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Instead of using the sea salt solution for my naval piercing...

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Question by CathyinNC
Submitted on 8/31/2003
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Instead of using the sea salt solution for my naval piercing can I use saline solution  for the eyes ?

Answer by Audra
Submitted on 9/16/2003
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I've actually just gotten my naval pierced 1 week ago.. I was also suggested the sea salt, no peroxide, no alcohol, and no neosporin... but they said to make sure the salt is so low that it's like tears.. but just to make sure.. there might be certain things in eye drops that can react with your piercing.. but you should contact your nearest tattoo/body piercing store closest to you for you best answer!


Answer by Danielle
Submitted on 9/26/2003
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NO!  Saline solution has an added buffer especially for eyes.


Answer by Sarah
Submitted on 9/28/2003
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If you go to the pharmacy, they sell normal saline, I think that would be ok, ask the pharmacist


Answer by Andr'a Bean
Submitted on 10/22/2003
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I don't have my navel pierced. But I do have friends that have their's done. They use Bactine, Saline Solution (just for cleaning crusties), also another good one is SATIN SOAP. It's a god sent. I use it for all of my cartilage piercings. And they are healed very nicely. So I'm suspecting that it will heal a navel piercing also.


Answer by GodIsMetal
Submitted on 12/27/2003
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If you apply a small amount of NON-ORGANIC healing lotion (such as Curel or Vaseline Intensive Care) to the area around the piercing, it will prevent "crusties" from forming altogether, and will also eliminate any dry or irritated skin associated with frequent cleanings/soakings. Use a very small amount, in between cleanings. Most disinfectants tend to dry out sensitive skin if used frequently and repeatedly, especially during really dry weather (eg. winter time.)


Answer by kcihteteyr
Submitted on 12/27/2003
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Saline solution is OK. Just make sure you buy the mildest and don't be afraid to buy the cheap store name brand thats all you really need its like 2 dollars for a big bottle. It will last a long time. Make sure you do sea salt soaks at least one a week they are the best thing to clean you piercing.


Answer by gracey
Submitted on 1/7/2004
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I have tryed everything, nothing seems to work. I,ve had open heart surgery in 1992 i was wondering if that may be the problem? IF so maybe someone can give me advice on how to keep me from losing my naval piercing. by the way this is my third piercing on my navel. as of now my last resort is using seasalt  if that doesn,t work i am  forced to let it close/////.....well all i  can  say is i really tried too keep it from having to  let it close up  on me.i would be very greatfull to whom  ever has the answer for me thank you  your  friend in need  gracey pellegrino  p.s. thanks for listing  


Answer by Chrissie
Submitted on 1/28/2004
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is it bad if the sea salt i have is iodized??...and the soap...satin or proven..where can u find that?
thanx a lot!!


Answer by amanda
Submitted on 2/3/2004
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hey .. well i got my belly button pierced about 3 days ago and its looks great! theres absolutely no redness, swelling,bruising or nething. i jsut wanted to know if tahts normal for just getting it done? also i need to know where to get satin or provon antibacterial soap too cuz i cant seem to find in newhere. ive been usung epson salt instead of sea slat for the soaks, but my pharmasist said tahts its ok to use being taht epson salt and sea salt are basically the same. also, its it good to turn your naval piercing while cleaning it with antibactirial soap when u first get it? becasue the first time i cleaned it it started to spin and get the antibacterial in the wound and i dont know if i should have waited to get the soap inside. but if anyone has any tips e-mail me! i just want my belly button to heal good and look good !


Answer by ahmel
Submitted on 2/5/2004
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i had been using saline all the while and it is all good until I think I kinda injured my navel piercing and it migrated. So now I had taken it out before it is totally rejected. anyway if you are going to use soap, make sure that it is not scented ones since those have a different sort of chemical that may be too strong for the piercing


Answer by Megan
Submitted on 2/17/2004
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I was thinking about getting my naval pierced and i was wondering how bad it actually hurt. Also, people have mentioned the fact that it gets rejected? I'm really confused on what that's supposed to mean. Thanks alot!


