while go when i was drunk i kissed a boy lost my girlfriend was attack by many of her male friend
but only recently when i was talking on msn
did i admit i was atracted to boys
i hate people saying you have no choice still you chose to be act i used to like girls but found to my self that boy were better for me i never been molested or whatever and only know very few gay or bi people your sexuality is your choice dont say you have no choice because your still not adcepting what you like and who you are


Answer by MBF 35 urban
Submitted on 8/25/2005
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I don't mean to imply anything negative about being gay but I think the question can be answered with a parallel to being handicap.  Some people are born handicap; they have deformed limbs, they are blind, deaf or mute, etc. There may have had some genetic predisposition for this from their parents genes (i.e. the offspring of 2 parents who carry a dormant sickle cell trait have 90% chance of being born with sickle cell anemia) Of course, there can be other factors such as exposure to chemicals or even an accident arresting the development of the fetus in the womb. On the other hand people who are born without any handicaps can become handicap after an accident in which they lose a limb, eye sight, etc.  I think, in that same vein, that some people are born homosexual.  At my age I have seen children who exhibit signs of homosexuality it seems as early as they learn to talk and walk.  And sure enough, many of them grow into gay adults.  Yet some people, through life-altering experiences such as molestation, abuse, or even human necessity, can become gay/bisexual.  With so many atrocities in this world I have no problem with consensual love in any form.  Id much rather direct my anger/anguish at child poverty, war, domestic abuse, senior abuse, pedophiles, rapist, murderers, environmental hazards, greed,  etc.


Answer by Hmmm
Submitted on 9/8/2005
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All I've seen in 90% of these responses about christianity is people placing themselves in the position of judgement. Its not anyones job to say homosexuality is a sin, because the original Greek bible doesn't actually say it. If it's a sin, let people decide that in their own relationship with God, not through yours.


Answer by Julia Gulia
Submitted on 9/8/2005
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Come on people.  Homosexuals are so obviously born as homosexuals.  There are some gay guys out there, who are so flaming gay, there is no way in hell that they could ever be a normal straight guy.  Even if they made a 'choice' to be straight.  They just couldn't do it.  The way they act, the way they are inside is gay!  

Homosexuals are who they are because they were born that way.  I believe it IS a disorder, not necessarily wrong or bad, but it has to be a genetic screw up somehow.  I mean, normal straight guys with normal genes do not run around acting like flaming gay guys for a reason.  Their genetic order is normal.  Gay guys and lesbians (don't forget about totally manly chicks who dress like guys and act like them) have a genetic disorder that makes them 'queer' so to speak.  I totally believe this cause it's in my own family.  My step mom's daughter and son are both gay.  There are other gays on their side of the family.  It's a genetic thing, it's definitely hereditary, but it's not wrong.  Just how they come out, like being retarded or something.  :o)


Answer by benfranklin
Submitted on 9/25/2005
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Homosexuality is most likely caused by an interplay between genes and environment. One is probably born with a propensity and under certain circumstances it is triggered. In an overwhelming majority of cases, this happens early in childhood, well before an individual can make a conscious choice. As the mechanism starts early, by the time the individual reaches puberty, it seems as to him/her this is the way he/she has always been.  Because the mechanism for becomingn gay starts so early, the pathways in the brain become deep. It is no wonder, then, that traditional "cures" for homosexuality such as electro-shock therapy failed. By the time one reaches age 6 or so, the die is cast. As I said before, this is the case for most homosexuals. There are some who discover the desire later in life and, therefore, choose it.
Yes, the Bible condemns homosexuality just as it condemns pork consumption and working on the Sabbath and accumulating wealth (remember camel and eye of the needle?). The Bible says a lot of things, but few, if any, even fundamentalists, adhere to it fully. Usually, its just thinly disguised bigotry or used to justify fears and paranoias. However, I'm glad it exists otherwise the fanatics and other dry drunks would have to resort to more unsavory ways of coping with their anxieties.


