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does anyone know where to find a tiny teacup chihuahuas in...

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Question by ed
Submitted on 6/24/2004
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does anyone know where to find a tiny teacup chihuahuas in San Diego, california or L.A. for 300 or lower? i have been searching  for hours.(literally)

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 6/28/2004
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Why do you want a chihuahua on the very bottom of the weight scale?  BTW, teacup is a description, not a separate sub-breed.  I would run the other way from any breeder that tells you a teacup costs more because they are a different breed of chihuahua, or because they are rare.

What they are is fragile.  I have one chi who weighs 2 1/2 pounds and has cost me over $2000 in additional surgeries for hernias, retained baby teeth, etc.  My other chi weighs 4 pounds and hasn't had any of those medical problems.  She is as loved and loving as her smaller 'sister'.  I knew that my little one would probably cost more in medical bills, so I was prepared and willing to spend the extra money to keep her healthy.

If you want a loving pet, you don't need a tiny one.  Finding a tiny specimen of chihuahua is probably going to cost you more than $300, or I would be concerned about the quality of the breeder and/or the dog.  Raising chihuahua puppies is expensive, a low price may mean that proper vet care wasn't given during the pregnancy or after the birth.


Answer by new proud owner
Submitted on 6/28/2004
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Great answer Chimama. I agree. Stop supporting breeders who breed tiny Chihuahua's. It's very inhumane!!! Do people realize what the animal goes through? It's not fair. What a ridiculous "trend". Whoever has the tinier Chihuahua... I mean come on! Dogs are not supposed to fit in your pocket. I guess it's not just about the medical bills for me, it's what the poor little creature has to go through. Think of all the pain and suffering. Just so you can have a little tiny dog. Get real people!!!!!!!


Answer by mamajchis
Submitted on 6/29/2004
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As the others said, first there is no such thing as a teacup chi, second when you get a really tiny one, most of the time, you will have a tremendous amount of vet bills. Also breeders will tell you the puppy will be a teacup, and it may turn out to be 10 lb. You cannot determine the weight a chi puppy will be when grown. One can estimate, but no one ca  guarantee a puppy to stay 2 -3 lb. The tiny ones are so fragile. I do have a 3 lb chi named Skeeter. She has been fairly healthy, altho she does have allergies, but not a lot of the other problems these little ones often have.


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 7/2/2004
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In the case of my Gremlin, both parents were over 4 pounds, all her litter mates ended up being around or over 4 pounds, Gremlin was a runt.  

The breeder was very careful to warn me that she might not ever get as big as the others.  I adopted her in spite of her tiny size, not because of it, and only after thinking long and hard about whether I was willing and able to handle and pay for any medical care she would need.

My second chihuahua, Nixie, again had parents that were 4+ pounds and all the pups ended up being around 4 pounds, so you never can tell.  She's had no medical problems, and I couldn't love her less if she was 10 pounds or more if she was 2 pounds, as long as she's the right weight for her.

Gremlin was the exception, not the desired end result, and boy did the breeder make sure I knew what I was in for.  She is fairly sturdy, but does have stage 1 luxating kneecaps and has had an additional hernia surgery in addition to having her umbilical hernia repaired when she was spayed.


Answer by m
Submitted on 7/10/2004
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Poor Teacup Chihuahuas


Answer by Mary
Submitted on 7/10/2004
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I agree,People shouldn't get chihuahua'sjust because they're small. What really matters is how the dog behaves and if it likes you. If you have a chihuahua that doesn't like you and your keeping just because it's small, DON'T! You could always get another. Yes I had just been looking for one myself but not because they are small, They are kind,gentle, delicate, and smart creators. You should treat any kind of animal with the respect and gentleness that they deserve! Never judge a book by it's cover.


Answer by teacup owner
Submitted on 8/20/2004
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personally I think all this tea cup bashing is coming from people who have the bigger chi's and are just not as cute! Actually it is true that a teacup is not an actual sub-breed however a lot of vets are familiar with the name and do put a description behind it and sorry to say runt isn't in that description.


Answer by Carrie
Submitted on 8/20/2004
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When I purchased my little Snickers I had visions of the tiniest little adult Chi ever.  Her papa was 3 lbs and the mama was 4 lbs, so I really wasn't sure how big she would be , but I REALLY wanted her to be small.  She has grown up to be 5 lbs (which I would have thought was big at the time) but really she is still the cutest little dog in the world, and now I can't understand why I wanted a tiny one.  A chi is going to be a little dog regardless of the exact weight they grow up to be, so I would spend less time thinking about wanting a trendy tiny dog and more time researching chi behavior.  Just because they are little does not mean they need less care.  A lot of the basic upkeep is easier than a large dog, but the emotional needs of my little girl are HUGE. And PS, she is still little enough to carry around in a bag and do all the cute stuff I imagined I would do with her! Plus I'm not so afraid I'm going to break her when we play!


