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What am I seeing? When I shut my eyes to sleep, I see...


Question by Jude
Submitted on 6/14/2004
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What am I seeing? When I shut my eyes to sleep, I see gnome-like faces, usually 3, in brown tones, not color. I look at one of their eyes, and it will start "pulsating." I try to keep staring at it, it just kind of stops.Sometimes all their mouths will appear to be speaking, lots of motion of their lips. Some are very scary, I have to open my eyes to get rid of it.  I have seen some cry tears stream down.

Answer by john
Submitted on 6/8/2005
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a few years back i used to get nice and comfy on the couch smoke a little pot, just to slow my conscious thought turn on the stereo- usually the akira soundtrack which is a purely hypnotic music cd and look at my carpet. yes it sounds strange but what would happen is i would see a face here and a face there and try to figure out what they were. this went on for about two weeks when, until one night,my entire carpet became a sea of interlocking, overlapping faces - sort of a purplish black color. intrigued i continued on and for a week i was in awe by the carpet and looked forward to my nightly ritual. every night it got a little more intense and real. it started moving, a giant sea of swirling flowing overlapping interchanging interlocking purplish black faces right there in the carpet for all to see, but it was only me .one night something terribly interesting happened that changed my life forever. i was looking into the sea of faces and the "corners" faded away and turned black, they no longer existed and in my center of vision i saw the carpet rise up swirling with incredibly fast moving faces overlapping and flowing changing and morphing. a funny character swingled his way in front of me and became quite angry with me and was acting frantic. he left and more "people" started coming out and "spoke" to me. as thier "words" entered my mind i could feel my mind changing shape and expanding. they told me things i cannot even put into words over the next year or so i lost touch with family and friends all i wanted to do was talk to the carpet. at this point i didnt even need or even want the pot and music, i just wanted to speak to faces from another realm . eventually i could no longer handle what they were doing to me and no matter where i looked that had a pattern even blank walls i would see them telling me things about people and my environment. i let into fear and tried to stop it. for some reason i thought i could control it and just make it go away as if controlled by a switch. not so. after a few months of not listening to them they faded away and i started building relationships with my friends and family again. a friend of mine offered me a joint one night and it all started over .I FREAKED OUT! i could not believe how intene they had gotten and i thought this time i wasnt going to come back. it has been about 4 years now and i still cant take even one puff of ganja without experiencing the most intense anxiety anyone can possibly imagine. i fear that even see them moreso than what they will do when they are here. its strange but now i feel good upstairs and my mind is huge. its been 4 years...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          and i still see faces.


Answer by branson
Submitted on 1/2/2006
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dah dah mean d-death!


Answer by Charles
Submitted on 4/5/2006
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When I shut my eyes to sleep I see normal faces but than they start to deform into ugly looking people like monsters.  I learn that telling them to leave in the name of Jesus Christ works well.  I thought I was the only one seeing these things. Can you tell me more?


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