Answer by Dusty Bannister
Submitted on 10/23/2005
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ok well I got comments and a question, I think homosexuality is genetic, I happen to believe a lot of science, I do believe that it can be caused by the environment too, maybe not being that way actually but a way like being brainwashed, but I have a question for those more knowledgeable on The Bible, what causes it if none of those do? I heard demons do, can some one answer this for me please


Answer by Nathan Wayne
Submitted on 12/7/2005
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Speaking from personal experience, it is NOT A CHOICE what sexuality you are.  I was brought up in a Christian home (my Grandparents are ministers as I also was for some time) and was brought up believing that it was immoral and unacceptable.  I fought for years attempting to change myself and become straight.  I sought God for years, went through years of counseling, and sought help with many minsters and preachers to help me change the fact that I was gay.  I HATED the fact that I was gay.  After all of this effort and no change (and, yes I did put my entire heart and soul into this process and did everything to have God help me) I decided that it must be inborn into me and unchangeable.  If not, then why didn't I change when I continuosly sought God, prayed,  fasted, and studied the Bible to help me become something I never will be-a heterosexual.  If God wanted me any other way than I am now, he would've changed me.  Why would I chose to be criticised, abused, and looked down on for s "choice"?  If I could be straight I would be in a heart beat, but I hate to tell you this, but you have no choice in the matter.  You must ask yourself, why are you attracted to the gender you are attracted to?  Regardless of sexual preference, sexuality is inborn, end of story.  Also, I feel that it must be at least partially genetic considering that now I have discovered that one of my brothers and one of my grandfathers are both homosexuals also, but I will say that that part is just my personal belief.  Thanks for reading this and taking the time to if nothing else, just understand everything a little better.


Answer by MMM
Submitted on 1/16/2006
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Well, reading through most of the above articles i have a few thought racing through my mind. Being gay is not wrong and at this point of time thought to be against the laws of nature. Right we are. We think and deliberate about it so much because it is not so common. It is not what the majority of us are like and hence the discussion. Homo-sexual preferences seem to be caused by various factors, namely- genetic (by birth), social, cultural and some other that we may still discover. People have talked about sequences of the DNA that yet are to be  decoded to before we put the whole responsibility on the gene. But i feel that what we are witnessing today is a step in human evolution. May be it is nature's way of controlling the population explosion that we are experiencing today. May be this is the natural regulator for the ever growing human population. Evolution has always caused eyebrows to be raised. think of the first set of fish that started to live on land. Think of the first group of mammals that started walking on 2 legs. Think of all the firsts, and maybe what we are witnessing today is a 'first' of that evolution. Nature has strange ways of ruling us.  And by way it has always been, nature thinks of preserving the earth rather than one species. We as human beings and being of superior intelligence, we delve into everything that is different from the way we expect ourselves to be. So maybe we should just relax and watch the move unfold!

And to remember, God is always watching.


Answer by Jim
Submitted on 2/3/2006
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I just want to say, in response to all people who say negative stuff about gays and lesbians, GET A LIFE! Why must Straight people always come down on gay people. I think that whether homosexuality is a choice or not, makes little difference. Not giving gay people fair treatment is like making fun of a fat person. Most people won't, but why would you? Fat people most likely do choose to be fat by eating so much! But most of us don't make fun of them! Why should we see gays/lesbians any different? I am gay, and I know that it is not a choice anyway! Never was I molested, exposed to pornography, or exposed to anything else that so called "causes" homosexuality. Therefore, I believe I was born this way. If you think it is a sin, check out the website www.truluck.com for objective info that might change your mind about this. I believe that it is not a sin, nor sickness, nor anything wrong. Discriminating against it because we think it's a sin violates how the US Government works! I hope someday I could go to school without getting beat up, or living a better life, but that will never happen! This will be an issue for many years and will never go away! Remember too that your opinion about something is not an excuse to discriminate!


Answer by Jim
Submitted on 2/3/2006
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I just want to say, in response to all people who say negative stuff about gays and lesbians, GET A LIFE! Why must Straight people always come down on gay people. I think that whether homosexuality is a choice or not, makes little difference. Not giving gay people fair treatment is like making fun of a fat person. Most people won't, but why would you? Fat people most likely do choose to be fat by eating so much! But most of us don't make fun of them! Why should we see gays/lesbians any different? I am gay, and I know that it is not a choice anyway! Never was I molested, exposed to pornography, or exposed to anything else that so called "causes" homosexuality. Therefore, I believe I was born this way. If you think it is a sin, check out the website www.truluck.com for objective info that might change your mind about this. I believe that it is not a sin, nor sickness, nor anything wrong. Discriminating against it because we think it's a sin violates how the US Government works! I hope someday I could go to school without getting beat up, or living a better life, but that will never happen! This will be an issue for many years and will never go away! Remember too that your opinion about something is not an excuse to discriminate!


