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what the last day would be like

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Question by latha
Submitted on 7/2/2003
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what the last day would be like

Answer by atreyu
Submitted on 8/31/2003
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the skies will rain down dust, smoke, and toxic fumes, as the last bombs are droped radiation will consume your flash...   this might not be the last day for all, some will survive the radiation , and come up from under the  ground to a world of festering bodies and ruins, they will slowly starve, but may feed off the desieced simply to stay alive no nations will survive the super military powers will kill us all... 1 missle will be launched, and then several others will be lanched in retaliation, then entire arsenols


Answer by red7
Submitted on 9/27/2003
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Try reading Matthew 24, Luke 21, & Mark 13.  Much more reliable source.  


Answer by Mikey
Submitted on 9/29/2003
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I'm guessing you mean the last days of mankind, because the last days of the planet Earth won't come for many, many, many more millions of years, and I doubt that mankind will be here to experience it.
Mankind's last days may well come from the interactions of knuckledragging governments, but my prediction is that disease will be the ultimate victor.

But the fact is, NOBODY can predict the state of mankind tomorrow morning, much less centuries and even millennia hence. That makes my prediction every bit as valid as the other 4 guys mentioned above.

I find it interesting that believers in Nostradamus and Biblical literalists both use exactly the same "proofs" as believers in "dial 1-900-PSYCHIC" calls use to validate their respective beliefs in paranormal phenomena: They point to all the predictions that have "come true".

Well, that might clinch it for the gullible, but I prefer to see how things really work in the world. It turns out that everything that has "come true" has actually been retrofitted to some event AFTER the event takes place. It looks slick, but it's an intellectual yawn.

I think all of us, supporters and detractors alike, would agree that the ability to accurately predict the future would be an extraordinary feat.
And, as Carl Sagan has said many,many times, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" (to be taken seriously by anyone). To exclaim "Hey! He/she/it predicted that!" is no proof at all, extraordinary or otherwise.

You know what would get my attention? Take something from Nosty's Matthew's, Luke's, or Mark's hat, put it on the table and tell me IN ADVANCE exactly what it means will happen. Telling me WHEN it will happen will doubly impress me.

Until then, I will maintain with the greatest confidence that the answer to the original question is "Nobody knows".

I can however leave you with this near 100% accurate prediction: The only people who may ever know how humanity ends, are the people who will experience it, as it is happening.
And even then they might not KNOW. After all, in a world the size of Earth, how could the last person know that there are no other living persons left?

Unless, of course, he was psychic...  ;-)


Answer by jackal7
Submitted on 12/5/2003
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  the lasts days have already begun. there are families turning on one another and there are diseases and war, if china attacks its neighbors we will see world war 3. all of mankind will not live to see the very end, only the lucky ones will leave this life in its early stages.


Answer by Nepalese Handsome
Submitted on 12/8/2003
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Only Nepal country will exist after WWIII and we will rule the world towards peace and happy....................

Lets hope for the Nuclear Confrontation between psyhco Nuke Countries.......


Answer by omi
Submitted on 1/19/2004
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like and other day but people will start deing by birth dates like the oldest man wil die first and no one will have time to react to these deaths


Answer by Endtime
Submitted on 2/26/2004
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The world is definately going to end without any douth.
The universe will one day definitely come to an end. Doomsday will inevitably come as revealed in the Qur’an in a verse "And the Hour is coming without any doubt ... (Qur’an, 22: 7) Together with keeping the time of Doomsday a secret from man, God revealed to the Prophet Muhammad certain events and portents that would indicate the time was approaching. In this film you will watch some of the main portents -from an increasing number of wars and anarchy to the destruction of great cities, from earthquakes to the developments in science and technology- revealed by God’s messenger that Doomsday is impending.

Documentry for more information....


Answer by rimclaw
Submitted on 3/23/2004
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human kind will not vanisch one clan will live in a never seen rage to live they will eat, kill,and rule over anyone that will stand in the way  the first is gonna use the way off the enemy he will be the one that save his land
he will show the world how to fight and force back the one kind that travels the world in hope to die and live for allah
he is the one that die'sfor human kind he is the one that lives without fear off dead
only 36 y and his hate will be uncontained
europe will start the final fight all clan will rule the streets and hang the one's who
pray to a god human'swill be back on the ground and god will be forgotten and evolution will start to seek new ground and better way's to live


Answer by megahead
Submitted on 5/19/2004
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last days will be just like any other except with a big bang, and descruction


Answer by joseph
Submitted on 12/29/2004
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read Mathieu in the new testament and Daniel in the old testament


Answer by ABC
Submitted on 1/23/2006
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"The last day" mean which day, last day of human being on the planet earth or the last day of our planet earth.  The last day of human being on earth would be surely the day when there is no oxygen on this earth and everyone knows how man struggles to breath in a dusty environment and you imagine about his day on the earth without oxygen, it is very pathetic.  And about the last day of planet earth, no one knows about it.  I think, may be there may be lot of volcanoes and earth quakes taking place when the earth reaches its end and the temperature shoots up very high.  Flora and fauna will be burnt and it will be a very very hot desert.


Answer by Bill Collector
Submitted on 6/7/2006
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I am very sorry to inform you that the world is not going to end and that we do appreciate you continuing to pay your bills on time.

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