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I have a Cute puppy Chihuahua and she is always crying when...

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Question by lita
Submitted on 8/7/2003
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I have a Cute puppy Chihuahua and she is always crying when i have to sleep or if i am tired and take a nap so i have to put her in her cage because if i dont she will get into trouble and she is always BARKING so i dont know if i should hire someone to train her what do u guys think?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 8/11/2003
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How old is puppy and how long have you had her?

If she's over 8 weeks old, she's old enough to be taught how to behave.  Don't make a big fuss about putting her in her cage, then be by her so she can see you but do not respond when she howls, just do it and walk away.  Let her bark, howl, whatever for a little while.  When she's finally blessedly quiet, praise her.  The same can be done leaving the room, put her in her cage, and walk away.  Praise when she's quiet.  Repeat until she quiets almost immediately (or three times).  Praise her and give her a treat.  Release her from cage.  You can also leave cage door open and put in a blankie and favorite toy.  Play with her until she's so very tired, put her in the cage and let her sleep there with the door open.  Never Never Never put her in her cage as punishment!!!  She needs to see her cage as her den, a good place where she can rest and be safe.

It's very similar to small children who have to learn how to go to sleep on their own.  Chihuahuas bond very intensely to their owners, and are miserable when not with them.  You'll have to tough it out for a few days.  Above all, do not give her attention when she cries, that teaches her that crying works to get mommy back.

If she's barking out of the cage, she's protecting you.  You Must assert that you are Alpha in the house.  Thank her for letting you know there is a danger, then tell her "Enough".  Do not praise her if she continues to bark, tell her twice and then ignore her.  Praise her when she stops.  You may have to do rounds of "Enough", "Good girl no bark" when she's quiet, "Enough" when she starts again, etc. until she gets the point that well behaved chihuahuas make for happy humans.  Ask people to visit, let her bark a bit, let them in and tell puppy "Enough" so she understands that if you let people in, it's OK for them to be there.

This also works for licking, jumping up, any other unwelcome behavior.  

I admit, not long after I got my little ones, they slept on the bed with me (it's too high to jump down from, even for chihuahuas).  They didn't mess hardly at all, and then just in the beginning.  Like children, they have accidents.  She will get the idea and be a happy dog, but the sooner you start the happier you will both be.


Answer by Christy
Submitted on 8/15/2003
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I work 3rd shift, and have a 9mo old chi.  She hated to let me sleep, because she sleeps at night.  She wined until I put her up on my chest to sleep with me or let her outside.  It was hard for a while, but if I ignored her, I found messes.  If I make her mad she will potty in front of me just to show me she is mad.  Although, she eventually got my schedule, and only bugs me to potty now!!  


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 8/19/2003
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Welcome to the world of chihuahua ownership.  Yes,they can be very stubborn little critters.  I can tell when my little one is upset with me, she will go to her litter tray, make sure I am watching, then hop out and poop right next to the tray.  It's one of the few ways they have of expressing displeasure.  Still, it shouldn't be tolerated, and it isn't, she gets put right back into the tray and praised when she finishes where she should.  

Until mine were reliably trained, they stayed in the bathroom when I was gone or asleep.  That way I could control their mischief, they had their bed and their food and water and their litter box, as well as a toy.  But when I came home, they pottied and were let out to be with mama.  Oh Joy!  The first few days were tough, as they both in their turn cried as though their little hearts were breaking, but they got used to it.  What was important was that if I was home and awake, as long as they behaved, they got to be with me.  I never used the bathroom as punishment, but did occasionally put them in there for a few minutes if I was afraid of losing my temper, just until I calmed down.

Working third shift shouldn't make that much of a difference, mine sleep during the day as well as at night, but they are very active when I first get home.  If you are accustomed to going to bed soon after you get home, that might be part of the problem.  Try staying up with her for an hour or more and give her lots of TLC.  I know you have gotten her to understand your schedule, but maybe someone else will read this and find the advice helpful.

Have you considered training her to use a litter tray?  That way she wouldn't have to wake you just to go potty, she could go all by herself as long as she had a way off and on the bed.  I'm not the only person who has constructed steps for my little ones so they don't have to be lifted up and down.  A couple of boxes of increasing heights works well, and costs nothing.  Minnesota is not chihuahua friendly 7 months out of the year, so I started them as wee pups and they took to it, although in the warm weather they will go outside if they happen to be outside when nature calls.  Regular clumping cat litter was best received, and you may have to remove clumps daily.  One of mine couldn't care less, the other (separate litter trays, they won't share) will look up at me if there are more than two pee pees as if to say "You want me to go in there?  It's Dirty!"  As soon as I remove the clumps and smooth the litter, she happily hops in and does her business.