Answer by chihauahua lover
Submitted on 8/20/2004
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i want to buy a chihuahua but they are so expensive
are there any teacup chihuahuas that are like 500 dollars?
why are they so expensive?


Answer by Lil hilly
Submitted on 9/6/2004
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I disagree with all of you. the reason is because, people have a choice, it may not be what you think is right, but it is to them. Also my cousin has a teacup chihauhau, and it hasn't had any complications or anything, so there is no gaurantee that a dog that small will have all those complications. And so you get real new proud owner!!!!! In fact I am thinkin of getting one!!!!


Answer by ally
Submitted on 9/8/2004
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i trhink you are all crazi! tea chi's are not a true breed, but yes, they are bred down the lines to be smaller! do you not understand that some people can't have a bigger dog, but still need a companion? people who buy these dogs are serious because they do cost money they are willing to care for them! they are loved!


Answer by shawni
Submitted on 11/8/2004
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I have a 2lb chihuahua, and did not buy him as a teacup, since there is no such thing. I bought him knowing he'd be smaller than the rest. however I have had absolutely no health problems with him, and he is perfectly fine and healthy. I do have to make sure to always have a baby gate up when he is running around the house so he doesnt fall down stairs. he is the sweetest little dog ever. just saying this to say that NOT ALL tiny dogs have health problems.


Answer by Nikki
Submitted on 11/21/2004
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Well you can find them all over the internet. Oh, yeah there is this swapmeet I go where I got my two teacups for $200 each and they haven't had any problems yet. The swapmeet is called Basset Swapmeet


Answer by cassiedoodle
Submitted on 12/19/2004
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I so do not agree with everybody! I want a teacup chihuahua, too. And I need one in San Degio or Los Angeles. I also need one for a good price.


Answer by lisa
Submitted on 12/28/2004
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I just want a small dog that I can take places, geez


Answer by michelle
Submitted on 1/10/2005
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does anyone know where to find a baby teacup Chihuahua in Florida


Answer by ed
Submitted on 1/29/2005
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i think you should be able to have a tiny dog and what they go through is horrible but  you guys are all like blah blah blah blah blah no tiny dogs even thought i have one so your telling me your dog is obliviously not cared for!


Answer by teacup breeder
Submitted on 2/1/2005
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get over it. Because Britney Spears is the proud owner of teacup "chi's" they're extremely fashionable, and i charge around a fifteen hundred POUNDS, not DOLLARS, so around $3000 for a dog. if you cant afford it, keep it to yourselves. losers.


Answer by bluh
Submitted on 2/2/2005
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do teacup short haired chihuahuas cause allergies?


Answer by T
Submitted on 2/19/2005
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Uh You cant help if a dog is a teacup they are just born that way you cannot breed tiny dogs expecting to get teacups you could breed teacup dogs and get mini dogs so I do not understand you people.


Answer by Kaiti
Submitted on 3/7/2005
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I agree on sum levels but at others...i dont....if Some one wants a small dog maybe u should think about what they like and what they want ( the people) maybe they want a dog because they cant handle bigger dogs or maybe they have a small house..or maybe because they have problems with they're arms and cant hold more then a certain amount or pick up..i know a lot of people that have arm problems take my mother for example she is not aloud to really do any thing pick up or hold  any thing over like i think its 5 pounds...shes had over 15 surgeries on her arms and a smaller dog is better for her...i know my little teacup chihuahua weighs 3 pounds and she adores me and my family...but what I am basically saying ..is if some one wants a little teacup chihuahua then no one should tell them that they should not get one..if they are willing to pay the medical bills..take great care of it..give it its love and attention it need then who cares whether its small or not, if it what they want!


Answer by animal luver
Submitted on 3/10/2005
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i have a brownish goldish blue-eyed teacup chihuaha and if you are interested write me back............


Answer by Amanda
Submitted on 4/15/2005
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I don't think it is wrong that breeders breed tiny teacup dogs and i don't think it is wrong for people to own a tiny teacup its there decision on what they want.if you don't like the fact that they are expensive in vet bills or anything else that you people are talking about don't get one. I have 2 teacup chihuahuas and they are fine,cute,and wonderfull to have.And i have no problem with anyone of them they go to the vet when they are suppost to get shots and ect. it cost just as much as any other dog you will have.


