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warning:SPOILER how did Prue die? Where can i find out...

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Question by do
Submitted on 5/31/2004
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how did Prue die? Where can i find out about that episode?

Answer by Sin
Submitted on 10/8/2005
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Answer by charmed fan
Submitted on 2/14/2006
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i heard that shannon (prue) and allysa (pheobe) had a arguement so pheobe when to the boss and says either i leave of shannen leaves  but because pheobe was good the fired prue


Answer by charmedfreak
Submitted on 2/17/2006
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in the beginning the sisters are trying to save a doctor from a demon. the demon comes and throws prue and piper through the window where they are bleeding to death. phoebe comes, does a spell and the deomon disappears. then she goes over to piper and prue and calls leo. leo comes and heals them. prue and piper go outside to vanquish the demon but they use their powers and are exposed as witches. their whole house is surrounded with people. someone shoots piper and prue had to bring her to the hospital. phoebe was in the underworld (trying to make cole good) when all this is happening and she learns the only way to fix it is if she becomes evil so the source would change back time. she accepts and it goes back to the beginning when piper and prue are trying to save the doctor....but when they get thrown out the window phoebe isn't there to call leo, so piper and prue are left there bleeding to death


Answer by Chelsea
Submitted on 11/13/2006
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What happened was prue and piper got blown through a wall by the sources demonic assassin,Shax.Pheobe came down the stairs with a spell to call leo to heal the girls.Shax came again but when they were fighting they were exposed as whitches.Everyone knew.At the midst of everything a crazy girl came who wanted to "join there  coven".prue got annoyed and used her powers to throw her out of the house.the crazy girl got annoyed to .But she qwas too annoyed and shot piper in the chest. Prue tried to get piper to the hopital but knowone would let her out of the drivway.She used her powers and shoved everyone out of the way.But she was to late.piper died.Mean while Pheobe went to the under wourld to see if she couuld save Cole from the source.Down there pheobe managed to strike a deal with the source.The sourc would turn back time if pheobe joined the underwourld.Ufortunatly,time wouldn't be changed in the under wourld and so Pheobe was still had  to stay there leaving Piper and prue to be blown up through the wall by shax.Finally time was erased.It went back to when they were almost dead because of shax.Leo sences their pain.Unfortunatly he can only save one of them.He saves Piper.Prue had died two seconds after Leo had saved Piper.


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