Answer by ........
Submitted on 2/27/2006
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Oh, it's certainly a choice.  'Choosing' to be gay is just as much of a choice as 'choosing' to be straight; I can start trying to go out with girls instead of other guys if I so 'choose.'  Does that automatically mean I'm -attracted- to girls?  No.  Should I be penalized by my environment for 'choosing' to love someone regardless of their gender?  No.    

I'm more on the side of 'why do we even -HAVE- this 'sexuality' issue?'  Moreover, I can 'choose' to be part of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, or some other religion of my own making that's just as likely to be 'correct' as any other. God did not write the Bible sitting on my shelf; it was printed on a machine press approximately 2,000 miles south of here.  It has ideas written in it; they may or may not belong to a divine agent.  I'm inclined to believe they're not, though it's an excellent example of the power of propaganda in early civilizations.  Don't even get me started on how many mistranslations that text has probably gone through from whatever original source it claims it came from.  If you can redefine the cosmos by adding a whole new plane of existence, Purgatory, for the express purpose of signing off indulgences to fill up church coffers, then obviously it's very easy to rewrite the basis of that religion into whatever you wish it to be.  In modern times the notion of such a place is (hopefully <_< ) ridiculous, but at the time that place was VERY real to those people. And why so many denominations of what apparently is the same faith using the same book/s?  'They were wrong to change that?'  Who's to say the 'original' text didn't have the exact same thing done to it long ago, to cover up any 'inconveniences?'  Faith is  rarely an argument at all, and it certainly isn't an argument in this issue.  It's great for creating near-mob group mentality, however.

Rape aside (and that isn't right no matter who's doing who), being actively gay isn't overtly harmful to others, and should not be acted against by third party political agencies.  'Not liking the sight of a gay person nearby' has about the same credibility as an argument as not liking someone wearing a turban, who may or may not actually be Muslim, be nearby; none.  

Homosexuality, as a cultural issue, is simply the successor of race as a flag-bearer in humanity's never-ending quest to form discreet, fanatic-mentality social groups.  30 years from now we'll be fighting about picking up sticks on Saturdays and eating at Red Lobster -_-.


Answer by lion
Submitted on 3/4/2006
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I have been Bisexual for a while now and im a christian. I believe it is a choice that i don't want to live anymore. I'm a ninteen year old who is into gay teen porn and I have asked God for forgiveness yet i still do the same things over again.I have even asked God to help me with it. I don't know why but its killing me inside. Again i think its a choice because if its not God would not have condemned it in his word.


Answer by tracy jane
Submitted on 3/10/2006
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well, what i think is that a person is a bisexual or homosexual because of his/her genes. i, myself is a homosexual, but i haven't been molested when i was a child. when i was still in grade school, that's when i realize that i am, because i was attracted to girls, not boys. a normal human has 23 pairs of chromosomes. one pair indicates your sex and the other 22 pairs indicate your characters. maybe, abnormality can happen with our chromosomes. example, 1 pair indicated that a person is a male, but the other 22 pairs are characters of being a female. so, being a homosexual is not a choice. a homosexual was born a homosexual. and it's not his fault he is.


Answer by randomperson
Submitted on 3/13/2006
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i think that genetics has nothing to do with it, now i don't have a lot of proof to support my argument, but it makes logical sense to me when i'm tired

if it was genetic, then theoretically all other species on the planet should have roughly the same ratio of heterosexual beings to homosexual, as far as i know, they don't

something else has to influence this, such as an upbringing or choice, although i don't believe much in choice, cuz if i had my choice, i wouldn't be gay, that's just me though

therefore, i would have to go with the nuture theory


Answer by callum
Submitted on 3/14/2006
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What i really want to know is, what is it to anyone what a person is or does? I don't understand how people can be so interested in anyone else's life!  Maybe it just means that you have an incredibly boring life and are simply jealous of these individuals that you pass judgement on.  As for those of you who have taken the religious take on this topic, The laws of the church todays are not in fact gods laws but are the rules of man rising above there station.  I am a devout Catholic but i do not go to church anymore for the simple reason that man is narrow-minded.  in one breath the church says god moulded us all individually to his image,; why is it therefore that homosexuality is outlawed or even black people or other so called denominations of society.  religion is supposed to be about unity and respect for all, any one remember the famous speech by Jesus "love on another as i have loved you", its a far cry from the idolistic ranting now a days!
  Be more interested in your own life and your own lifestyle and leave others to theirs!


