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Yes, this is a husband/wife discussion. :) We are moving...

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Question by dee
Submitted on 8/23/2003
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Yes, this is a husband/wife discussion. :) We are moving outlets and the discussion is whether it needs to be placed "2 feet" above the floor for a "baseboard" and "four feet" above the floor for a wall switch.  I think the baseboard only needs to go up 3 or 4 inches and the wall switch can go anywhere as long as it is accessible and not near water.  We wanted to get some things ready before our electrician comes to save some time and $.  Can you clarify actual recommended height placement?  THANK YOU!!!

Answer by r3
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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recpt hammer height apprx13".sw52" to the bottom of the box.bath 42"bottom of box space saver micro74"btm of bx range6"above floor #8 seu in a 1 gang box 6/3 rommex in 2/g box drop in range 24" above floor ice maker 6' above flr washer 42 bbtmbx washer plug42btmbxdryer36btmbx wp plug 12"from top of floor plate grage wall plugs42" bbtmbx grage door densor loop 3 conductor telephone cable 4" off slab from side to side then to the power head run 2 conductor bell wire from power head to the door house door bell button48" from front porch slab sleeve 3/4 pvc cime location 78"above floor to front of  shelf in closet closest to front door use a 4/0 nail on plastic box chime loop at the chime so that both sides of the transformer are at the chime bath wall lt 80' to center pf 8' celing out door wall lt 80" to center of door headere ht. a. c. stubout36" off plate make sure your disconnect is not in front of the ac unit outside panel 6'6" above grade 2-2"pvc sleeves 8 1/4"center to center telepghone
cable color               device colors
wht blue                  green  
white org                 red
org wht                   yellow
wht green                 wrap around cable  
green white               "            "


Answer by Cathy
Submitted on 3/3/2004
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If your electrical inspector is ok with the placement of your current receptacles then you are good to go.


Answer by tim
Submitted on 6/11/2006
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both answers you got previously are wrong receps are 12 in to center and switches are 48 in to center unless in basement or garage then switches and receps are 48 in to center and that is according to the nec (national electrical code)


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