Answer by kelly
Submitted on 2/28/2004
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i just got my navel piercing done a little over a week ago, its tender to the touch and i had to switch the ring cuz that last ring irritated it really bad, so i went back and my piercing place changed it for me, but its still red and tender, does that sound infected?? is there anything i can do??


Answer by baby
Submitted on 3/29/2004
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I got my piercing about 2 weeks ago and immediately used sea salt, it works great. it is not tender, red or anything. i would recomend it and if u live on the east coast it is easy to obtain, but for those in the midwest... good luck.


Answer by rena
Submitted on 4/10/2004
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Answer by Piercedfun
Submitted on 4/20/2004
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Advice, take out the belly button ring.  If it has been 2 months and you are still having problems, then maybe you aren't meant to have a naval piercing.  If that isn't good enough advice, then my next advice is to see a dermatologist, who knows about skin and prescribe something for the infection.  Peroxide, alcohol and neosporin are NOT good for naval piercings.  Go to the doctor.


Answer by LG
Submitted on 4/20/2004
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I really want to get my naval pierced but how long does it take to heal? How long will it be before I can change the jewellery? Can anyone help?


Answer by Jon
Submitted on 4/28/2004
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Do men have their navals pierced. Is it fashionable for men? Please help. also does it hurt when u have the naval pierced and are there any nerves on it. Pleae give me any of your advice? THANKYOU


Answer by LiE
Submitted on 5/2/2004
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For all those wondering if it hurts... it's actually not that bad.... it probably took about 20 seconds... and it only hurt when my piercer first put the needle in... but afterwards... there was not much pain... i got it about a week ago.. and it only hurts if i stretch a weird way... such as in playing sports... other than that, everything is good...

also, my piercer recommended unscented Dial soap... (the orange one) with daily salt soaks...


Answer by brooklyn4eva
Submitted on 5/7/2004
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can you use the cleaning solution for ear piercings for a naval piercing?


Answer by alysha
Submitted on 6/10/2004
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i can't find sea salt anywhere in my city i live in wisconsin maybe thats the problem. Does anybody know where to go?


Answer by Emily
Submitted on 6/15/2004
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I just got my naval pierced 3 days ago I wasnt told how to take care of it very well. But I got on the net and looked it up and found that you can clean it with Dial antibacterial or softsoap. Found at supermarkets. and Sea Salt soaks. NOT TABLE SALT PEOPLE. but no neosporine or anything like that. and never touch your piercing unless your cleaning it. and don't over clean it you can kill all the good bacteria in your body that kill the bad bacteria. so 2-3 times a day max. Once when you get up once in the bath/shower/ and befor you go to bed. and yes it will look good for the first few days then it will get red and puffy and crustie. Thats all the info i have found.


Answer by Jenna
Submitted on 6/18/2004
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here: some of ya'llneed some serious help. go to http://www.safepiercing.org/. it'll really help all of you clueless people out there.


Answer by Tiffany
Submitted on 6/20/2004
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go to tribalectic.com.  they are pros.
my email is halestorm03@hotmail.com.  let me know if it worked for you.


Answer by CajunMom
Submitted on 8/29/2004
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I had a piercing day before Mother's day at age of 40.  I am still 40.  I think you all are stressing a little too much about your piercings. Most piercers will tell you it can take up to a year for navel piercings to heal.  Some times it looks great, sometimes it looks pinkish and infected.  It's the course it takes.  I have pink, I cut down on amount of salt use.  I get flesh bulges, I prick it with a pin and let the blood drain.  Make sure you do 1 five minute salt soak a day and a few 1 minute soaks in between.  Clean twice a day with a good antibacterial soap like Provon.  With the internet I find it hard to believe you can't find sea salt or Provon to purchase online.  Chill out and give your new piercings time to heal.  It is NOT an ear piercing.  It takes a longer time.    Don't let your clothes or stockings irritate it.  And watch how you move, listen to your piercing, if it hurts to do crunches don't do them.  Wait for your piercing to heal.  Good luck and enjoy all the guys loving your piercing.  Also, men don't get one for me.  I like the silver ring in the upper or lower lobe on the ear for you, but anything else for me is TOO much.  Last, I am not a doctor, just passing on my experience.  I use a very small amount of regular salt in my soaks and yea, I do touch my piercing, if I want to.  So, piercer get off my back about it.  It's doing fine.  If it does get infected, I'll leave it alone for a while.  Oh, and don't remove your ring because it is red and irritated, you can get an abcess.  See your piercer.  Only remove it if it looks like your body is rejecting it.  See your piercer first, he/she may be able to change the ring for one your body will accept.