Answer by Wonderer
Submitted on 3/28/2006
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I'm doing a research paper in my college English class and my subject happens to be on homosexuality. It is suppose to be a persuasive paper on if homosexuality is environmental or hereditary? I would just like different peoples opinions based on their own life experiences and views on homosexuality. it would really help me out alot. Thank you!


Answer by zshoq
Submitted on 4/12/2006
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Over a couple of years since this question was asked, and a great deal has happened involving homosexuality.
Leave all that to the side.
I am gay.  I used to think I was straight, but that didn't stop me having male friends with a definite homosexual tendency going on.

Why am I gay?  Because it feels to me the right way to be.  It's nobody else's business unless I involve them directly and homosexually in my actions and/or life.

I don't like people who are much younger than me (I'm over middle age), and when I see someone attractive I don't try to convert them, I don't even make a move on them.  Some straight men fear for that, when they encounter a gay man.  Silly!  If a man is straight, I'm never going to "make a move" on him, and neither are any gay guys I have known over the years.
I have always felt happier and more myself when I'm with someone who is male, like me.  Sex is important but it's not the only thing.  There are things like friendship, trust, affection and good old ordinary happiness.
So who is anyone to try and change me from that to a miserable way of life?
I don't need to explain or justify myself, and neither does anyone, gay, heterosexual, or asexual.  Life is too short to get into any of that.


Answer by dazzle
Submitted on 4/23/2006
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m I a man discoverd by homosexual in such a way to love a gay like me I aiso learn to love someone of my own sex  I real love my  room mate  of which is an homosexual so both two of all make love  together time without number NOW is it  possible for me to stop homosexual at age of 32 yr pls reply    my E -mail add  exceldazzle @yahoo.com


Answer by Person
Submitted on 5/25/2006
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I think that it is possible to be "born" gay.My opinion is that Homosexuality is either from genes or being molested at a young age.I may not be gay myself,but I fully support Gay and lesbian marriage.I think it is really cute seeing two men or two women being so in tune with their sexuality that they want to get married.Also Gay couples help out all those orphans by adopting them and giving them a loving home.Gays and Lesbians are just like every one else and they should be treated as such.
I think that Gays,lesbians,Trans,and Bisexual are the coolest people ever!


Answer by 123999
Submitted on 6/20/2006
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I think everyone is looking in the wrong place by looking for genetic causes.  What is more interesting to me is how sexuality works in general.  Once we understand this, I think the reason people are homosexual will become apparent.

For instance, some men like the 'playboy' stereotype woman, but others like fat women or black women, or skinny women, or tall women.  Why is that?

As a male, I would say that preferences are picked up from a previous experience that the brain considers favorable.  For instance, if a man has a satisfactory sexual encounter with a fat woman, the brain releases hormones (or something) that triggers an interest in a woman based on her similarity to the woman that the man had an earlier experience with.  It is involuntary.  The hormones (??) create immediate involuntary responses in the man including fantasies and an erection.  The man really has no control over it.

My cousin, 18 months older than me, and I played doctor when we were 6 years to 10 years old.  We touched each other and gently tickled each others erect penises.  It felt good.

Today, some 60 years later, I find myself to be bisexual.  I find I like to touch other men and I have gone farther.

I guess I am saying that humans sexuality is triggered by previous sexual experiences that were pleasant.

Is it right or wrong?  I don't think so.  The fact that all of us were born to heterosexual parents puts a built in prejudice into the equation.  Since homosexual people don't reproduce, they will always be in a minority and be persecuted to some extent by the majority.  So what?

My children showed no interest in the opposite sex prior to puberty.  Any suggestion otherwise was met with 'ucky'!  Once puberty set in, it seemed it was all they could think about.  It hormones kids.  It is part of the sex drive that is necessary for continuation of the species.  The sex drive doesn't know whether it is supposed to be a male or a female.  That is decided by experimentation and successful sexual encounters.  Once that occurs, the brains dumps the hormones every time it sees a similar opportunity..... and then you go after it.  Figure out how the sex drive works and you will find out how sexual orientation is decided.