Answer by kax
Submitted on 5/14/2005
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OK i agree that its not right to breed very small dogs, but we cant stop everyone, so i think that if someone is willing to pay the bills then they should go ahead and get a smaller chi....and they would need to know what there in for...so ya. and telling people there wrong about what they want is the wrong way to go about this. so if you think your helping someone your not. there still going to get the dog they want to get. so the best thing you can do is help them better understand what there doing and let THEM deside what they want. and all for you saying "well you should not get this type dog...i have one....but its not the same with me" sorry to say, but thats sick. its a total dobble standard. your not the only person who can take care of a small dog.


Submitted on 5/21/2005
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Answer by hot fuss
Submitted on 5/29/2005
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i don't really agree. i mean i don't think EVERYONE gets a tiny dog just cause it's tiny. i REALLY want a chi. i fell in love the first time i saw one and i've been searching for one forever. the problem is i'm 14 and i can't really get a job other than babysitting so i have no money and my parents say i can get one if i pay for it. i don't think it's really cruel to breed such a small dog. i mean think about it. what about a great dane? sooooo many of those dogs are left homeless because they're sooooo large and no one wants them when they're grown. and they can also have health issues. but i still don't think it's cruel to breed them. if u breed an animal and don't give it the proper care than yes it's cruel but if u breed because you love the animal and truly care than u have evey right to. so that's how i feel.....and i still REALLY wish i had a chi. i love those dogs! :(


Answer by sleep dogg
Submitted on 6/1/2005
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you guys have way to much time on your hands


Answer by Caitlin
Submitted on 6/16/2005
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Guys you aren't really answering her question..it was WHERE CAN YOU FIND ONE?

But maybe 300 dollars is underpriced.


Answer by mew
Submitted on 7/1/2005
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Everyone needs to relax.  These little puppies are being born every day weather you like it or not.  I plan on buying a "teacup" chihuahua very soon.  The way I look at it is, like I said these puppies are being born every day, why not give them a good home and the love and attention they need and deserve.


Answer by Rachel
Submitted on 7/3/2005
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O.K. I have been doing A TON of research on teacup chihuahuas, and your right teacup Chihuahua'sare just a name to get people to pay up to $3000+  for a small Chihuahua.  BUT I have to disagree on the health problems, I have a "teacup" chihuahua and have Never ever had one problem with his health.  In fact he is the healthiest dog I have had in my whole life.  It's weird how healthy he is... sometimes I just take him in to make sure I'm not missing something.  But I think it all depends on the breeder you get the dog from, how they socialize it etc.  Personally I think if your going to get  a chihuahua you should get it from Texas.  You may have to pay higher bucks but I have never had a single problem with there health.  Down there if you want a little chihuahua they have been breeding them "teacup" for years so small is the only thing in there genes, and all of the sickly bugs are out, I'm sure there are a few sick ones here and there, but I was blessed not to get one... hope this info helps =)


Answer by Chimaster
Submitted on 7/4/2005
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I found a small chihuahua for free. It's 10 ounces! The owner gave it to me because it's the runt and she didnt want it for some reason. to me its just as good as all the rest. not better, not less.


Answer by Stacey
Submitted on 7/12/2005
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I think chihuahua's are soooooooooo cute i raly want one. i'v always wanted a chicuahua's but my mum will know let me have one. Anyone who think's it's just a trend well they are wrong as long as you love them and look afer them, they can be your best freind! thumbs up for ***chihuahua's***!


Answer by summer
Submitted on 7/15/2005
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does anyone know were i can get a teacup chihuahua in california..that is a white or fawn color?


Answer by britney
Submitted on 8/31/2005
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i like teacup chi's if thats what you want and are prepared to pay the vets bills then go for it. i have a chi called princess who is 2 pounds and she is healthier then my 6 pound one called diva! they're company is worth and i'm not saying its right but i got princess at a small size because i felt overprotective and responsible over her. i still adore diva but its a natural instinct. i'm not horrible and thats not the only reason why i got her but that is the way i felt and how maybe some people do feel.


Answer by Amo
Submitted on 9/8/2005
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whos my baby


Answer by w/e
Submitted on 9/18/2005
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you guys are duuuuuuuumb.