Answer by ~*LiL*RiVaS*GiRl*~
Submitted on 8/30/2004
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hey i need to know where to find some sea salt solution what store?....and i need to know how to take the barbell out cause my dad got mad and he dont want me going back to the shop i got it done at so any body have advise...thanks alot


Answer by Babygirl
Submitted on 10/10/2004
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where can you find provon and satin?
Please email me frickNfrack21@hotmail.com
Thank You very much!


Answer by Alysha
Submitted on 10/14/2004
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Hey people, if your piercing is getting infected, DON'T i repeat DON'T remove the jewelery unless under supervision of a doctor.  The piercing acts as a drain, if u remove the piercing it will close up around the area of infection and this can cause it to spread and become a MUCH bigger problem!


Answer by Amee
Submitted on 10/27/2004
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you people are screwwed up. a navel piercing takes 6 months to completely heal.if it migrates that doesnt mean it will reject.some poeple heal faster than others and the area can remain red for quite some time...
go here http://p196.ezboard.com/fbodypiercingtattooingandbodymodificationfrm28  its a better site with informed people!


Answer by Colleen
Submitted on 10/28/2004
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OK, I got my belly button pierced like a week ago and it was alright and everything. But then after 3 days it turned red, the lady told me to use polysporn and rubbing alcohol! But don't use both of it !! And then my friend told me to use contact solution and it was perfect !


Answer by Starz_align
Submitted on 11/9/2004
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A naval piercing usually fully heals in 6 months and you are able to change it in a month after having it pierced.  To clean it use mild dial soap(regular yellow/orange looking cheap thing) and Epsom salt (I promise you it'll work great) you can find that close to bandages and stuff like that.  Of course there will be redness and it'll be tender but that's normal.  As long as you don't touch it with dirty hands...or you don't clean it often, you shouldn't have a problem.


Answer by Les
Submitted on 11/12/2004
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I've just had mine done (today) and the studio said 15 drops tea tree oil in a mug of boiled water is best


Answer by bubbles
Submitted on 1/6/2005
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when you get your navel pierced use what the piercier told you to. this will reduce scaring and infection. guys do get their belly buttons done but its not a fashion for them. most guys wow get it done get made fun of and are thought of as gay. i no thats not cool but its the way people think so if a guy wants it they should get it. Also about it hurting i have a high pain tolerince and it hurt me for a second. but make sure you eat candy before you go so you dont pass out


Answer by san
Submitted on 1/6/2005
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I have been having a lot of trouble with mine , but I think it's because I have been wearing the same pants I used to wear before the piercing  they all rubb it and make it really sore for about 2 weeks.  It gets all red and hurts to touch worse t hen it did when I first got it done which has been atleast 5 months ago .
  please help me .


Answer by archijs
Submitted on 1/25/2005
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men with pierced navel
it is the fashion now in 2005
just walk on some holiday strands
it is cool
and myself
sporting a barbell in the navel
i can only say
go for it


Answer by abs
Submitted on 3/16/2005
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Hi evreybody I havent atually got my belly button pierced YET. But some of my mates have and they say the best thing is sea salt crystal.So if you have just got your belly done may I sugest this
Laters peeps


Answer by kirsti
Submitted on 3/23/2005
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Ok for everyone wondering if it hurts or not...it really depends on the person and also your skin type. Like me and my friend went and got ours done together, she is italian and so she has naturally dark skin. She went first and the lady had a really really hard time getting the needle all the way through and it hurt her so bad she was like crying, but when i went, i honestly didnt even feel it. Like she said she was done and i was like "are you serious" because i thought she had just pinched it to get it ready or something...so again it really depends on how you handle pain and your skin type.


