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I have compaq Presario 5000. I slated the hard drive,...

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Question by mickj1
Submitted on 5/28/2004
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I have compaq Presario 5000.  I slated the hard drive, partitioned and formatted.  Now I cannot load the original compaq quickrestore cd's HELP!


Answer by quirkymac
Submitted on 7/2/2004
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Hi Mick....It sounds like you have wiped the hidden ghost image on one of your partitions.  The restore CD'susually access this hidden partition and reformat the C drive with an 'image'.  Once you have got rid of this partition (and it sounds like you have by repartitioning) it cannot be retrieved.  Do you have a seperate Windows CD that you can reload an operating system on the computer with?  IE not a quick restore disk but the full versions?
Sorry if I am the bearer of bad news!


Answer by wastednerd
Submitted on 9/5/2004
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first try to be sure wether partition (hidden/image) is deleted ....
if its not then try one thing make a small fat partition using fdisk(linux) at end of disk (which is actually the location for system_sav) ..then when u have two blank  fat partitions try to run restore cd ... keep your finger crossed it may/maynot run but if does .. theres nothing bad in trying out


Answer by Arch~Angel
Submitted on 11/3/2004
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I have this same problem.  I have tried the full version of Windows 98, 98SE, 2k, and none of them will load.  All i get is a blinking cursor in the upper left corner.

Any idea...


Answer by Anonymous
Submitted on 11/22/2004
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I had the same problem when I replaced my drive.  You will need to contact Compaq/HP to order a quick-restore CD.  This can be done on-line and the cost is minimal.  The one shipped with the PC is a recovery CD which relies on the image on the second partition.  The quick-restore CD has Windows on the CD.


Answer by mrseldomseen
Submitted on 12/8/2004
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I am in the process of reformatting the Compaq Presario 5000's hard drive with the 3 Quickrestore disks sent to me. I go through the 3 disks - everything'sfine - and then re-insert the 1st disk as prompted and that is when the problems begin. There is no dialog box asking if I want to restart, or no automatic disk-ejecting when the job is completed. When I take the initiative to restart I get a message that a particular program is either missing or corrupted. Even when I insert the MXP disk I get messages that there are missing or corrupted files or programs. I'm at a loss about what to do next.


Answer by lkj
Submitted on 12/21/2004
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You can order the cds to put the image back on your computer from compaq.


Answer by Andrew1010101
Submitted on 1/11/2005
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Im having the same issue. Going to have to find another 5000 and ghost it back over.


Answer by theorem
Submitted on 1/13/2005
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It looks like I have a similar problem, but it seems that this time it's with drivers for the audio card --- winxp is detecting it as an Aureal Audio 8110 card ... si this the right card because this is not able to play sounds with the windows XP supplied drivers ... only with win2k drivers am I able to play sounds for about 30 seconds after startup!  Please help:   theorem21 at gmail.com


Answer by yuriy
Submitted on 2/15/2005
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I have compaq Presario 5000 3 cd quickrestore. i can sell you for $20 +S&H $3.
my email is :x226@hotmail.com


Answer by pavan
Submitted on 6/8/2005
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hi mick follow this instruction so u can restore ur compaq system

step 1: restart u r computer & put u r system recovery cd in cd/dvdrom & power off u r system & wait for 30 seconds.

step2: After 30 seconds power on u system, when u see compaq RED logo press caps lock key and hold it untill u see COMPAQ QUICK RESTORE screen then when the screen stops blinking immiditely release caps lock  key and press num lock key, then u will see warning screen of quick restore.relese numlock key.

step 3: When u see warning screen , press ctrl+s key at a time this keys must press repeatadly untill it askes for ur system serial number,or ("if had raw harddisk or u make partitioned ur disk then quickrestore will make it required partition atomatically and restarts then computer after restarting u must again repeate step 2,3 up to pressising of ctrl+s key")then it will u r system serial no which was located at cd'scase now enter the serial no and compferm it correct or not & press enter after that select u location,press enter and then quickrestor will start

any forther question mail to pavan2k_skhs@yahoo.com




Answer by Robin Holmes Muhammad
Submitted on 3/10/2006
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I need a hard drive for my desk top computer Compaq Presario 5000


Answer by Alan
Submitted on 1/27/2007
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I have had a system failure and cannot recover via recover.  I think I need to reinstall windows XP.  I have the license for a preloaded version of XP home that came on my compaq.  Can I get a CD/DVD copy of Windows XP and use this license to restore my operating system?  Or are there other options.


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