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I would like to hear about ppl who hav had tattoos removed....

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Question by Jack T
Submitted on 7/2/2003
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I would like to hear about ppl who hav had tattoos removed. What does the area look like after & are u pleased with the results. Is it more painful than the tattoo itself?

Answer by Dolyn
Submitted on 7/21/2003
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I'm very pleased with the removal of one of mt tatts and it was painless.


Answer by Dan
Submitted on 8/22/2003
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My "attempted" removal was and is a real horror story.  Dr. Randy Buckspan now working in Florida attempted the removal.  He "zapped" my arm with around 700 pulses each treatment and he did this a total of 19 different times (at $250.00 each laser treatment).  I have heavy raised scarring and the tattoo is still very much visible.  Buckspan was a doctor in Virginia before he moved to FL.  He left town and left my arm in its present condition.  


Answer by Kel
Submitted on 9/1/2003
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I had some work zapped with the Medlite laser for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  It's not painful, on par with getting the work done originally, but healing is incredibly itchy. Some areas are lighter, in others the ink is completely gone & others look unaffected. My ink is indigo, black & blue, I've heard other colors do not fade as well and require more treatments. It's likely I will need 3-4 more treatments, spaced a minimum of 3 months apart to minimize risks of scarring, but it's worth the time & $150 per session. I'm having the removal done by an artist who has also performed removals on himself, so he is a living testimonial of what to expect. Getting work removed is a commitment; it can take a long time & a good chunk of change. So do your homework & find a professional with excellent references, & be prepared to have a crappy looking tattoo for a while. Also be mentally prepared to face the chance that you will scar or that your tattoo might not completely fade, in this instance you can find an artist to help you come up with some cover up work. Hope this answers your question.


Answer by harry
Submitted on 10/14/2003
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i have been having tattoo removal treatments for the last year (by laser) and although i have had some fading in certain spots, it still looks fairly black in other places. black and red works the best while blue and greens are hard sometimes impossable to remove. i guess if you want something bad you will just stick to it!


Answer by cattyabby
Submitted on 11/17/2003
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I am in the process of getting my tattoo (located on my lower back) removed using the laser.  I have had two treatments.  The first one did absolutely NOTHING.  The ink did not fade at all.  That's why my doctor tried a different wavelength for my second treatment.  But afterwards, the area felt extremely tender (like I got a severe burn) and I had fairly large blisters.  I am actually a little anxious at this point because there seems to be little, if any, signs of fading.  I suppose I can either try a few more treatments, but I wonder whether there will be scars left due to the blisters.  So, perhaps it is better that I just have it surgically removed and just live with a few straight scars.


Answer by gatorgirl
Submitted on 3/24/2004
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I would like to respond to Dan who posted on this site. I am a satisfied former patient of Dr.Buckspan and I was appalled that you would post a response that blames him for your troubles. Tattoo removal is not an easy process, and as you can see from the other responses on this site, different colors and skin react differently to laser treatment. You make Buckspan seem like a bad doctor and a bad man, of which he is neither. I don't know why you tried to hurt his reputation by writing what you did, but I hope you have since realized that it was not his fault, and if the tattoo is small enough you should have it surgically removed.


Answer by meme
Submitted on 3/3/2005
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i was wondering if anyone has had success with removal creams. i need an honest opinion what to do so i don't end up wasting my money. i really cannot afford laser, so that is why i'mlooking into the fade away creams. my tattoo is only a black outline now, because i had a saline solution done to it. so there's really not alot of color left to remove. what should i do? please help!! any advice is greatly appreciated.


Answer by nicky
Submitted on 4/9/2005
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i had my first session on wednesday and it was fine! the prosses it a hell of alot quicker than tattooing and i dint find it as painful either, iv had no blisters just abit of bruising to the area and tiny scabs where iv been zapped, already its looks different, it was 2 small chinese symbols, they now look slightly duller and the edges are'ntas sharp. because its only a couple of years old and solid black iv been told it will take 9 more sessions to make it disappear, but so far so good. im actually excited about my next appointment.


Answer by Me
Submitted on 9/3/2005
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I am going on my third laser tattoo removal session in 3 weeks, and I can say that on my first session all the shading was completely gone.  My second session did lighten my tattoos, and it is normal to get blisters, you just have to know how to take care of it so that you won't scar. I noticed that I only got blisters on my colored tattoo which is red, black, white, and green.  I am very pleased and would much rather live with a scar than ugly tattoos that make others judge me the wrong way. And just to inform some that may not know, during the last couple of sessions is where the doctors focus in more deeply into the skin with the laser and this is when the harder to reach ink is removed, and also when you most likely will bleed and blister.  Most tattoos are removed in as little as 4 sessions and some as much as 10, anything higher than that, I would definitely stop using that doctor because it is not normal.  I SAY DO IT, If you thought about it, it's probably a sure sign that the tattoo is not something that you want to live with, so I say, GET RID OF YOUR MARKS WHICH MAY HELP YOU TO BECOME A HAPPIER, MORE CONFIDENT PERSON.  In my case, I felt unattractive with mine and had a hard time wearing skirts, shorts, and bathing suits.


Answer by DebS
Submitted on 11/20/2005
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I'm currently having a tattoo removed by Dr. Rand in Pembroke Pines, FL. Today was my first treatment - I will need about 5 treatments - 6 week intervals (30 weeks before I'm done). He uses a laser and has a machine from Germany that "freezes" the area before beginning. The pain is minimal  less than getting the tattoo, and my session lasted 2 minutes! I will come back to this site when I'm completed and give you my results - so far, very pleased.


Answer by FloridaRacer
Submitted on 4/22/2006
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I agree with Gatorgirl. Dr B is one of the top surgeons in the southeast. Not only is he talented and skilled, he is caring and generous. He will also tell you like it is and not take on work he cant accomplish safely and effectively. He is not motivated by money.

I am a 48 year old male, former patient of Dr B's for rhino and facelift. Im very satisfied and Im hard to please and I always have a ton of questions when it comes to surgery.

Best thing is, and this is rare; if you have follow up questions, complications, etc, he will see you at a moments notice. You wont be stalled, given lip service, or avoided. Im gratefull to him.


Answer by axe
Submitted on 5/8/2007
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im thinking about getting a teardrop on my face removed...who did you al go to???


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