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...a baby safety gate for staircase in my...

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Question by Jignesh
Submitted on 7/2/2003
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I am looking for a baby safety gate for staircase in my apartment. The gates which are available in stores are not installable as all the gates require good support on both the sides. My staircase has a wall on one side but an Iron fence on the other side which makes it practically impossible to mount anything on it.
I was wondering if anybody had similar requirement and where can I find gates for such mounting.

Answer by Shaymon
Submitted on 7/15/2003
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I will probably never see this website as I am just passing by but we just purchased a gate from Toys R Us. We have a Rod Iron railing on one side and a Wall on the other.

The gate we bought is an Evenflo soft 'n wide. The top and bottom adjust by twisting them out(Just like some shower rods)
It's not the easiest to remove but I think it will be after a few times. It is easier when you push the rod iron away, then when you let go it's real secure and you don;t have to keep adjusting.

I put some weight into it and it did not fall off. It seems to hold well. It is rated for 250 lbs or something close to that.

Hope that help!!



Answer by totsafe.com
Submitted on 9/14/2003
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Hi there!

I came across your question regarding gates for your stairway that has a wall on one side and a wrought iron railing on the other.  I am the professional childproofer for totsafe.com.  The first suggestion given for your problem was the Evenflo Soft and Wide gate.  Please DO NOT use a pressure mounted gate, like the Soft and Wide at the top of the stairs.  Pressure mounted gates are NOT appropriate for use at the top of the stairs, as the pressure they create against the mounting surfaces can push out and eventually allow the gate to slip, and possibly for your child to fall.  As professional childproofers, we recommend you take a look at www.totsafe.com and check out the gate installation kits that are made to help you create a mountable surface for hardware installed (screwed into the wall or installation kit hardware) gate. Gate installation kits include contents to create a mountable surface where there is wrought iron, hollow walls with no stud, banisters, and molding. Hardware installed gates are meant to be able to handle top of the stairway installations, and work great with the gate installation kits.


Answer by Molina
Submitted on 3/1/2006
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I have the same issue only I have wrought iron railings on both sides, so I thought it would be impossible to put a gate there.  And having a very active little boy (5 months old and already crawling!) I was definitely worried.  So I did some searching and found childsafetygates.com.  They have a wrought iron installation kit and for a very reasonable price too...although, as I'm sure you'll agree, you can't put a price on your childs safety!  I'm very happy I was able to find something.  Oh, and as the previous entry just said, do not put a pressure mounted gate at the top of a stairway.  It is very dangerous.


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