Answer by Lilithdemilo24
Submitted on 8/20/2006
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Discovering causes of being gay is questionable as well as improbable.  To some people being gay is wrong and abhorrent, and to others it is normal.  Everyone's views of 'Normal' are skewed, no one is truly normal, because each and every person is totally different.  Being gay is something the world needs to understand is here to stay.  Perspective is key to this, look back to one hundred years ago, two hundred years ago.  People considered themselves at the height of intelligence, their beleifs the most reasonable.  Yet racism was at it's peak then.  Who read from the bible words of consolidation to the people they spat on for having different coloured skin? We forget very quickly our wrongs as a species.  Nowadays we consider ourselves to be liberal, despite the continued acts of racism that we know occur everywhere and we know are wrong.  In two hundred years people will look back and say the same as we do about gender issues.  Acceptance is the only sensible thing we can do.  When you look at it factually, we are not hurting ANYONE! We are not doing anything actually wrong an at the end of the day without relying on religion as a staple to manipulate it your own needs, you have nothing to put on anybody who is gay, straight, bisexual or whatever.  People can be whomever they want to be, not who they are wanted to be.  


Answer by Giggles
Submitted on 9/3/2006
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All right.  I don't know if anybody else has realized this, but homosexuality is apparent in animals as well.  I honestly believe that it is something that has developed in all species to help control the population.  And if it were a choice, who would choose that?  Who would choose to be persecuted and restricted in their lives?


Answer by the thinker
Submitted on 9/4/2006
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I believe that there can be some genetic pre-disposition to homosexuality. Just as I also believe that there can be some genetic pre-disposition to alcoholism (that by the way has been shown). It doesn't mean however that a person with that pre- disposition will become that way. There are also other enviromental and social factors involved, good and bad experiences, and the individuals perception of theses things and their own thoughts and feelings. All of these things are powerful influencing factors. I really believe it ultimately comes down to a choice and that choice is made on the basis of the afore mentioned factors and perhaps a good many others. People make choices everyday about alot of things without realizing why or even knowing they are making a decision. Every action you take is a choice you made based on your thinking.


Answer by K8lynn
Submitted on 9/5/2006
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that tina b**** and her friend outraged me. My view on gay and bisexual people, you fall in love with a persons PERSONALITY, not Whats in thier pants (or skirt). Therefore, in my opinion,ANYONE can be gay or bisexual. Be a little open-minded, will ya?


Answer by Justin
Submitted on 9/22/2006
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I can't bealive what has been said on this site. Everyone take a chill pill.

My name is Justin. I'm gay. My parents know I'm gay, and so do all my friends and family.

What I don't understand is why some of you who are gay, want to change the way you are. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones who had it easy. It wasn't a big deal to my parents or friends or anyone.

I don't agree with a lot of this stuff about people chooseing to be gay, I think it's just the way you are. To all those straight people out there: Did you choose to be straight? No. You just were. Well I think that's the same for gay people.

I wasn't molested as a child, or abused in any way. I have two loving parents a brother and a sister. My parents never mentioned about being gay or anything to do with homosexuals. Not because they had anything against it, but just because they had no reason too. No one in our family was gay, and it wasn't a big deal to them. They supported gay marrage and civil rights. I really didn't know what the word gay was. I mean I heard it a lot at school from kids saying "that's so gay" but that's about it. When I was about in grade 6 the guys in my class started having crushes on girls, but not me. I just wasn't interested. By grade 8, it was in the back of my mind that I was attracted to guys, but I didn't give it too much thought. Then one day it hit me like a load of bricks, at the end of grade 9; "I'm gay". It wasn't hard for me to accept myself as gay because I didn't hear much about it, and no one said it was "bad". A week later I told my parents and then my friends. I'm perfectly happy and I'm seeing someone. He's really cute. Anyway, I feel bad for the people who don't understand that people are who they are.


Answer by carpetmuncher69
Submitted on 10/25/2006
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I don't agree that you can't become gay or bi, because two of my friends last year became bi. They nevered showed any signs that they liked the oppisit sex until last year when they made out douring class and they still have girlfriends.


Answer by Goose
Submitted on 10/26/2006
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I read most of the comments about homosexuality and most everyone has missed the real facts. Here they are like it or not:
1) There may be a gay gene that may or not be activated by environmental influences. Science is still looking for this highly likely cause.
2) Disruptions in embyonic development during the formation of the brain may cause homosexuality or shades of bisexuality. Lab studies in rats have sucessfully produced all gay pups by manipulating hormonal influences.
3) People born with some degree of disruption in normal embyonic brain development may well be influenced by friends, social, and family  contacts.


Answer by Kendall40
Submitted on 12/3/2006
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I would like to support God's holy Word on this one...

In Leviticus 18:22 it clearly states...

"..You must not have sexual relations with a man as you would a woman. That is a hateful sin."

He said this as he gave commandments to Moses as he lead the people of Israel to the Promise Land. In this short passage, God clearly explains that he created a woman for Adam to fulfill his sexual desires with, not a MAN!