Answer by rkyobo
Submitted on 4/10/2005
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I got my navel piercing in July of 2004.  It is still red at the top of the piercing, but the bottom is totally healed up.  One person said that if the navel isn't healed in two months, then maybe a person wasn't meant to have a navel piercing.  Why would she say that?  Everyone says it takes 8-12 months or sometimes longer for a navel piercing totally heal.  I'm going to try to remember to soak mine three times a day in saline solution.  I'll let you all know if it works to heal it up.


Answer by vanessa
Submitted on 4/20/2005
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i got my naval pierced about 3 months ago and i love it. my piercer is one of the best in the states. my advice to all you who are confused about healing is buy: Band-Aid Hurt-Free cleansing and infection protection foam, saline solution, and once a week sea salt soaks. for the saline solution: use a shot glass, fill it half way and lay down with it on your stomach. using all these things for about 2-3 months will heal it speedy fast instead of waiting for 6 months. trust me it works great!!


Answer by lika
Submitted on 5/23/2005
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Just had my naval pierced - so cool!  I couldn't believe how little it hurt.  Like others have said, finding the jewelry, getting the area cleaned and the person explaining everything took the longest.  She put the clamp on and had me lay down.  I felt a little poke and was waiting for something really painful to come next, but instead I felt a little moving around -- here she'd put my jewelry in and said I was done!  Fabulous and soooo cute!


Answer by me
Submitted on 5/23/2005
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i just got my stomach pierced today and it actually didn't hurt at all...it was all in my head what they do is they take a clamp and open your belly button a bit then they put vaseline and then they put the needle which isn't that big but very sharp so make sure to stay lying down or in whatever position they put you in. how long til it is safe to change jewelry? and if u want to gwt it done jus do it its worth it the salt stings but helps a lot and the dial soap is great alrite well go for it. i love mine. c ya


Answer by jessi
Submitted on 5/24/2005
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i'm 14 and i want to get my navel pierced but, i am scared of needles. does it hurt more than getting your ears pierced?


Answer by Kel
Submitted on 5/30/2005
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I got my navel pierced about 11 months ago. FOr the first 6 months everything was great and almost no redness So then i changed my barbell to a dif one. Within a week i developed a bump at the bottom which i healed with cocoa butter and the regular cleaning. A month later i had dried blood at the bottom hole and swelling around both holes along with some pain. I went to my piercer shop and they said it was a small infection and would heal up if i just keep cleaning. The infection went away and it was fine for about a week but now its back. My piercing is red all over and hurts when i sit and burns when i clean it in the shower.. i was wondering if maybe the bar was too long (becuz it was longer than my first one) and that was causing irritation or what? what should i do to help it finally heal? thanks


Answer by NIKKI
Submitted on 6/2/2005
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I got my navel pierced five days ago and i love it but i was wondering if it was normal to be red and i have a little scab on the top of my piercing? also only the top hurt if it bumps something. The place i got my piercing done they told me to use Spectro Shower Gel and I was given Q-tip medicated swabs(only aviable at the place I got it done) is it alright to use sea salt??? and any other tips would b great      


Answer by xxplayboybunnixx
Submitted on 6/11/2005
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for people askin if it hurts... it hurt me like hell..... but i dunno for other peeps


Answer by sunkist__0509
Submitted on 6/12/2005
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hi i'am14 i got my belly button pierced the first time by a friends mom she also did alot of other ppls belly buttons.anyway it got infecteded and wouldn't heal so i took it out and got it redone 2months later by a real piercer it ripped and got infected and wouldn't heal finally it healed but only had a little bitty sliver of skin in it so i took it out and broke the layer of skin it was dead and scabbed so i didn't feel it it's sorta red, will it ever stop being red how long should i wait to get it repierced?please email me with advise to sunkist_0509@yahoo.com. thanks.


Answer by Brittni
Submitted on 6/15/2005
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Hey Everyone ok well i got mine done a few days ago my piercer told me to not use ear solution use dial soap and Bactine and do salt soaks he said to put a cup of sea salt in the bath and sit in there for 20 minutes hes said to also use saline solution don't use neosporine and i reacted to the bactine so I'm suppose to stop using it as far as pain well it hurts a little bit when they stick the needle in and then the naval ring other that that its a little tender but i love mine the hardest part for me was talking my mom into it. if u have and more questions give me a hollar id be glad to help brittniheiser08@hotmail.com


Answer by Kathie
Submitted on 7/1/2005
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i got my piercing done exactly a week ago..i use sterila saline..cleans good and well..the only time it was irriated was when i accidently yanked on it..ouch! but just normal saline is fune


Answer by Jennifer
Submitted on 8/24/2005
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For all of you looking for satin soap go to a health food store. That is where I found it. I found both sea salt and satin soap in Illinois, and I live in Arizona. I found the sea salt at a grocery store and if not try the health food store. Hope that helps.


