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I am helping my friend add some subwoofers to his car and...

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Question by Xero
Submitted on 8/24/2003
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I am helping my friend add some subwoofers to his car and was wondering if you could help me with the configuration.  He has an American Legacy 400w (100x4) amp.  We wired his car so that his rear two speakers run off the rear outputs of the amp and his front two run off the head unit's internal amp.  Which leaves two channels free.  The specs of the amp state that is it doesnt already come able to be bridged.  I have a few questions at this point.  Is it possible to add an inverter to the right channel positive of the free set of outputs and then bridge the channels together.  If so what kind of inverter would i look for and where would i be able to get it.  And then would i multiplex the two positives and the two negatives together to create the bridged output or how would i wire it up.  Lastly if I did bridge it would this in your opinion be too much for this amp.  I would only hook up two 8's or one 10' maybe.  Nothing really powerhungry just something to add some bass.  


Answer by seb
Submitted on 9/11/2003
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I'd just leave the channels alone and run the subs separately. If the amps states that it cannot be bridged, then I would avoid it, unless you have an indepth understanding of electronics and how loads change with regards to the frequency of the signal being played through the speaker.
ie bassy notes = low freq
treble notes (voice) = high freq

In general its best to stick to manufacturer specification to get the best life out of you equipment, they do factor in some margin of tolerance for abuse but cheaper components just can't hack it for that long before giving up.


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