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My 7 year old female Irish Setter is considered "bizarre"...

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Question by KathyLynn
Submitted on 5/24/2004
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My 7 year old female Irish Setter is considered "bizarre" and "weird."  At the age of 4 spade.  Within 1-1/2 years turned totally blonde & white except at the base of tail.  For past 2 years has exhibited signs of hypothyroidism.  Long story as to why tests were not done until now.  8 months ago she started getting up at 3, 4, 5AM whining, & pawing.  Would go back to bed when someone would get up.  Almost 2 months ago received rabies & DHLPP together.  Had a seizure 29 hours later.  3 weeks later another seizure.  3-1/2 weeks later another seizure. After 1st seizure lower right lip area started turning white.  After the second seizure behavioral changes took place.  All symptoms of hypothyroidism disappeared.  Considered "bizarre."  Coat color started turning red again.  Considered "weird."  Lower right lip area turned pink.  All blood test have come back "normal."  Except her T4 and Free T4 are considered on the low end of "normal."  No medications have been given at this time, but were told to start considering seizure medication - Phenobarbital.  Have heard that Thyroxine will boost the thyroid.  
Has anyone heard of these "bizarre" and "weird" changes?  What about Phenobarbital and Thyroxine - good, bad, or indifferent?
Amidst all this mess I am changing Veterinarians.  You wouldn't even believe what I heard about the moon!!!

Answer by madspaniel
Submitted on 9/3/2006
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Sounds like alot is going on. poor you and your poor dog. I am not a vet but a medical doctor and in people hypothyroidism is very easy to treat (based on a raised TSH and low T4/fT4) with replacement thyroxine. If it looks as though your dog has an underactive thyroid, she needs thyroxine. There may however also be other stuff going on, as thyroid trouble often comes hand in hand with other autoimmune conditions (in humans).Also, why is she having seizures? Brainscan in people would rule out anything nasty... Hope this helps a little and dog back to her old self soon.


Answer by Rick Smith
Submitted on 12/19/2006
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I have an Irish Setter. At the age of 7 months I was talked into getting him fixed. Just around one year of age, his hair turned blond and the hair got fluffy and dry. The face and tail turned dark red. He lost his hair on his chest, about a softball size area. No seizures at all. He is completely healthy. Ran into a man who admired my dog and told me his female looked exactly like my dog. Same color hair light and fluffy and dry with a bald spot on her chest the size of a softball. You can contact me: ricknrusty@msn.com


Answer by Britney
Submitted on 6/17/2007
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I have heard of setters with thyroid problems,this one particular one I had seen had a horrid problem shedding her coat. It looked as if it was black and dandruffy. She would shake and her coat would appear everywhere. I have a Golden Retriever/Irish Setter cross.

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