Answer by KateMuzzbert
Submitted on 8/29/2005
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I got my navel done almost a week ago and since then used saline bought from the pharmacy and so far so good, does anyone know how long it takes roughly for it to heal as my friend was told a matter of weeks yet I was told 6mnths :s any idea??


Answer by Lau Lau
Submitted on 9/6/2005
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hey...I got my navel pierced yesterdai and ive been puttin salt water on it twice a day ive told to either use that or saline solution im only 13 and im just wonderin which is better and ive heard 2 put vaseline on it, is that a good idea??? thanx xxxx


Answer by shae
Submitted on 9/7/2005
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I got my bellybutton pierced about two months ago. It is pretty well healed except that on the left side of my bellybutton there is a hard like lump .... when I got it pierced I was told to wash it two or three times a day w/ an antibacterial soap, and that was it .... could it be infected ?


Answer by kimbeam07
Submitted on 9/13/2005
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when i got my naval pierced about a week and a half ago, my piercer told me to use ONLY antibacterial soap, and NOTHING ELSE!


Answer by virginia
Submitted on 9/15/2005
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Bactine is good for piercings but remember, Bactine is for cuts and burns, so naturally, it dries out wounds. If you use Bactine for piercings it'll dry them out a bit. I think it's good for belly button piercings, but definitely not for any clit piercings.. or genital piercings in general. Dryness means itching.. Itching means uncomfortable. So for genital piercings I'd recommend a Saline Solution because it's really gentle on the piercing. *Be sure the Saline Solution IS NOT Multi-Purpose and get one that's extra sensitive. Do this 2-4 times a day. Sea salt IS a god send. It's also for good for your skin.

Also, for cleaning piercings with soap ALWAYS use a Mild soap (Lever 2000, Dial). If you have really sensitive skin then I'd recommend and oatmeal soap like Aveeno.
*Avoid hot tubs and swimming pools for at least 6 weeks! The Chlorine is BAD BAD BAD for piercings! And as bad as it sucks, avoid bodily fluids ;) and also facial cleansers are WAAAY to strong to be used on your sensitive piercing!

If you're really just not sure what's right for your piercing, there's always a local piercer around! Don't rely on what your friends tell you.. unless they're professional piercers!

Hope this helps... e-mail me for more info.



Answer by Kris
Submitted on 9/18/2005
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What about epsom salts instead of sea salt?  Would that make a difference?


Answer by Bella
Submitted on 10/10/2005
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If you suspect an infection of a piercing don't take the jewelry out... it may trap the infection and cause an abscess, so it will be UGLY as hell when it heals. Also, ointments aren't really good for piercings... usually less is more... the only time you should be cleaning your piercing is 2 times a day unless you exercise or sweat profusely. LESS IS MORE.


Answer by Chelsea
Submitted on 10/25/2005
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I have had my naval pieed for about 3 or 4 months now. i am a little confued of the pierg, becasue my mom got a naval last year from the same place and they started her ot on a hoop that went up through the bottom hole and put the top, yet mine is regular belly button peircing BUT goes in the top and out the bottom i have tried  to change the piercing and it always ends up irratating, red, and hurting.  my newest goes from bottom to top, do u think i need a new pericing that goes from top to bottom instead?? ive never heard of such.. and also if u are allergic to fake silver will it bother ur belly button if u have a fake silver pericing in it?

please let me know all u can at my email


Answer by Daniella
Submitted on 11/26/2005
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My sister had her navel pierced at the end of August, and everything was going fine for her throughout until very recently. She changed the bar at the end of October, as the piercers said, and that was fine as well. Then yesterday the piercing started doing something really gross and weird... it started oozing pink stuff and it bled a little. It hasn't stopped this weird oozing. What should she do? Is this bad? If she was to take it out, how long would it take to close up?


