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How does the straight edge philosphy account for perscriptio...

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Question by xt14n
Submitted on 5/21/2004
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How does the straight edge philosphy account for perscription drugs like antidepressants and behavioral modification drugs?  Are you still edge if you take these kinds of drugs to handle and "better" society and yourself?
Would love some well thought out feedback.
Thanks for your time.

Answer by Jay
Submitted on 5/31/2004
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Straight edge is opposed to self destructive drugs, not all chemicals in general.
To be straight edge you do not drink, not even beer, you don't smoke, you don't take hard drugs.

If a substance is considered a "drug" but is not self destructive (such as caffeine) then it's perfectly fine and it's up to you weather or not you want to abstain from it.  Furthermore, Straight Edge is about living a healthy life style.  If you are on medication then Id advise that you take that medication.  Staying off of what a doctor prescribed you may be even more detrimental to your health.  If you feel that you could live a better healthier life with out medication then go for it.
It's really up to you.


Answer by they call me Jack Mehoff
Submitted on 6/10/2004
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your answers run in circles, your all dumbass hypocrites


Answer by XeiaieX
Submitted on 3/14/2006
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wow you're an idiot Mr. Mehoff.... XXX is about doing whats best for you.. if a medication to keep you alive is what you need, do it.



Answer by El Pato
Submitted on 8/24/2006
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SxE is having control over your life. Don't be stupid, if the doctor prescribes drugs, take them.

Yes, that means you can drink a beer or two...just don't be a dumb-ass jock about it.


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