In Romans 1:22-27 it states

"..They said they were wise, but they became fools, They traded the glory of God who lives forever for the worship of idols made to look like early people, birds, animals, and snakes. Because the dd these things, God left them and let them go their sinful way, wanting only to do EVIL. As a result they became full of SEXUAL SIN, using their bodies WRONGLY with each other. They traded the truth of God for a lie. They worshiped and served what had been created instead of the God who created those things, who should be praised forever. Because people did those things, God left them and let them do the shameful things they wanted to do. Women stopped having natural sex and started having sex with other women. In the same way, men stopped having natural sex and began wanting each other. Men did shameful things with other men, and in their bodies they received the punishment for those WRONGS..."

In these passages, God explains that it is completely against him to be homosexual. God creates you being natural...heterosexual. If it was alright to be homosexual, God would allow those people to enter into the gates of Heaven.

In conclusion, I think it is VERY immoral, and completely sinful to be homosexual. Thank you for listening to my argument.



Answer by shyam76
Submitted on 1/6/2007
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Hi everybody,

I am 30 year old 'Gay guy' from India.I term myself as Gay becoz that is what i feel abt myself at this point of time in life.i.e I have a very strong attraction to men( Both physically and also emotionally ).Towards females i only have a very friendly feeling.No sexual feeling whatsoever.This attraction towards men to me was from a very early stage in my life as far as i remember. Say when i was about 7 years old or so. I used to try and imitate other males and try to be a part of them.When i look back at those young days, i was termed effeminate by many of my relatives.In school some friends of mine called me 'You are like a girl'.I was not interested in sports.I had many girls as friends.I did not mingle with guys much.Yet  the attraction for men grew.I started seeing girls as my friends and men/boys something different and started getting curious.I do not remember very clearly if i was molested by anyone at any point.Though i remember hazily when i was 6 or so  nearby by neighbourhood guy ( He must be 20 or so i guess ) exhibited himself..Showing himself off and talking something 'obscene to me about the male genitalia'.

When i reached puberty, my sexual interest was towards men.I started falling for men emotionally when i was abt 19.I felt the need to be taken care of and be loved.
I always had a feeling of insecurity in me.Was never confident abt myself and always had a fear psychosis in my mind.I was scared to drive my vehicle on the roads.Just like many females are.I started to feel bad bcoz i wanted to be like all the other straight males.I did not want to be termed as 'effeminate' or something.I mended my behaviour and started to appear more masculine.. Yeah and it did work.My effeminate traits went away.But what didnt leave me was my homosexual attraction.It was there within me and grew stronger and stronger.
I started to read journals and articles as to 'what caused me to be Gay'.
Somehow i feel what rummingsfelt says is true.I do not know abt the gay genes theory.But i feel the environment might play a very important role.I have seen straight guys who have not known anything about being gay and who have been with females throughout and shared a proper heterosexual life turning to men.Typically these straight guys, have had a ssame sexual encounter at some point and started to enjoy this new sexual pleasure and got on with it. It cud very well be that, our body responds ina different way to sexual stimulation.These guys might typically be bisexuals.
But for those people like who had a taste of sexual feelings with men when they were young ,say before puberty.. (Sexual taste can be a physical contact secxually wiht men, or can be exposed to the male genitalia in an erotic way.. ) tend to associate sexual feelings with the sex they first had their sexual experience with.
It cud be like a sexual weaning.. Our mind associates pleasure with the experience we had before.. and when this goes un checked may be we tend to develop more and more same sex attraction..This is a result of an analysis of myself.Of course others might have differewnt views.

One other possiblity is that we tend to like someone ( or that sex ) in which see the traits that we want to have. For example i like men who are very confident and who are in control of themselves.At many a times in life i have felt that i was not in control of myself or was notr confident.Also i like men who are more masculine.Yeah i have felt this too that i wasnt that masculine enough.So i started to like men who have these qualities.I did not seem to like men who had effeminate traits or who were not confident abt themselves.
Even in the gay circle of friends that i have, i see that many of them who arent that masculine seem to like men who are more masculine..This makes me feel that same sex attraction cud be bcoz  we try to see acceptance among our sex and in that process associate with our sex and the attraction begins..This is another possible angle which i have observed and feel may be cud be true..
I write all this bcoz i am in a country where there are a number of homosexuals.. but still its a very tough life..One stands to be ridiculed by the society and neess to be in the closet..families friends still do not accept homosexuals.. I know one thing for sure.. being gay was not my choice.. either it was an environemnetal factor or may be a gay gene itself.. i nebver chose to be this way.It just happened to me..


