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I had adopted a dog about 3 years ago. Wasn't sure what she...

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Question by Angel
Submitted on 5/22/2004
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I had adopted a dog about 3 years ago.  Wasn't sure what she was until last year someone told me she was a long haired Chiquaqua.  I lost her this week to cancer and would like to get another one.  I've made several phone calls today and it seems that I might be out of luck in finding one like her.  Her avg weight was about 12lbs. but I am finding that the normal Chiquaqua is about 1/2 her size if not smaller.  Is there such a thing as a large Chiquaqua, and if so, where can I find one?
I am intimidated on getting one any smaller because I realize the smaller they are the more fragile they are.

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 5/24/2004
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First, let me extend my condolences on the loss of your beloved pet.  

She was quite large, breed standard for show dogs is 3 - 6 pounds.  It is true that dogs on the low end of that range tend to have more problems than larger dogs, but six pounds is a good weight, bigger than that doesn't necessarily mean more healthy.  She may also have been a mix rather than a pure-bred chihuahua.  

There are many chihuahua rescue organizations which may have a dog which would match what you are looking for.  Put Chihuahua Rescue in a search engine and see what pops up.  Good Luck!


Answer by Willa
Submitted on 7/21/2004
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Angel  I am so Sorry to hear of your most recent loss. My little chihuahua is also twelve pounds , she pure bred and perfectly normal. I too was curious about the standard weight for a chihuahua. Six pounds seems so small to me.There are so  many dogs in need of a loving home, I'm sure you can find a Chihuahua. Just keep looking.  Take care


Answer by Lindsey
Submitted on 8/2/2004
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Please please answer this question:

Can a male cocker spanial and a female chiquaqua breed? Because my two dogs are not fixed, and my chiquaqua is getting fatter, and acting weird. Wont puppies that size hurt her? By the way, I think she is a long hair chiquaqua


Answer by Pam
Submitted on 3/8/2005
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I'm so sorry about your loss.  I have four chiquaqua mixes.  Eddie looks just like the Taco Bell chiquaqua and weighs 17 lbs. and Sandy, also about 17 pounds is a good, sturdy Chi-terrier.  I'm told the chi-terriers are a new breed called Feists. The other two chi mixes are around 11 pounds - one looks like a beautiful papillion and the other looks like Benji.  They're all large enough to take care of themselves in a scary situation (they actually think they're dobermans) and yet small enough to really cuddle.  I found all of them at the humane society when they were young  Two of them are now 17 years old, the other two are 11 years old.  All are extremely healthy.  Please, please check your local humane society.  You can usually find a chi-mix any given weekend.  I promise that chi will be your "perfect" match!


Answer by Lynn
Submitted on 1/28/2006
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I just met a person who said a person by the name of Donnie Wilson had long haired chi...   he is in MS.   If  you want his number e-mail me.  Biomat.7@comcast.net

I luv little dogs!!!!


Answer by Rob
Submitted on 10/16/2006
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Listen, I have a short haired brown male chiquaqua that i need to find a good home for...interested?  if so rjoldham@optonline.net


Answer by Vicki
Submitted on 3/4/2007
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We have a long-haired Chihuahua. She may not be full grown yet, but she was given to us. We already have another larger dog. Are you still looking for one?


Answer by Tony
Submitted on 3/14/2007
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When I was growing up in the 60's, my parents were breeders for a new breed of dog; it was called an Amtoy,,, cross between a Chiquaqua and a long-hair toy terrier. If you look on the internet under Amtoy, I think you can find what you are looking for.


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