Answer by Brit
Submitted on 9/27/2005
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if you are looking for a tiny chi to dress it up and take it place a 1 or 2 lb chi is not for you because unless you make the clothes yourself you cant find them in hardly any stores and they are so small they wont stay in the carriers because they are too big (the carriers) the try to jump out and the you have 1,000's in vet bills for broke knees and you really should take the tiny ones out in public or anything because they have to stay in one temp. to stay healthy i searched for day for my chi WWW.PETFINDER.COM in awesome there are classifieds and there you can get a better idea of how much the chi will weigh because they are a little older i ended up getting two 4 lb chis at 5 months old and they are they same size as when i bought them and they are perfectly healthy i paid 200 for the female and 400  for the male and they are so lovable.  


Answer by Ashley
Submitted on 10/13/2005
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You can get a dog for whatever reason you want. I have a 2lb chi, and she is perfect. The rest of you are just hating because yours grew up to be like 10lbs. Stop hating on the little ones, your just jealous!!!


Answer by pikachusmommy(from monterrey,mexico
Submitted on 11/14/2005
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my pikachu its a teacup i get it in monterrey mex. and its te cutes puppy that you ever seen before everywhere that i take it people start flowering my puppy beacuse theres not a lot of these kind of puppys around where i live actually not even in the suburbs its rare mi boyfriend bought it from his aunt she was selling it for $ 300 thats was she paid in monterrey, mexico but we offer her 500  i love it


Answer by yoyo
Submitted on 11/20/2005
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Answer by Coach
Submitted on 11/20/2005
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"It's not the size of the dog that matters" so i've heard.


Answer by lalamay
Submitted on 12/7/2005
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small dogs are fun but EXPENSIVE!  i found my teacup chi on the side of the road at 4 am delivering papers...poor little guy was lost.

after taken to the vet we found he has epilepsy and alergies.  when we found him he weighed around 1 1/2 lbs and he wastn'smal nurioshed. as we were unable to find the owners we fixed him and tried to fatten him up but to no avail.

now a year later he can run with extensive therapy and training.  when we found him he could hardly walk cause no one had worked with his tiny muscles.

i like smaller dogs but too small is a lot of hassle and a lot of money.


Answer by mike
Submitted on 1/4/2006
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i disagree... just because people want a smaller dog doesnt mean that they arent going to take care of it. Most of the time you're right.. but there ARE cases where the dogs end up perfectly fine. you cant just assume that everyone is going to harm them and not care about them.


Answer by StephieP
Submitted on 1/16/2006
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I would also like a teacup chihuahua because I need a companion that is easily transpoted or else I am unable to get one


Answer by Summer
Submitted on 1/17/2006
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No one ever said that the person wanting the tiny chihuahua was going to treat it bad or not pay its vet bills. yall are acting like they are trouble and it is cruel. If the babies are already made they need someone to adopt it and love it. Another thing is that all of you who answered said yall have small chihuahuas...yall are being hypocrites.


Answer by Chi-Family
Submitted on 3/18/2006
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Your absolutle correct. we just took home a small 16oz ,,9 week old chi- and hes on STAT 3 times a day because of low sugar testing and such. we have a bundle tied up in the lil fella mhm ..900 dollars....and hope all goes well for us. we got him on a heat pad under a blanket so he does not shiver and get lower suagar levels and he wears out very easily, we did not purchase him because of his size we fell in love with his picture as he appears in pics to look like a gremlin lol. we will see to it he makes it ok and is very healthy as well but, no if your looking stay in the 3-4 lb range. we researched these small breeds and it does tell you from exp to do this. good luck with your search for a chi,


Answer by onissa
Submitted on 4/15/2006
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i think you all are freaking ghetto retards. i think you guys all need some physical help


Answer by mariah
Submitted on 4/19/2006
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there are such things as tcup chihuahuas.
they are great dogs.
if your looking for a small, affordable dog..

check out divapup.com
her pups are off the chain!


Answer by chihuahualuvr
Submitted on 4/19/2006
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ed, i know a lady here in carlsbad,ca. her name is tootie and i just adopted a little blue male chihuahua from her. shes the best breeder i'vemet. her phone number is (760)591-4402. she has all different  kinds of chi's, including merles.


Answer by Case
Submitted on 4/26/2006
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I agree that people should not get a Chihuahua because of it's size but I had one that was part miniature and part tea cup and she just died two days ago.  Someone poisoned her and it has hurt my feelings real bad because she was part of the family not just an animal.  I took her to the vet but she did not make it.  I loved her very much like she was my child.  I can't replace her but I can fill the loneliness I feel.