Answer by Christy
Submitted on 9/4/2003
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Well, thank you for the great answer.  Although, I don't feel that she needs a litter box, getting up with her is like getting up with a baby.  This is something I chose, when I decided to make her an addition to the family.  If I had the choice between the toilet or a porta potty (sp?) I would choose the toilet.  Same as outside or a litter box for my chi.  My chi is very loved and spoiled by myself and everyone else, but you are right in the aspect that she does know when enough is enough.  


Answer by Debbie
Submitted on 10/13/2003
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I have just moved and my chihuahua seems quite stressed about it, even after a couple of weeks. She was litter box trained at my previous home, but now pees and pooeys everywhere but in her box. It's as though she's suddenly become afraid of her litter box.

I'm so frustrated I just don't know what to do. I've lured her into her box with treats, only to have her pee next to my foot when I wasn't looking for two seconds. Aaggh!

Any suggestions? I adore my baby and know I must be doing something wrong. I feel like a failure as a chihuahua mommy ...

Help! Thanks!


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 10/14/2003
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I'm sure you are a very good mom, I don't think you are necessarily doing anything wrong.  I think she is upset about the move and change in routine?  I've heard from enough people now that I believe 'accidents' in a previously reliable chi aren't accidents, they're expressions of displeasure or fear.  You may have to re-teach her that Mommy always comes back, it could be separation anxiety.  As a suggestion, return to the method you used to first litter train her.  Crate or bathroom, when you are away confine her to a small area where she won't want to soil.  As soon as you get home, into the tray she goes and she stays there until she has at least peed.

I just had a thought, is the litter tray in the same place as it was before in relation to where you spend your time?  Moving is a big adjustment, and chihuahuas like routine.  She may be afraid to let you out of her sight.  When I was hospitalized a few months ago (no big deal) the minute I got home neither of my girls would be away from me, if I left the room they did too.  I had to move the litter tray temporarily into the same room I was in, so that they could still see me when they had to go.  That lasted a couple of weeks, then they got secure again and resumed using their tray in the normal place.

If you moved and didn't have a few days to spend with her in your new place before resuming your pre-move routine, that could also explain things.  I wish I could be more help, as always, I suggest Chihuahuas for Dummies, a great book about the care and maintenance of these adorable little creatures.


Answer by Debbie
Submitted on 10/14/2003
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Thank you so much for the very insightful and helpful advice. I spoke with my vet as well and she also suggested taking Sydney back to her basic puppy training. In the several days since I wrote in, I've replaced her litter box with training pads and she is doing much better. I have three pads down so she has plenty of room and she seems to be taking to them. If she continues to be a good girl, I'll start slowly reducing the number of pads until she knows to go on one.

If that doesn't work, I'm going to get her a large crate and start over again from scratch.

Thanks so much!


Answer by
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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I just got an 8 week old Chi puppy I would like to know what the best way to litter box train her.  Can you help?


Answer by Chimama
Submitted on 10/16/2003
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Yes, I can help.  I use clumping cat litter, my chis like it and use it willingly, plus it's easy to keep the pan clean.  Do remove the clumps daily but leave a little bit so she can sniff "I've gone here before so it must be where I'm supposed to go now".

Just as you would wherever you want puppy to eliminate, the method is the same.

When puppy wakes up, put her in her tray and praise her if she goes.  After puppy eats or drinks, put puppy in her tray and praise her if she goes.  After you play with her, put puppy in her tray and praise her if she goes.  Before you put her into her crate or puppy-proof room, put puppy in her tray and praise her if she goes.  When you let puppy out of her crate or puppy-proof room, put puppy in her tray and praise her if she goes.  If it's been an hour or so since she went, put puppy in her tray and praise her if she goes.  Notice a pattern here?

I used my bathroom while I was gone during the day and at night since it had a tile floor and I was using the litter tray.  That way she could have food, water and her bed in the same room as her litter box.  If you choose to use a crate instead, do not leave food and water in with her.  Give her a chance to eat and drink 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before she goes in, and give her a chance to relieve herself.  Once they eat or drink they'll have to go, and she'll hold it as long as she can, but once a dog gets used to messing its bed, it's very hard to break them of it, don't set her up to fail.