Answer by Tiff
Submitted on 12/2/2005
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For my 19th birthday one of my friends decided to take me to get my naval pierced as my birthday present. He knew I've wanted it for years so I was fine with it. My top hole is red but now i know thats normal. For about 2 days it would start to itch when I would lay down to go to bed. I've had it done for about 1 1/2 weeks now and I put pain reliever neosporin on it twice and it made the itching go away. Now my piercing doesn't bother me anymore but it still is red. I don't plan on using neosporin anymore but I do use equate saline solution and sea salt. You can find the right sea salt in any major grocery stores like Jewel Osco and the saline solution you can find at Walmart.


Answer by Chris
Submitted on 12/9/2005
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Well as for the question relating to guys having them done, were I live it is only fasionable for homsexual males to have it done, though I am straight and hve it done and do not really care either way , but I enjoy bieng different and that is after all the purpose of a peicing, to be different.


Answer by glensbabi2003
Submitted on 12/9/2005
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I got my naval pierced for the second time two and a half months ago. The first time my piercer changed my ring after 5 weeks, which I have since been told was to soon. Then it almost came all the way out of my skin, that's when I removed it. The whole time it was sore, red and had a puss. I was told by that piercer to use sea salt. The second piercer told me NEVER to use sea salt. She knew who the first piercer was and was really mad. She said that he was self taught( no training). I was really mad about that. She told me to only use antibacterial soap. She said to lather up my hands with it, lather up my piercing, and slide my ring back and forth 10 times. Never to touch it unless I was cleaning it. She didn't tell me how long to keep this routine up, but I assumed by 8 weeks that I could change the ring and not clean it 2-3 times a day. I started cleaning it just when I got my daily shower. Well, it started to get a little red, puss and sore. Then my fiance got lotion in it. I need to know if all this is normal. Does it sound infected and what do I do about it. I REALLY want to keep my piercing. I was thinking about getting a clitoral piercing but, now I'm scared. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Answer by Nitetygress
Submitted on 12/13/2005
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I just want people to know, that sea salt is recommended because table salt is iodized.  This means it has iodine in it.  Sea Salt does not have iodine, and therefore people who are allergic to iodine can use it and it is considered "for everyone"  Table salt will work fine if you are not allergic to iodine, and if you are allergic you would know by now.  

Also, vasaline, neosporin, and curel shouldnt be used because they are sticky and can harbor bacteria.

Also, naval piercing typically take 3-6 months to heal completely.  Sometimes even a year.  2 months is not unusual for a piercing not to have healed because you are piercing a hinge!  

In terms of hurting, it hurts for a bit then goes away, same as any other piercing.  I'm phobic of pain and needles, and I survived =)  Good Luck!  And be careful, there are a lot of rumors about how to care for naval piercings, and some piercers even fall into these traps!


Answer by Anna
Submitted on 1/9/2006
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I use Blairex Sterile Wound Wash Saline, it comes in a can and is used as a spray, and it works really well, mine healed really well.
As for the pain. It hurts when they actually stick the needle in...a lot, but mine didn't hurt at all after that. My cartilige piercing in my ear hurt a heck of a lot more in the days after getting it done.


Answer by Cherry
Submitted on 1/24/2006
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I'm getting mine done with my friend Nemo.. yesh she wrote sumthing here.. n with my other friend.. she didnt write anything. It's not going to hurt, i dont really feel nothing so it's cool. im excited. I'm 13, and that should be old enough.


Answer by marsha
Submitted on 2/10/2006
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For those of you not sure where to find sea salt, you're lookin too hard! It's the exact same thing as the salt you put on pretzels! You find it in any grocery store, anywhere. Comes in a little box. Also called rock salt. Same thing I asked my doc. PS, I live in wisconsin too and I've had no trouble finding and using it. I got my naval done 4 weeks ago. It's only tender if I bump it or get it caught on something now. Otherwise, it's healed fine!


Answer by sam
Submitted on 2/19/2006
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can you use regular salt that is unidoized for cleanin a navel peircing?