Answer by BluesVox
Submitted on 5/9/2006
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I've looked around your site quite a bit.  I, too, had questions about my dogs.  However, I will go elsewhere for that, and will also go elsewhere when it's time to spend my money.  When someone asks you a question, that's just what it is--that person doesn't want a judgment on his/her behavior.  

It's funny that most people here who said "don't get a tiny chihuahua" have one.  Perhaps these breeders want to keep their corner of the market.  I've found many of your "answers" to be offensive, biased and hypocritical.


Answer by Cait
Submitted on 6/8/2006
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Its easy to find them on the web but it does take hours


Answer by C
Submitted on 6/21/2006
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There is a such thing as a Teacup Chihuahua! Why do you see all  of the tiny Chihuahua's sitting in teacups? That's why there called that. My best friend has a Teacup Chihuahua & she can fit in a teacup. So, don't say there is no such thing b/c there is.


Answer by Taylor Richardson
Submitted on 7/19/2006
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Does anyone know how to find a female long haried chihuahuathat is cute and cutley and really fun to be with,that is lower than $500.00 I have been looking for days.

Thank You


Answer by cookie0117@aol.com
Submitted on 7/31/2006
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I have a tea cup chihuahua, and she is the most loveing animal I ever had in my life, I found her on puppyfinder.com, but you can contact cheryl_woodward2005@yahoo.com  she is a wonderfull lady and has been doing this for a long time, so she does know what she is doing and all her dogs come with AKA papers, she is a doll, I have had mine for alsmost 2 months and called her at least 3 times on things I didn't know what to do, and I can say it is not no 2,000.00, and she will work with you , my baby came to me at 1 pound and now she is 2 pounds she may get up to 3 but thats about it, she still has some more from the litter, but i can say, mine is perfert, her ears stand stright up and her stout is round not pointy, she is just a cutie, and she will send you pictures for you to pick out one, so if you are interested, e-mail her and tell her gail talked to u... my e-mail is cookie0117@aol.com.. let me know how it goes, you really won't be disapointed.


Answer by Loni Tiemann
Submitted on 12/7/2006
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I had a 'teacup chihuahua'. She was the best dog that I could have asked for in this messed up world that we live in today.

When I first got her, I had to drive back home with her so I never really noticed any problems. I sat her down when we got home for everyone to admire my .8 lbs. baby at 5 months old and she wasn't walking right.
That was the first sign. She didn't use her back legs at all. I was in and out of the emergency vet clinic for the first 2-3 months I had her. Every trip I was told something different.

Her fontanel wasn't closing up like it was supposed to be and they thought she had fluid on her brain. We (my puppy, Zoey,  and I) didn't believe it and didn't have time to be listening to someone tell us we weren't perfect or not going to live long. (We always new we were perfect)

She got down and out on me again just a few days after the fontanel doctors visit. I thought I was going to lose her. She was having seizures, crying when I barely touched her, and I didn't know how to help her. I rushed her to a vet about 20 miles away from our home. On the trip over there, she stopped breathing on me, and then what I feared worse, her heart stopped beating.

I started talking to her. Telling her to pull through that she was strong and could do it, and she heard what I said...when I heard that little heart start pumping again, she had officially stolen my heart.

That Night was long and miserable. I was informed that night that her liver didn't work. She had Liver Shunt. I did my research and never gave up. The surgery was over $3,000 and the only place they did the procedure at was in Tennessee. I tried everything I could to follow through and have the surgery done, there was just no way I could afford it.

I decided that God gave me my little handicapped baby for a reason and that I was going to prove everyone wrong. If there was one thing that I was meant to do while I am on this earth, I knew it was to give her the best life that anyone could ever dream of. I didn't know that she was really here to teach me so much.

She had a long hard struggle, but she always seemed to pull through for me. She was my little miracle.

Her life was taken away from her from a heartless individual on November 16, 2006. My Husband took my baby away in a horrible way and left her there to suffer and for me to find the crime scene. He showed no sorrow at all.

I realize now that she came into my life because I needed her not because she needed me. I would tell anyone and everyone that was on the look for the so called 'teacup' chihuahua, I would back you 110%, but DO YOUR RESEARCH and I had a lot of help from another lady that lives in my hometown that I could run to when there was a problem. She saved us more than once.

Be able to recognize the problems and know what to do to treat them. Know that your going to be able to spend every waking moment with them if that's what is necessary because of an illness. I don't know how many nights we sat by ourselves while everyone else was out having a good time and we were at home, just me and my little angel, Zoey, because she wasn't doing so good that night.

