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My golden has swollen eyes, and swollen ears, I think he...

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Question by BoBO
Submitted on 9/4/2003
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My golden has swollen eyes, and swollen ears,  I think he might have allergies.  He doesn't feel well. We've been giving him allergy medicine and asparin.  This has been going on for  2 days now. Should we take him to the vet or is there a home remedy?

Answer by Jenny
Submitted on 9/11/2003
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When in doubt it is always a good idea to visit the vet.  Better to be safe than sorry.


Answer by Bill
Submitted on 1/15/2004
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Allergies are related to the health of the gastrointestinal digestive tract (GI tract)as 80% of the lymph system resides in the GI tract.  Add digestive enzymes, glyconutrients, Lactobacillus acidophilus, bifido bacterium, Lactobacillus sporogenes, colostrum (ImmuneTree is good)and some kind of green food supplement. That should do the trick.  


Answer by Goldenlover
Submitted on 8/6/2005
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Last week my female Golden's eyes and ears swelled up really bad, I believe she was stung my a bee. Today my male Golden's eyes are all swelled and I believe it may be a bee again.


Answer by dixie
Submitted on 4/2/2006
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I have a 3 year old golden who has the same symptoms. For two years we were to different vets and finally started seeing a dermatologist (animal one that is). She got tested (blood test) and was diagnosed with environmental allergies. She is now taking Benadyl, prednisone, eye cream steriods, ear cream and drops. She also gets atibody injections. I guess some goldens are prone to allergies. We have her on a strict diet now too. only her allergy free food and carrots, banannas and ice for snacks.


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