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I have a Golden Retreiver who is 6 yrs old and now chews on...

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Question by Lauron
Submitted on 8/17/2003
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I have a Golden Retreiver who is 6 yrs old and now chews on doors went locked up for short periods of time. She has destroyed 3 doors and now we can't leave her alone. Any suggestions?

Answer by jlw
Submitted on 11/10/2003
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goldens are not generally destructive, maybe just putting a blanket and favorite toy down and leaving her not locked in will work better?


Submitted on 11/30/2003
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Answer by poppie
Submitted on 2/3/2004
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my golden retreiver eats my garden shed and as made his way out of my 6FT fence by biting though it.


Answer by curly
Submitted on 2/9/2004
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Lauron,Your dog is a part of the family & does not like to be excluded, try blocking the door with something other than shutting it, this way she will be able to see whats going on without being destructive. Another tip would be to get another dog you mentioned she so make sure you get a male, im a firm believer that every goldy owner should have a pair 1 male 1 female together this way they keep each other company and play alot & keep each other company when your out.


Answer by Brad
Submitted on 2/18/2004
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Lauron,  some dogs will not tolerate being confined.  The dog's physical ability to combat this can make the problem harder to deal with.  I have seen dogs even tear their crates apart, which is no small task.  The question is why are you confining her?  You should be able to put her in a crate or bed and she can be trained to stay there.  With this you should not have to close doors thus making the dog feel isolated.  Getting another dog is definitely not the answer.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  bradnjilltoft@centurytel.net.


Answer by christopher
Submitted on 2/26/2004
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oh yes baby


Answer by lisa
Submitted on 3/17/2004
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I completely agree with"curly"  I have sibling puppies, boy and girl, we use baby gates to confine them when necessary.  They like the fact that they have their own space.  They keep each other company, but I do keep them supplied with bully bones, they are expensive, but a lot cheaper than replacing parts of your house, rugs, or fencing!


Answer by Caitlyn
Submitted on 5/12/2004
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I really agree with Lisa, and, curly. I have 2 Golden's and they get along fine.It gives the other dog company and lets them play while you are out.You are part of there family and they would be really lonely when you are out so. I do think it is a really good idea to get 2 dogs!


Answer by kels
Submitted on 6/23/2004
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dear lauren,
i have two simple suggestions that may work either way.(1) take your dog with you and leave the windows down, and(2) hide little treats in the yard so it will have something to do.


Answer by Karlie joe christine
Submitted on 8/22/2004
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Talk to your vet about your golden and have a check up on her teeth if shes cutting in her teeth you may consiter bones and hard chew toys.


Answer by Piper
Submitted on 10/5/2004
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Dear Lauron,
Talk to your vet they can give you alot of advice. Try making something that she can destroy, make it look like a door if you can. Next try to give them a toy that your golden retriever can play with. I hope this helps!


Answer by GoldenOwner1
Submitted on 11/10/2004
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Sounds like your dog doesn't like to be shut out.  I'd use a baby gate so she can see what's going on.  I us a chair when I need to pen up my Golden and she stays right at the chair and watches what I'm doing.

Goldens love to be active within your family.  They enjoy being a part of your activities and love to just be with you.  At least that's the way my Molly behaves!  :)


Answer by tlh
Submitted on 11/11/2004
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getting two dogs would probably work.  I don't know though because you said she is 6 years old has she had any socialization with other dog.s?  that is something to think about.  Dogs that have not been around other dogs usually do not get along with them.  she is probably suffering from anxiety separation.  and probably best not to lock her up when you are gone just use a gate or something


Answer by d-nasty
Submitted on 3/11/2005
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just do what I did for my dog - Go down to a shady part of town and buy some crack - then smoke a little bit and blow the smoke in your Golden's face - this will render it pretty stupid and unwilling to put up a fight


Answer by Terry
Submitted on 3/28/2005
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I have two goldens, and they are part of the family.  They are included in everything that children would be.   Sometime they dont always get what they want, but always are treated kindly and with familial compassion.  
You should not segregate them when company comes over, or they will never learn to treat strangers as 'routine'.  The more they become accustomed to being around people the more they will calm down and treat the occasion as ordinary.  


Answer by snapper
Submitted on 5/20/2005
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Ours is 16.5 years old now, still gets out but much slower now!

In her prime the 6 foot fence wouldn't stop her, she'd either go under or over! (could clear a 5 bar field gate carrying a full grown duck when out working)

As for in the house? mmm she did make a good attempt at the sofa once...  ok she eat it! but then we did leave her all day! as a puppy she was destructive on the rugs, killing two sheepskin rugs in one night!

A remarked improvement once trained, (working to hand commands and whistle up to 5/600 metres away) she stopped eating the house...   think the key with Golden's is to give them something to do, lots of excercise and be the boss, firm but fair!


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