Answer by Teelah
Submitted on 2/26/2006
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I just got my Naval pierced about two weeks ago. If your afraid of getting it done, trust me thats the easy part. The hard part is keeping yourdself from touching it and cleaning it. My suggestion get it done, Its honestly a beautiful piercing. But for all of you that are still having problems after two months, THATS OKAY. Healing time is 6 months-a year. Don't take it out. Also don't use neosporin or hydrogen peroixde. I got it done and it didn't hurt at all, I MEAN AT ALL. It was like 7 seconds, the worst part is waiting...good luck girls. My email..is tears0fbl00d121604@yahoo.com
If you have any questions or some advice. let me know!


Answer by Brianne
Submitted on 3/7/2006
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i got it done about 5 days ago
and its really red
and the ball of my barbell is starting to sink into my stomach and is making the top of the hole bigger
soo i dont really know whats going on?


Answer by Brpansan
Submitted on 3/8/2006
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I got mine done two weeks ago and it is doing great.  Wash it with dial antibacterial soap a few times a day.  I have a pointed, curved syringe that fits right into the top hole where I can flush out the hole with Sea Salt solution.  It works wonderfully.  I do it about 6 to 8 times a day.  Just dial soap and sea salt. Flush it after taking a shower. You get shampoo residue, etc in it and leave it there, you will have problems. PLEASE get all crusties off before moving it around. You can force a crusty in the hole and that can be bad. Another tip, get a shot glass full of sea salt. Bend over and position it over the piercing, lay on your back for about 5 minutes or so and just soak it, It helps a lot.


Answer by Raissa
Submitted on 3/18/2006
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hey ..
i just got ma belly pierced /. las t Saturday.. (a week ago).. i was just wondering .. is it good if the holes are red? .. and is it good to use BACTINE?
plx help me .. and tell me


Answer by paige
Submitted on 3/19/2006
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hey peps i got m9 done yesterday i was soo white n scard but it was fine really good!!! it didnt bleed go red swell it looked like i had had it for time its soooo kl please dnt be scard just dnt look dats wot i did xxx


Answer by die
Submitted on 3/22/2006
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hey guyzes um i got my belly and my lip and nose perced and i was trying every thing to get it to heal faster and it got this saw on it and i was like freeking out but ne hu i dindt worry to much , but i tried a tea bag ( no flavors guys juts tea !!) and it works a charm soo yeah rock on your guyzes an have fun putting holes in ya self peace out


Answer by sakura
Submitted on 4/9/2006
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i have had my belly button pierced for a week but this isn'tthe first time that it has been pierced but take a lesson from me
DO NOT try peircing your navel yourself
then if you get it done right then it might not heal or you will have a very nasty scar
as for aftercare don't listen to your friends.Fallow your piercers insturctions
exactly thats all the advise i have to offer


Answer by Arielle
Submitted on 4/14/2006
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i just did my belly piercing at home and I'm not quite sure what to use to clean it..i know you cant use alcohol hydrogen peroxide or neosporin so..what can i use?and is it more likely to get infected..unless i clean it well


Answer by Onyx
Submitted on 4/18/2006
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Wow, some of you people are so lost. I know more about piercings and after care and healing periods than some of their owners do, and I only have ear piercings right now. Go to the websites mentioned above and they should help clear you up.


Answer by bug07
Submitted on 5/7/2006
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to tell you the truth it DOES NOT hurt to get your navel pierced I got mine done 8 weeks ago at first it looked perfect  not red at all then about a week later it looked all red and puffy but now mine is all the way heald and not any red at all so if any of you are wondering how long it takes to heal about 8 weeks total enjoy your piercing


Answer by BBBABE
Submitted on 5/18/2006
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Hey I'm getting my navel pierced soon, how much does it really hurt honestly? p.s thanks 4 ur help.


Answer by vonnie
Submitted on 6/18/2006
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i need help i have a new belly button ring and the crusties is around it and i dont know how to clean it because i dont have sea salt or anti bactrial soap and all i have is hydrogen proxide and rubbing alcohol what should i do


Answer by jemma
Submitted on 6/28/2006
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i had my bellybutton pierced about 3 weeks ago and i use aniseptic solution. iv never had any problems and its healing great!


