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just got my new chihuahua puppy. She was froim a very good...

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Question by sasha
Submitted on 7/15/2004
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just got my new chihuahua puppy. She was froim a very good and educated breeder. She is 5 weeks old and she wont eat her food. I have tried watering it down a bit but she wont eat it.
I called the breeder and he told me that i should try  butting some small pieces of meat in it but she still wont eat i dont know what to do. Any advice would be helpful

Answer by ixtab
Submitted on 11/27/2004
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My chihuahua, Pandora, had five puppies and at first all they didn't want to eat anything. they are about six weeks old and we give them warm milk and banana slices. they have been eating that for about a week now. but you have to be careful not to leave the chihuahua alone because it might drown in the milk.
hope this helps in anyway.


Answer by Reannon
Submitted on 12/22/2004
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Is your puppy eating now?  Why were you trying to feed a 5 week old puppy regular food?  Why did the breeder let you have that puppy at that age?  e-mail me: reannon82@hotmail.com


Answer by Holly
Submitted on 3/8/2005
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I think your puppy was taken away from her mother's milk too soon.Maybey u should consult your vet or feed her milk from an eyedropper.


Answer by kelly
Submitted on 7/6/2005
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you received a new puppy from a "good and educated" breeder at 5 weeks of age??? INSANE!!!! That baby should still be with its mother...


Answer by ChiLover
Submitted on 10/9/2005
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Your breeder was not good or knowledgeable. any good breeder would never let a puppy go before they have had the critical 7 week period were they learn things (such as how to feed properly) from their mother and siblings. You're going to have to work hard to undo the damage.


Answer by melissa
Submitted on 10/10/2005
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Well I have bad news for you any breeder that would let you take a 5 wk old puppy away from it's mom before it is 8wks old is not good. You need to force feed the puppy right away in 4 hour intervals using a siringe... you can get one from your vet. This dog will get very weak and die if not feed right away.


Answer by jojo
Submitted on 11/14/2005
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I would call your breeder or vet. This is serious a chihuahuas blood sugar drops very easily and can reslt in death if not treated!


Answer by asdasd
Submitted on 2/28/2006
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Uh yeah... That problem happened with my friend... it's because you don't have quite the good type of food! TRUST ME.. Get some quality food...
Anyway it's quiiiite hard to explain but i know that the food that you give her is uuuhh a no-no :)


Answer by DogBreeder
Submitted on 4/12/2006
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I am HORRIFIED!! Anyone who lets a 5 week old puppy go to a new home, of ANY breed never mind a tiny chihuahua, is neither good nor knowledgeble.  If anything, highly irresponsible comes to mind.  For normal mental development, a puppy needs to stay with it's littermates and mother for 7-8 weeks, but you have more immediate problems - like keeping it alive.

For starters, a tiny toy breed puppy can become hypoglycemic very quickly if it doesn't eat often and can die, and 5 week old puppies should only be staring to be weaned - unless the mother has problems feeding the puppy.  In any case they can hardly be expected to eat well independently.  Try meat baby food, and if the puppy won't eat it by itself, put a little on your finger and put it in its mouth.  It will need to eat small meals 5-6 times daily and make sure it gets enough - it shouldn't look gaunt in the belly. It's possible that the puppy is not feeling well because it hasn't been eating and then it won't have a normal appetite.  You should also get some goat's milk (not regular milk), mix in a teaspoon of active culture yogurt into a cup, and see if it will drink that from a shallow saucer.  If the puppy is still not eating, go to the vet - it may have worms which will make it feel sick and not wanting to eat, and you can also get some high calorie paste from the vet to tide you over the rough spots until the puppy is growing and learning to eat better.

And shame on your breeder - it's people like that who give responsible breeders a bad name.  What conceivable reason could someone have to let a baby puppy go to a new home that young?  Too uncaring or lazy to take care of the puppies at the age when they become work (since their mom is not looking after them now), and money, that's what!!


Answer by latinorgulloso
Submitted on 4/14/2006
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take her to the vet i had the same problem and it came up that my chi had parvo, take her to the vet as soon as possible i wouldnt like to know that she died for that reason


Submitted on 9/26/2006
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Answer by angela
Submitted on 7/18/2007
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She was taken from her mother WAY too soon.  Try buying a puppymilk formula, preparing it and feeding her that for another week and then slowly weaning her to food.  Chihuahuas should be removed from her mother at earliest, 8 weeks old, to about 12 weeks ideally.  Trust me, any "educated breeder" would know that is WAY too young for many reasons and that early of a separation is not good for the dog and could have lasting effects on the dog through its life!  

Because of this WAY too early separation, she missed a lot of lessons she should have gotten from her littermates and her mother and you will have other problems with her in the future, so you should talk to an animal behaviorist and consult your vet when problems arise (such as separation anxiety, socialization issues, potty training, etc...)
An educated breeder would know all of this.  

You should report the breeder to the Humane Society....it may even be young enough to be considered cruelty!


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