Submitted on 1/10/2007
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Answer by Michelle
Submitted on 3/1/2007
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Sexuality is not a matter of choice. I'm straight but I didn't choose that I like men.. I just was always attracted to guys and never found woman attractive. I think its pretty much the same for homosexuality. If someone is attracted to someone of the same sex they didn't choose to be, it just happened.


Answer by Man In the Mirror
Submitted on 3/18/2007
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i think you are born gay...and it just take one event to "unlock" it...it's not a bad thing...it's not *weird*...i do believe it's part of nature and...it happens


Answer by lady saw
Submitted on 4/7/2007
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well I'mone of them that asking the question why people be homosexual?  i have a research on that and tell you the truth i don't know what to say about it. well i think that people be homosexual for many reason. 1.I think they tired of getting hurt from the person they love ( and you know that gay or lesbians always jealous so they make sure keep it real with their partner) @. they want to try new stuff. you what this is a free world people have the right to be what they want to be


Answer by lady saw
Submitted on 4/8/2007
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well i really don't have a great answer toward this because i'malso curios why people become homosexual. i read that its generic , curiosity of how it feels,sexual abuse,rape or molested. right now im doing a research on how homosexual affected teenager in today's world and it seems like to doesn't. so who want to help me with this reseach give me a buzz at misridley@yahoo.com or sexsandra2001@hotmail.com.


Answer by BabaRum
Submitted on 4/17/2007
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SeekingWisdom, you are incorrect. Not all living organisms reproduce via heterosexual reproduction. And scores of animals participate in homosexual sex and bonding situations.

Maybe you ought to learn about "nature" before you decide what is and isn't natural. Once you've learned a bit more about biology, you'll be better prepared to speak on the topic of sexuality.

To everyone else, get a grip. Whether or not you act on heterosexual or homosexual urges is a choice. But the attraction that drives these urges is hormonal -- you cannot consciously control the chemical changes that take place in your brain and body during arousal. The patterns of electrochemical activity that underly all physical responses are determined by GENETICS.


Answer by youngdetroit
Submitted on 4/18/2007
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Look there is nothing wrong with being gay I have the right as a American to do who I please. I have always want to be with a girl when I was little and we played house I was the husband.This didn't just pop-up one day I was tired of being with boys and wasn't even attracted to. So stop making up our minds for us and let us be us. If I go to hell for being gay then he is not the lord and savior I read about in the book of life.


Answer by T-Bone
Submitted on 4/26/2007
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I believe that no one is born homosexual. It has a lot to do with your environment and who you surround yourself around. There are male and women couples that feel they can raise the opposite sex. How? Two men can't tell a young lady how to be a young lady because you have never been one and will never be one and the same for two women trying to raise a male. Some things just don't make sense in the homosexuality world. It take a mother and a father to make a child so that should tell you it takes a mother and a father to raise a child. I feel that some people have been hurt in life and turn to the same sex to comfort on another because a woman knows how to comfort another woman because they are both women and the same for a man. That may cause  some feelings between each other because bottom line everyone wants love and affection. Homosexuality is a choice and the reason there are some many studies now because the population has grown and is still growing. So now they have to explain or find reason why its spreading.  There is no sin bigger than the other we are all of GOD'schildren. Who am I to judge anyone.


Answer by Depressed lonely dude
Submitted on 5/9/2007
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From the age of about 12, I was turned on by naked guys, and constantly thought about it. The last couple of months when I was 12, I was sneaking on my computer looking up gay porn. When I turned 13, I blocked my port b accident, and had to look up "Naked teen boys" on my parents' comp. Everytime my parents called me into the office, I would cringe and think I was found out. When I started "wellness" in school, we had to dress down into our gym clothes. I wasn't turned on by the guys in their underwear, but would freak when I thought of naked guys. At that time I was constantly trying to get over my "dirty thoughts", but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't. I was contstantly freaking that when I hit High-School, I would be found out by the guys when we had to take showers. I am currently in my freshman year, and am barely holding up!! I constantly have to get in and out quickly, and think of anything besides the guy next to me. Is there a way to release me from this daily torment!? I MUST know!!!!!


Answer by Irina
Submitted on 5/10/2007
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If you are gay  I think you should just go to church and say sorry to God  for all you do or did.It's not normal. It is just disgusting, and it's not what the bible tell us . God loves you and he want you to be normal.i am am sorry if i insult you but i know that many people who truly believe in God will support me.