Reliably, within a few minutes of being released from confinement when you get home and/or waking up in the morning, she's going to have to pee, and probably a few minutes later she'll have to poop, same if she's had a nice long nap in the evening.  If she doesn't go after a minute or so, let her get out of the tray but watch her, as soon as she makes circles or starts sniffing, into the tray she goes and "Good girl peepee/poopie in the litter tray!".  

Until she gets to be around 6 months old, she'll have accidents, no dog is reliable before then, so you'll have to watch her like a hawk when she's not confined.  If she does go to her tray all by herself and go potty, celebrate and praise her to the heavens so she knows she made you happy.  

I also recommend using doors or baby gates to keep her in the same room or area of the house you are and put the litter tray in that same area, so you don't have to be out of her sight, this is also only until she is reliable and at least 6 months old.  That's the easiest way to make sure she can't sneak off and go somewhere you won't find it, and maximizes the times you can observe her going where you want her to and praise her.

If you find an accident, just clean it up, yelling at her won't help, dogs don't 'get it' unless you catch them in the act.  If you catch her in the act, tell her "No potty on floor", pick her up and into the litter tray she goes, "Good puppy potty litter tray".  In either case, you will have to use something to deodorize the spot so she doesn't smell it and think it's OK to go there again.  You need to get something especially for pet odors, Febreeze or Lysol don't do it.

As always, I recommend the book Chihuahuas for Dummies, the best book I have on the care and training of these adorable little creatures.


Answer by Andrea
Submitted on 10/29/2003
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Hi - I have a 4 month old Chi. She loves her crate. I took the door off and I have her area gated off since I'm litter training her. My question is similar - she's fine at night, but she's up at the crack of dawn. She cries and cries. I have gone and gotten her and brought her into my bed, but how do I get her to stay quiet until it's time to get up? Just leave her and let her cry?


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 11/3/2003
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Yup, cruel as it sounds, just let her cry.  When you get up and bring her into your bed, you reward her for crying.  You'll just have to tough it out for a few days.  She will get tired of crying.  When she does, you can praise her enthusiastically and get up.  Don't yell or give her any attention, that's a reward to her, even negative attention is attention, which is what she wants.

The best time to work on this is when you don't have to be up at a certain time (if that's possible), since you have to stay in bed until she is quiet.  Alternatively, ignore her crying, get up when you need to, tell her "Hush puppy, Mama is here, everything is OK" and ignore her until she is quiet.

If she has food and water, her litter tray, her blankie and a toy, than she has everything she needs to be comfortable.  She will learn to amuse herself until Mommy gets up, much like human infants do.


Answer by firstmovado
Submitted on 11/30/2003
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I just got a 8 week old chi, can anyone tell me if its bad to let my chi sleep next to me everynight.  Because if I leave him at my bathroom in a little confined area, he would cry so much, and it sounds like an real baby crying, it really breaks my heart when I hear him cry.  He is only 1.5 lbs, he just look so helpless when he yaps for attention.  And another thing is that he has a opening on his skull, does any of your chihuahuas have opennig on thier head?


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 12/2/2003
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1) I would discourage you from letting him sleep in your bed.  He's going to go potty, and since the bed is so big in relation to him, there's no reason for him not to go a few feet away from you, not a nice thing to roll over onto.  Plus, you don't want him to fall out or try to jump off and possibly hurt himself.  Even if he made it, he would cry and cry until you picked him up and put him back up on the bed.

I started with my chi in her box next to my bed.  Yes, she cried and tried to get out, but she settled down right away after a few days.

When I left for the day, she stayed in the bathroom with her bedbox, food, water, toy and litter tray.  This is where she stayed while I was at work.

Then I moved her to the bathroom at night.  Again, she cried a bit, but it wasn't as bad as before, after a night or two she was fine.  

Only when she was reliably potty trained (past six months old) did I allow her to sleep with me, it was a privilege she had earned.  At the same time, I stopped putting her in the bathroom when I went to work, but I closed the bedroom door so she understood that she could only be in there when I allowed it, for purposes of sleeping.  It remains that way to this day.

I did the same routine with my second chi, my older still got to sleep with me while the younger went through box and bathroom.  Again, once she was reliable and past six months old, she was allowed to join us in my bed and to have the restricted run of the house along with her older 'sister'.

