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Hi. I have an indoor Hunter ceiling fan (w/ a light) which...

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Question by Joey
Submitted on 6/16/2004
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Hi.  I have an indoor Hunter ceiling fan (w/ a light) which had its speed chain yanked out.  Unknowingly, I removed the wires from the 4 speed switch as a guide to search for a replacement and I have since forgotten the order of the wires.  I have asked countless lamp and home improvement places for a guidance and all have referred me to Hunter.  The Hunter website does not list my fan's model number, but the fan is clearly from Hunter.  Could you please provide me with a wire diagram for a 4 speed white Hunter ceiling fan (w/ light) model# 22528?  

Thanks for your help.

Answer by Joel Searcy
Submitted on 7/5/2004
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I need the same information.  Did anyone respond?


Answer by John
Submitted on 8/15/2004
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My only advice if you haven't already fixed or junked the fan is to be VERY careful and...

Using the Black line which if the power from the house line. touch it to the various remain lines one at a time.  note the speed and write down the color of the line.  Remember you are dealing with house current (110V) and are prone to acciddently electrocuting yourself.  Good Luck


Answer by Grady Williams
Submitted on 9/15/2004
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Have what I believe to be a Hunter Brass close profile... Switch is bad and am now replacing...  Here is the way my 4 position switch is wired:

L Brown
1 Blue (Not to be confused with the blue    for the light if installed
2 Red
3 Yellow

Good Luck Grady
Now if I can find a 4 wire switch instead of this 3 wire that I was Talked into...


Answer by Carol
Submitted on 10/22/2004
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I just replaced the speed switch in my hunter fan.  You need to know you need to obtain the switch from Hunter, the ones in Home Depot and Lowes won't work. I learned that the hard way. Call Hunter's toll free number 1-888-830-1326.  They will send you the switch at no cost to you. The same switch fits all their fans, no model number is needed. They should also include a wiring diagram. If they don't, they forgot to include one with mine it is wired as follows.  L=Black, 1=Gray, 2=Brown, 3=Green.


Answer by mike
Submitted on 9/11/2005
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i need a similar diagram. i moved, took the fan down and went to put it up in my new place and accidentally knocked off two of the small wire nuts.mine is a whisperwind 2000 w/ 4 lights


Answer by john
Submitted on 10/4/2005
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Generally you connect the wires together of the same color. black to black-white to white etc... Is this an old heavy iron or a lighter chinese made hunter?  Hunter does have Tech support.  Check online for the 800 number.
John     jojohnmiller@juno.com


Answer by Grandpa Steve
Submitted on 10/24/2005
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This comes close.



Answer by Tom Hinson
Submitted on 3/12/2006
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I found this page when searching (http://www.google.com/search?en&q=hunter+fan+switch+diagram) for the same answer. Since no one had answered, I experimented with the wiring.

After trial and error, my Hunter fan's wiring for the four speed switch is:

L - black wire
1 - gray wire
2 - brown wire
3 - green wire

Also found that the spring (that pulls the chain back in after you pull it out) must be wound one time before you seat it in the assembly. Otherwise, there's not enough tension to pull the chain back. (Found out after SEVERAL attempts without winding...)

Hope this helps!


Answer by Jim
Submitted on 4/9/2006
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I had same problem and got the answer:
Blk goes to L, Grey to 1, Brown to 2,       Green to 3.  Hope this helps..


Answer by www. LampDepot.com
Submitted on 6/26/2006
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Much time has gone by since the original post but I thought I would give some information for others who may come across this post with similar fan switch wiring issues.

Generally it is impossible to get a wiring diagram for these pull chain switches, even when contacting the manufacturer directly. Most of the products are made overseas, and through the course of production, several different pull chains, motors, and wiring scenarios may be used.  Typically even the major brand name fan companies do not keep track of wiring diagrams. If you own a hunter fan and would like to order a replacement part from them they can be reached directly at 888-830-1326. You will need to have the fan model number available when calling. Chances are they will not have wiring diagrams however.

Be aware there are a variety of different 4 wire pull chains which will look identical on the outside but supply power differently on the inside. So you must correctly identify which switch you need prior to purchasing a replacement.  

Typically a person will buy a replacement pull chain switch and wire it in, and then discover it does not work correctly. They assume they must have written down the wiring incorrectly, but the problem may be they purchase a switch which operated in a different sequence.  In this scenario, it will not matter how you wire it as it will never work correctly since you have the wrong switch.

Our company sells new Hunter ceiling fans but not these types of replacement parts. Like most others we can't give assistance with wiring of a specific model.  

A good source of replacement fan parts is http://www.ceilingfanparts.com . They have diagrams of the internal camshafts of the various pull chain switches as well as the operation sequence.



Answer by Vince Careatti
Submitted on 8/19/2006
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Did anyone answer, I have the same problem?


Answer by Jim Kalb
Submitted on 6/26/2007
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I have quite an old Hunter fan, and the wires are:

1 - red
2 - yellow
3 - white
4 - nothing
c - black


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