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We have a 4 month old female cockapoo and want to get...

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Question by bagels
Submitted on 6/14/2004
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We have a 4 month old female cockapoo and want to get another female cockapoo so she'll have a companion during the day when we work.  What are the odds that 2 female cockapoos will get along?  FYI, we plan to have both of them fixed.

Answer by summerbabe
Submitted on 6/30/2004
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   Dear bagels,
I think you mean a cockatoo, not a cockapoo?

  i think that 2 female cockatoos would be fine together (if they are cockatoos) most cockatoos get along.
  if you do get another cockatoo that is older  it may think it is the parent of the younger one    Or if the new one is younger the other one might  try to be the parent!   but if they are both girls, i wouldn't get a male bird. Jealousy!  

               here to help,


Answer by Rachel
Submitted on 7/1/2004
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No she doesn't not mean cockatoo she means cockapoo. I cockapoo is a cocker spaniel poodle mix. And the odds are good that they will get along just fine (the dogs).


Answer by 2 grl dg owner
Submitted on 7/2/2004
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you should get a male because females don't get along, there is always the fight 4 who is top dog. i own 2 female dogs and there is almost always a dispute between the 2. lukily r older is so sweet she has taken her in as her own but that is not always the case.


Answer by CockapooMom
Submitted on 8/28/2004
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I own 8 dogs, 6 are females and they ALL get along just fine,4 of them are cockapoos and only 1 of my female dogs are spayed (she is 10).

I have never had a fight between my females. If you allow your dogs to fight then that is a shame on you as far as I am concerned (to 2 grl dg owner).  I have been raising dogs all my life and breeding for over 20 years..

Go ahead and get 2 girls (if you haven't already;o) and always let your dogs know who is the boss..
Good luck:o)


Answer by needcockapoo
Submitted on 8/6/2005
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I need a baby female cockapoo for a reasonable price! We're thinking $250?


Answer by boo
Submitted on 8/8/2005
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i have three female dogs(not cockapoo).A lab, rott, and mastiff and they all get along great. When we first brought our mastiff home they put her in her place and nothing else sense. i think either way you should be fine.


Answer by spunky
Submitted on 9/28/2005
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dont listen to them i have 3 cockapoos and there all different ages and they and they get along great usually no problems but thats not always the case if u have had the dog for all 4 months and she thinks that she is the only dog in tha family then she might refect the other dog (for a while) pretty soon she will realize that the other dog is her to stay and then get along with it as for getting them fixed i dont think that is the best idea in the world all though they well probly fight over breeding rights if u dont but ive had 2 of mine fixed and they seem to loose there spunk or will to live if u may but the overall chances are good

                    allways at hand


Answer by The Dog
Submitted on 10/16/2005
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Now Summer Babe its a cockapoo so much you know about dogs, and with two females might be a little iffy. I would get one female and one male.


Answer by Janyce
Submitted on 3/14/2006
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A neutered male would make the best companion.
They are consistant in temperament unlike females.


Answer by male and female is a better choice
Submitted on 6/27/2006
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i have always had 2 dogs.  A male and a female.  They are the best pair, then comes 2 males, then 2 females.  2 females have a tendency to fight occasionaly.  Get her a little brother.  


Answer by Bubbles
Submitted on 10/22/2006
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The female birds and dogs will fight for territory!  get a male, fixed of course!
love ya! bubbles


Answer by cockerpoo breeder
Submitted on 7/10/2007
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I breed cockerpoos and cockerspaniels,I personal own 2 females dogs one is a cockerspaniel my other one is a minature poodle both females, they get along fine, sure they may have a growl or two but it's not big deal it's usually over there favorite toy if the other dog has it.I would recommend another female.I also breed them and keep both together they learn to play with each other.Just make sure it's equal attention or you may have jealousy.


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