I know it sounds as though their little hearts are breaking, but they will survive, it's no different from what most parents go through teaching their human infants to fall asleep by themselves.  Tough it out, it's for their own good.

2) The hole in the top of his head is called a molera.  It's the same as the fontanel 'soft spot' that human babies have when they are born, it helps the skull to be flexible and makes it easier to get down the birth canal.  In humans this closes up, but some chihuahuas never do completely close.  It's not a problem, and used to be used as a sign that a chihuahua is purebred.  That's no longer the case, some purebred chihuahuas close up and some don't, makes no difference in the show ring.  Just be careful not to poke anything in or press in when you pet him.


Answer by jc
Submitted on 12/4/2003
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I am about to purchase a female chihuahua.  I am new to taking care of puppies and I need advice on everything to do with this puppy.  

When do I start training.  Is it best to use pads or litter?

What do I buy before bringing her home?

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer by Monica
Submitted on 12/23/2003
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this is not an answer so i would like to know if anyone of you people can tell me where i could get a chihuahua thats really cute and is a puppy,but i have to buy it myself (im 11 years old)sofar i only have 100 dollars from my dad (my chirstmas money)so any directions or anything would be a big help


Answer by tahari01
Submitted on 12/27/2003
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My little Chihuahua girl is 7 weeks old. She only whimpers or whines. I have never heard her bark. I'm wondering when they start barking. Also, I'm wondering at what age will she stop growing? She's 1.5 pounds now. Any help will be wonderful. In case I don't see my answer, my email address is tahari01@yahoo.com for anyone willing to email me my answer. Thanks so much in advance!!


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 1/2/2004
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Both of my chihuahaus took some time before they learned to bark, one I had to teach to bark, the other one picked it up all by herself.

My experience has been that whatever size they are at approximately five months, they will be 1 1/2 to 2 times as big when they are grown.  Both of mine reached stable weight by 11 months.  That is if they are fed a good quality puppy food and not given people food, table scraps, etc.  Chihuahuas can get fat, mostly it is because of too many treats and being carried around too much.  They like and need to run around.

My standard plug is to please have your animal spayed, and invest in the book Chihuahuas for Dummies, it is the best book I have on the care and maintenance of these adorable creatures.


Answer by Pepper
Submitted on 2/2/2004
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I just got a new chihuahua, born December 19 2003, and he keeps howling, groaning, staggering, barking, and whining? Is he sick? Or is that normal?


Answer by froggies
Submitted on 2/5/2004
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I have a chi and she is now 6months old.  She is very affectionate and wants to be picked up all the time.  I do not have a problem with that at all.  However, if you go to pick her up, she moves away.  So then she comes back and wants up.  So I try to pick her up again and she moves away. And this goes one until she is good and ready.  Another thing is that you can't just walk up to her and pick her up, she takes off running and I certainly can't catch her which becomes annoying when you are trying to leave to go somewhere.  Any suggestions?


Answer by Sandi
Submitted on 2/7/2004
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I have the same problem. Mine is 6 months old, all training has gone well except the "come" one. He wants picked up and you try and he runs, you call come and he comes, then try to pick him up... Same if you want to leave or put him in the crate. He knows when you want him and won't even come for a treat. The minute you set down he is in your lap, you put him down and then call him and he runs again. I can use some help too!


Answer by amber
Submitted on 3/14/2004
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I have the same problem with my chi, personally I just think they are stubborn! Also I just got a new chi, they are 5 wks apart. The newest (smallest one) is kinda mean to the oldest and doesnt like to play with the older one much? any suggestions on how to have them get along a little better


Answer by chimama
Submitted on 3/18/2004
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I have that issue with my beta Nixie.  She is much more shy than her sister Gremlin who is alpha.  She wants love, but is afraid too, since I am pack leader and I think she doesn't think she's good enough to deserve it.

When you call and he doesn't come, or comes close but won't let you pick him up, ignore him.  I just sit down and deliberately turn my head away.  Chihuahuas hate to be ignored, so she will come to see me and if I continue to ignore her she will jump up onto my lap and beg for attention.  

Yes, it's frustrating, I don't have the definitive solution.  I can say that it does get better, but it's taken over a year to get to this point with Nixie.  Sometimes she's ok, other times she pulls the run away routine.  I know that letting her outside without being on lead is a very bad idea, since it's not fun chasing a chihuahua all over the yard, and could be very dangerous.