Answer by Brian
Submitted on 5/12/2007
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I believe that homosexual tendencies are born in an individual.  I don't believe for a second that someone would "choose" to live a lifestyle that would have them constantly judged and condemned.  That dosen't add up.  (For Christians) I do not think that homosexuality is a sin or is wrong at all.  Assuming the basis that a person is born like that, would imply that God created someone to "sin, or to be an abomination."  I do not believe that God "creates" us to sin, or with sin.  That is our choice.  For those who constantly judge homosexual people, I urge you to do some research.  Take your blind fold off, and notice that in every situation there isn't just a simple answer.  There isn't just a black or a white.  A wrong or a right.  You need to learn to understand that there is a gray area in a lot of subjects.  You should learn to appreciate and respect the gray area.  Afterall, The greatest two commandments are Love God, Love People.  Lets start loving eachother.


Answer by JStone
Submitted on 6/6/2007
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I would like to give my views on Homosexuality.  I have read peoples entries and i have taken a couple of them that i would like to discuss.

I am gay. why? I look like i could like girls... but why dosent the female sex trigger my hormones? I am attracted to something that i cant have kids with. Im attracted to something that is a sin in many religions. I am hated everyday because people know that i like the same gender. Why do i "Choose" such a life to live? how can a doctor understand how i feel? I feel horrible. I feel alone in this world because of what i like.

"being homosexual is not natural because god only create only 2 kind of human the man & the woman,so then he given adam a woman to fulfill his sexual needs.some say that they are born as homosexual,wee for my believe they are totaly wrong."
       I am not natural. Me likeing the same sex is not natural. Adam and Eve had children right? And there children had more children. So does that mean that incest is natural? I dont think i can imagine being in a sexual act with my sister. I guess that is just another cause for me to be not natural. Is the christian belief supporting incest? If so then why is the american government saying that incest is illegal? Is all of america going to hell because we are not allowed to have sex with our sisters and brothers?

"Bestiality, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, it's all an act of insanity.  The term homosexual is only 40 yrs old, the numbers of homosexuals are increasing dramatically in recent decades, the confusion of sex as an act of pleasure is out of control."
       And why do you think that is?  Finally there is a name for who i am.  I can go out and tell people who i am. Im insane. I like to engage myself in a sexual act with another man who also likes to engage himself in a sexual act. People can be closeted there entire life. I was closeted for 15 years of my life because somehow i felt that what i was doing was wrong. Something felt so wrong felt so right. I knew i was gay at an early age.  6 is the earliest i can remember. I just got excited when i saw men take off there shirts and flaunt about.  I cant help but what i feel. No one knows why people are homosexuals and they are never going to know why. I dont even know why. How can someone understand homosexuality when i dont understand it. How can someone pick a religion? normally your parents pick it for you. But my parents did not pick my sexuality for me. How can i choose something that i like. How can you choose to like something? Its part of humanity. Some humans are going to like things that other humans dont. But how can you judge me for likeing something? Im very open minded about everything and i do judge because im human. But my judging is internal. I didnt choose to be gay... i just am and people cant explain it because its life. And no one understands life and i dont care who you are.


Answer by Amsterdam
Submitted on 7/1/2007
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Its funny how so many people are so opiniated about gays.. From my own experience I can tell that I have tried to be with men and on more than one occassion..Don't accuse me for not having tried to be straight. Now I won't try anymore..Not only because being with men is against my nature, but also because me being in a relationship with a guy would be a big set back on the guy's lovelife and emotional wellbeing. Sorry, you are a great person, but for love and sex you have to find a straight woman. So, was I born gay? YES!! And I do agree DR. Rummingsfelt'sM2 theory. Hell, when I was still in mom's womb, she BELIEVED to be carrying a boy and never even considered the idea that I might be a girl. Well, I am definately a female, but I love doing typical boys things, recklessly ride motorbikes, martial arts, boksing and so on..I am absolutely convinced homoseksuality develops in the womb and people have no choice wether they are or are not gay. Of course it is possible to make a choice in lifestyle..Have sex or not have sex..sure, but one will remain gay (or straight). I am not religious, but rejoyce in the love of god anyways. I have been connected to god's network my whole life and I know that the message that god gives is, again, love. SO PASS IT ON instead of sitting on god's throne and throw stones. THAT REALLY IS A SIN


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