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I almost bought a papillon puppy from a breeder in missouri...

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Question by lena
Submitted on 5/24/2004
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I almost bought a papillon puppy from a breeder in missouri but when i got there to pick him up he was missing a substantial amount of hair (especially on his face). she said that every once in awhile the mom throws a bad gene that causes them to lose their hair for a period of time, but says it will grow back in.  Is this true?

Answer by AnaPap
Submitted on 10/26/2004
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Papillons will loose their puppy coat when they are about 4 months of age. During this time their coat looks very sparse. This happens to all Paps.  I am not sure if this is what you are describing. Generally this loss of puppy coat doesn't affect the face because the hair there is always short. I have some pics of this on my website.

Before you buy a puppy make sure you know who you are dealing with.  



Answer by Debra
Submitted on 6/16/2005
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This sounds like the breeder is describing demodectic mange to me. It is genetic, and can be a lifelong problem for a dog. A female who knowingly carries this gene should NOT be bred IMHO and any puppies showing signs should have owners who know and understand what it involves.

I had a dog with this and not only did she require very regular bath with special dips, she often developed quite terrible hot spots. It is a immunity problem that causes the dog to be allergic to otherwise "normal" mites that all dogs (and people!) come in contact with. You were wise  in not choosing the puppy, it's not his fault, but I would never pay for a dog with a genetic problem.


Answer by Sarah
Submitted on 7/17/2005
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I am not a papillon breeder, or even a papillon owner, so my information is sketchy at best, but from my research online I have read that there is a time when a Papillon loses his puppy fluff (Especially around the eyes and legs) and the longer adult hair begins to grow in, and that this is especially obvious in black and white puppies for some reason.

Your breeder's explanation sounds reasonable to me.


Answer by care bear
Submitted on 11/16/2005
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It has nothing to do with genes, all Papillons lose their puppy hair and look naked for awhile. If the puppy had small bald spots it could have had fleas at one time. Papillons are allergic to fleas and when one bites them they lose all the hair in that area. I show and raise papillons if you have any further questions I would be happy to answer them just email me at celovell@comcast.net


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