Answer by GiGi
Submitted on 6/28/2006
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hey guyz...dont use salt water...trust me...i have had my piercing done twice and the 1st time when i used salt water it ate away at my skin and i have no skin holding the ring together n e more...jst stick to bactine cuz that really works and dont use alcohol because that can close the skin and make the hole smaller...well thats my advice...good luck with the piercings girls


Answer by Nikq
Submitted on 7/9/2006
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I just got my naval pierced and the guy at the shop sold us Emu Oil... I know what you are thinking. I thought that way too however it works great no pain. and its not even sore.


Answer by chas
Submitted on 7/15/2006
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hey...i juss got my bellybutton pierced about 6 days ago...its has clear stuff comin out and red..is it infected?


Answer by Courtball777
Submitted on 7/15/2006
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Just use H2Ocean for your piercing.  Spray it three times a day...and DO NOT TOUCH IT.  I have had one reject on me because I constantly played with it!  Oh...and don't change the jewelry out until after at least 4-6 months....and I recomend using gold, white gold, or titanium...  have your piercer do it for you the first time.  If you are anything like me, the huge hole in your skin will make you a little sick to your stomach.  


Answer by sam
Submitted on 7/17/2006
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I wanted to know how to know if your piercing is rejecting or now, when i push one on the piercing i can feel the barbell is that bad?


Answer by emina
Submitted on 8/22/2006
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i got my belly button pierced two days ago and this weekend i have cheer camp and we are going to go in lakes and rivers am i allowed to go in?


Answer by BritneyLove
Submitted on 9/28/2006
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I made my husband get his naval pierced and it only took a few seconds and it did not hurt and just was a quick poke.  he loves it and has many type of rings to interchange.


Answer by nicky
Submitted on 12/25/2006
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hii im freakin out.. i have my peircing for around 5 months but when i was wearing a really dangling belly ring i accidently pulled it down really hardand now the skin is all red and dried and it looks like the skin is going to rip apart wat should i do???


Answer by um
Submitted on 2/19/2007
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okay it really didnt hurt when they first put the needle in i thought they were still cleaning it. the only part i felt was when they pushed it through the other side. and my peircer said wait 6 weeks to change it. they told me to clean it with saline saline, not the bottle though, the one in a metal can that you can spray and to spray it on a qtip. and its been a week and a few days and its fine it was sore at first f i stretched but other than that its good.
good luck


Answer by penisbreath
Submitted on 3/3/2007
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Answer by Courtney
Submitted on 3/29/2007
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I just got my naval pierced and the piercer told me to use Saline solution but every one is telling me not to because it will irritate my skin... Has anyone used this and been irritated by it?


Answer by ana
Submitted on 4/2/2007
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I just got my belly pierced, and the skin around the earing keeps attaching itself to it... what can i do?


Answer by chicago gurl
Submitted on 5/5/2007
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im going to get my belly button pierced in a few weeks and i have volley ball in the fall. will it fall out or no tell me asap


Answer by Sarah
Submitted on 6/4/2007
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Personally I thought it hurt a lot. In a bad, weird way. But it didn't hurt as much as getting my nose peirced. And by hurt I mean cause me to feel pain. I think people try to suck it up a lot, but yeah, it didn't feel good. Needle through the bellybutton skin, couldn't feel a thing ^___~


Answer by Gema
Submitted on 6/10/2007
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Do men lok write wit belly button piercings.i want my boyfriend to get one cause i think there cute in men


Answer by KK
Submitted on 6/25/2007
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I'd like to suggest that if you want a piercing to heal nicely you could also try Vitamin E Oil. I had my eyebrow pierced for almost a year and it was still infected then one of my friends told me I should use Vitamin E and it looks amazing now.... And the oil is the best if you have problems touching it cause the oil stays on and is gross when you touch it.


Answer by steph
Submitted on 7/17/2007
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Where do you get sea salt I can't find it anywhere. What kind saline can you us and where do you find that?
Can you use all of the things whenever you want?thanks


Answer by steph
Submitted on 7/17/2007
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Where do you get sea salt I can't find it anywhere. What kind saline can you us and where do you find that?
Can you use all of the things whenever you want?thanks


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