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i have a 1yr male rotti. we're expecting a baby in a month....

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Question by badizda
Submitted on 5/27/2004
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i have a 1yr male rotti. we're expecting a baby in a month. we got a Maltese female puppy to keep him company, the 1st couple of days he was clumsy and would walk on her and she would cry. now she's all over him and he's quite aware of not harming her. they get along very well... she only eats from his plate and bullies him at times and gets away with it!!! he's very gentle. however, how should i introduce the new member of the family, avoiding jealousy and assuring a safe environment with the baby and dog. thank you

Answer by reese
Submitted on 1/9/2006
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I brought home a Rotti to my new baby. The dog scared me when it engulfed my sons foot in his mouth, but as I sat and watched my son laugh when the dog drug him around the house, I learned it was okay. I now have 2 Rotti's with my now 1 year old and a 4 year child. My Rott's are 3 and 6 mo. They are very protective of my kids, and the most they have ever done to hurt my kids is sometimes they might knock them down. They have never acted aggressive or trampled either of my children. Good luck~!


Answer by renee
Submitted on 2/25/2007
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you should take a blanket or two from the hospital that they will use to clean and or wrap the baby-take them home while your wife rests let the dogs smell them real good let them follow you to the crib were you will leave the blankets for a while also simply never leave the dog and baby alone together i believe most dog attacks are because owners often do this-dogs dont always know how not to hurt a child when they are getting pinched,pulled at ,or the baby is crying ect., it somtimes scares the animal - they just react leading to unment harm to a child we have a 7 month old girl,a 18 nth old male beagle, and a 2 year old female full size doberman pincher-some people freak about the dobie as im sure with the rotti - she has been great they aren't dog people obviosly! the first day home the dogs were a little freaked the beagle was fine just to excited the dobie shook and barked every time the baby cried while wagging her nub -i was worried, it stopped in one day we also left the baby in the carseat and set her in her crib to sleep a littlt when i first got home so the dogs could see me and go smell the crib to figure out ther was someone new in the family-they are all great together she loves thm and they love her! hope this helps a little-good luck and cograts  


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