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What type of transformer do I need to convert 220VAC to...

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Question by TimmyT
Submitted on 7/3/2003
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What type of transformer do I need to convert 220VAC to 110VAC.  I know that it would be a step down transformer, but what is the ratio, and where can I find one?

Answer by Blazer
Submitted on 7/3/2003
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All you really need to shop for is a transformer that has 220v primary(input voltage)and a 120v secondary(output voltage)
As where to find them, Hardware store, electronics store possibly. The internet.


Answer by Milton
Submitted on 8/17/2003
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Alternative power magazines have them. sun wind and water.


Answer by Mikey
Submitted on 9/30/2003
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The ratio you're looking for is right there in your question: 220:110

That means you need a 2:1 stepdown transformer.

See? Technical math ain't so hard, is it?

You can get one from an electronic supply house or even a place that caters to international travelers. That's because Europe is wired for 220v and people usually drag along their 110v US gadgets with them on trips, like electric shavers and the like.

The only thing you want to make sure of is to get a transformer capable of powering whatever it is you want to plug into it. That is, a 5W transformer will power an electric shaver, but not a coffeemaker or computers or the like.

Trouble is, once you get over 25 watts, the transformer types start getting a bit hefty. If you need more power, you might do better going for an electronic converter. They are compact, lightweight and you can get them with ratings as high as 500 watts, and I would guess you could find even higher than that with some looking around, although 500+ watts is probably more of an industrial item.

Anyway, it all depends on whatcha wanna doo....  ;-)


Answer by nadeem
Submitted on 4/28/2004
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i want to know about earthing isolating transformer


Submitted on 12/18/2005
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Dear Sir:

How are you?

Our company is Manufacture and export electric products.Such as:
DC/AC INVERTER POWER SUPPLY.(12V or 24v / 220V or 110V)

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Answer by Atiqul Alam
Submitted on 4/25/2006
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question about transformer


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