All of you people saying it's ridiculous to know the chance your taking with heath problems, I say your wrong. If you have children, when they are born, are you planning on leaving them at the hospital and taking a healthy baby home if they aren't exactly what you had in mind?

We don't choose the way we are. I'm sitting here bawling my eye's out and I'm going to say, I WOULD TAKE A TEACUP CHIHUAHUA WITH HEATH PROBLEMS ANY DAY! They need to be cared for, spoiled, and a companionship just like other, what some would call 'healthy' Chihuahua's      

Zoey Angel From Above
March 13, 2005
November 16, 2006

**If you love them right they don't know they are any different than anyone else...they don't think of it as suffering...they just know that they have a good Mom or Dad that cares alot about them and they are going to do everything in their little power to make you happy...Do the same for them. When I found her, as horrible as it was, my little girl had a smile on her face! Not because she was happy, but for her Momma, me.


Answer by Amelia
Submitted on 12/14/2006
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I just got a new teacup chi and she is adorable. Shes a little smaller than usual but that doenst matter.She is called Arkie.

I have a little boy chi called william who is quite large for a teacup breed and neither have needed any more medicals than i expected.

My border collie Jade is the one thats costing a fortune!
So what if she wants a tiny one?! Go get it!



Answer by Nows All
Submitted on 12/20/2006
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Don't hear this crazy people just yesterday the Akc Toy Group Recognized A Tiny Teacup Chihuahua named Is.Just to Know my frien lives in San Diego He has Some TTc.


Answer by Realfacts
Submitted on 12/24/2006
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Breeders who have invested large amounts of money into larger-sized chihuahua breeding stock are quick to mark teacup breeders as irreputable, simply because they know the smaller chihuahuas are higher in demand and cut into the profitability of breeding larger chihuahuas. Similarly, these breeders misunderstand the concept of selective breeding for size and assume that teacup breeders are merely reproducing runts (which genetically would not even produce small dogs unless the parents were small to begin with). Irreputable breeders of all sizes of chihuahuas exist, and breeding teacups does not automatically designate one as such, nor does not breeding teacups automatically make a breeder reputable. Many of the anti-teacup breeders call their runts "tinies" and market them in the same manner as teacups, but only using a different descriptive term.


Answer by kelsey
Submitted on 1/10/2007
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i believe in firkin teacup chihuahuas. so all you people who are too poor to take care of them then just don't buy one and ignore it but saying if a chihuahua is small its stupid.......your stupid......leave them alone it your opinion so keep it to yourself. if people like small chihuahuas then let them buy it they should know what there getting their self into.......seriously people are SO dumb and their rude jerks.....leave the poor small dogs alone every dog is different!~!!!!! idiot people


Answer by BABY V.
Submitted on 1/31/2007
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i am so happy that i found this site b cuz im looking 2 buy a teacup chihuahua but i never knew that they were so expensive to take care of!!  i wanted 2 say a quick thank u 4 that information. although i had my heart set on getting a teacup chi ... i dnt think ill end up adopting any b cuz honestly ... i just cant afford the vet billz. These teacup cuties deserve 2 b taken good care of. If u know that u wont b able 2 give them the type of care that they need, then please dont adopt any.Its not fair 2 adopt one and then watch it suffer. poor teacup chi'z!        


Answer by eytye
Submitted on 2/8/2007
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Answer by ellymay
Submitted on 2/27/2007
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Answer by star15
Submitted on 3/14/2007
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oh my god how could you ask this questions i have been looking for one too hey when ever you get any info o the teacups write to me    www.karlacarrillo15@yahoo.com    see you


Answer by *Be urself*
Submitted on 3/19/2007
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even though i do agree with what you are saying that yes it is actually cruel to be breeding such tiny dogs it is unhealthy but this is the 21st century and we cannot stop this! it is happening and becoming something that everyone wants. so i agree it is cruel but i also think that you should take into account people also want them to love and care for as they are so fragile. i know i wouldn't let one walk the streets id take it in ant take care of it.


Answer by Kristen
Submitted on 6/11/2007
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I just want to inform anyone on getting a teacup chi.
I have had mine for just 3 months. He Elliot, is a very smart dog, he has learned a few tricks so far. But like a baby, hates it when im out of site. He brings ALOT of joy to my whole family. He has been very hard to train on going to the  bathroom outside. He will go outside and run around, but he comes in, and will go to the bathroom inside.
i have yet to experince any difficulty with his size.
Hes my baby!!!


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