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I need to know if anyone has experienced having a golden...

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Question by Wanda
Submitted on 5/18/2004
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I need to know if anyone has experienced having a golden that is very protective of its food and/or chew bones, etc.  We have an 8 month old female golden that lunged and snapped at me last night when I petted her while she was chewing her bone.  She also growls if you pet her while she is eating.  This is not a trait I have ever seen in this breed or any other dog I have owned.  Our previous dog a golden/collie mix who lived to be 16 years old NEVER displayed this attitude.  Any suggestions on breaking this would also be appreciated.


Answer by Andi C
Submitted on 11/18/2004
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Hi Wanda.
I have an 18 month old golden who does the same thing, and has since he was about 6 months old.  Now we are forced to find him a new home, one without small children, and I am heartbroken.  He bit my 4 yr old son while he was trying to feed him.  I had told my son to wait for me while I went to the next room to get more dog food.  My son tried to hug the dog, who then inflicted a deep puncture wound on his hand.  Two months ago, the dog grabbed my 6 yr old daughter by her shirt, pulled her to the ground, and dragged her down the hill next to our house, ripping her shirt, and scratching her abdomen on the ground.  The kids are not afraid of the dog, and do not want to see him go, but I cannot take a chance of more serious injury occurring to my kids or their friends.  The dog is pushy and ill-mannered, despite training, but otherwise good, and loveable. I wish you luck, and would advise caution around small children if you have any.  Goldens, as I am finding out are not always the teddy bears people expect them to be.  Go through intense dog training before it is too late.
Good Luck.


Answer by golden luvr
Submitted on 9/28/2005
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that is not normal behavior for this breed or any other for that matter, take your dog to a behavioral trainging class, you should always bend at their level to feed and -et them as u give the food. if they bite then u should be concerned.


Answer by Anno5
Submitted on 12/17/2005
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It sounds like your 8 month old is entering her adolescent stage and testing the waters.  I have two goldens and have had a similar experience with one of them.  The way to get rid of the behavior is by not allowing the dog access to anything she has "earned" access to.  She can earn this privilege by sitting when you tell her to sit, laying down... etc...  Then, when you want to get the item away from her, have a highly valued treat in your hand (maybe a liver treat) and call you dogs name.  If she doesn't let go of the bone right then, hold the treat right up to the dogs nose.  She will give up the bone and be rewarded for doing so.  Same thing goes for the food dish.  Instead of setting the full dish in front of her, give her an empty dish and tell her to sit.  Then place a small amount of food in the bowl...  and repeat...  Once she learns that YOU are in charge and EVERYTHING good comes from you, her aggression issues will disappear.  Just remember to be consistent.  If you have any other questions, I can be reached at anno5@hotmail.com.


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