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If the Irish colonized Scotland (Dalriada) and my Clan...

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Question by Michael McDonald
Submitted on 7/2/2003
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If the Irish colonized Scotland (Dalriada) and my Clan McDonald is of ancient Irish roots, why do so many so-called Irish histories of my clan only begin with our return to Ireland as Gallowglass?  Anyone who looks as our heritage chart can see that we are Irish.  Scotland merely adopted the name of ancient Ireland, which was "Scotia" and her people called the "Scots" by European nations for centuries before Scotland adopted that name.
All I'm trying to say is that as fellow Gaels, why are the Irish ans Highland Scots still divided?  We are opposite sides of one coin.  When are we going to finally recognize that we are Gales, one family and one race of Celts?  If anyone is interested, I can direct you to our Clan Donald website, where you can see what I'm saying is absolutely true and backed up by tons of historical evidence.
Michael McDonald
My home e-mail address is: cam24@aol.com

Answer by Don Scot Cannon
Submitted on 11/22/2003
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Hello fellow Scot. As you know the Irish were first called Scot's as Erin was known as Major Scotia, in the Northern Ui Nell, or Dalriada, before colonizing the Highlands of Alba, known as Minor Scotia, until almost the 1250 AD. or there about. You are of the Noble Ua Domnaill blood line who were part of the Clans of the Northern Ui Nell known as Dalriada who 1st Colonized the Highlands of Alba. Many variations of this Noble name are in existence today. My Ancestors are the Ua Canannain Kings of Tir Connell, Descended from Niell of the Nine Hostages, Conn of the Hundred Battles, and Conail Gulban, also of the Northern Ui Nell and Dalriada. My Clan was phonetically said and spelled two ways when colonizing Alba 1st Canannan, 2nd Chanannan becoming Bu Channan, the Bu meaning son or Grandson of Channan or Cannon, That is why their are so many spellings of my Ancestral name in Scotia and Ireland today, Cannon, McCannon, MacCannon, O'Cannon Canning, BuChannon and many more. I hope you will be able to find the exact family member who 1st colonized our homeland of both "Scotia Alba" and were originally from Major "Scotia or Erin" The English had to incorporate the age old adage of divide and Conquer. As the Scot and Irish Scot's were all but unconquerable until they divided us. As you know they still use the Scot Irish Brigades in the forefront of battles, for we are powerful, courageous and brave. Look at our Black Watch the Royal Guard, along with the Royal Gallegos's Many Taken from our Highland Clans, from both Scotland and Erin. I believe if you continue to trace your heritage you will find the Clan branch that traveled the Irish Sea to Alba. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Scottish Nation was reunited as Scotia once again. The Combined "Scotland & Ireland" powerful allies were we. I know this will not happen any time soon. So Enjoy your Quest! Don Scot Cannon UaCanannain cannonfh1@earthlink.net Please let me know if you find your connection. Thank You Most Grateful


Answer by irishangel
Submitted on 4/10/2004
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I'm irish from Dublin but have scottish blood,My surname Dunbar......and i know abit about the Dunbar castle and stuff but would love to know more if anyone could help you could email me at...cathyd_ireland@yahoo.com

         Thank u Slan and god bless


Answer by uladh_gael
Submitted on 8/7/2004
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too many of our more "loyal" citizens bring shame on the word "Scottish" and abuse the Scots culture in such a way as to portray it as anti Irish. I my self believe that the Irish catholics have more in common with Scots protestant highlanders than Irish Protestants, eg. our common Gaelic language, our names, our features and our outlook. Ireland and Scotland are indeed one nation joined by water rather than divided by it, too much english self interest has seeped in and set the rot though, imagine if we could set aside religious and political differences and unite under the banner of GAEL how much influence the eireannach/albanach could assert. Erin go brach,,,Alba go brach.


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