As for chihuahuas not getting along, a lot depends on the actual ages as well as the age difference.  Please provide more information in a new question and I will try to help.


Answer by madman
Submitted on 7/9/2004
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Answer by NewChiOwner
Submitted on 8/14/2004
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Chimama you give great advice.  I have bought the book Chihuahua's for Dummies and am reading it in depth.  It is a great book, with excellent advice and tips as well.  Thanks for your great advice.

Always reading....


Answer by New Chi Owner
Submitted on 8/17/2004
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I need help so bad! I have had my puppy for a week today and for some reason she has stopped sleeping in her pen (I have an excercise pen in my room and her bed is in it). I found out she has worms it srarts with a J or a G and we got new meds last night. After we gave them to her I put her in her pen because it was time for bed but all she did was scream and cry because she wanted to be picked up. I picked her up and held her for a few min untill she got sleepy then I but her back but she just did the same thing!! She does NOT want to sleep anywhere but on someone but shes only 13 weeks old and shes way too small to sleep in my bed. Im a student and im going back to school pretty soon and I cant keep doing this I need help! People tell me to just stick her in her pen and just ignore her and let her cry but who can do that? We sleep in the same room but who can sleep when your baby wants you? Please I need help some advice anything Im so desperate! Thank You.


Answer by ttttooobbbyyy
Submitted on 10/18/2004
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I'm about to purchase a new chihuahua, but I have the choice of having a boy or girl, or long hair or short hair and I don't know the PROS and CONS of each!!! Is there anyone who can help??? Chimama, your answers to everyone else's questions have been really helpful! Thanks!


Answer by Anna
Submitted on 11/10/2004
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If you want it to stop, ignore it, if you always come to it when it cry's it know you'll always come so it keeps it up. Keep it in it's crate and be silent. after a while you will be able to take her out of her crate and let her sleep with you.
NOTE: if your puppy is under 10 weeks (that was when she stopped for me, I have a chihuahua and I am 10.) don't sleep with her, i got my chihuahua at 6 WEEKS it's to early but the breeder just gave her to me. (of course I payed $200.00 :P ) Anyways, I used to sleep with my chihuahua the first night (It stopped then, till she was 10 weeks old.) I didn't let her sleep with me much then because she used the bathroom on me (that might not be normal with most chihuahuas.) so I locked up her crate though now she huddles deep under the covers and sleeps with me.

This may not be the best advice. I'm 10 though, and I am a chihuahua freak and thats me :)


Answer by Lori
Submitted on 11/15/2004
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I am going to become a new owner of a 3 month old long-haired chihuahua.  Her name will be Sierra.  Does anybody have any suggestions for me as a new mommy?  Did anybody have any problems with their chi's chewing on wires from electrical appliances?  The only ones I have are the ones for cable in my bedroom so I'm hoping to not call attention to them and she won't even notice.  Do you think that this will help?

Also, she is going to be flying from Iowa to New Hampshire.  Did anyone have their chihuahua's flown to them?  How did they react?

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,



Answer by LISA
Submitted on 1/3/2005
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Hi i have a question for chimama or anyone else who knows alot about chis. I have a female shortcoat chi for 3 weeks now and she is 13 weeks. I have spent almost the entire 3 weeks with her getting her settled in and am half way there potty training her. However i have to go out during the day and sometimes there wont be anyone else in. She will be left up to 6 hours. I have a crate for her which she sleeps in at night on a chair next to my bed. I know people do it but do you think 6 hours is too long to leave her in there? Or do you think it would be better to leave her in a room. And i cant put her in the kitchen because we have an older dog and he hasnt really got used to her yet and doesnt want to play! Any ideas? She did used to get in a playpen however she really hated that and seems to settle in the crate better. If anyone had any advice please help! thankyou


Answer by raine
Submitted on 1/3/2005
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I'm trying to litter train my 4 month old chi
but every time I put him in his litter box he
jumps out, what should I do to show him where to go? ( he is used to going out side)


Answer by Chaqua
Submitted on 2/7/2005
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Hi! I am getting a chihuahua in 9 weeks. My mother has contacted many breeders and has finnaly found one that is suitible! The breeder my mother found has just had a litter, though there is only one female and they are all short hairs in the litter. And i particually want a female as my other small dog is a female. Though the breeder id expecting another litter in a week or so and she is expecting atleast one long haired. So I have to wait approximatly 8-9 weeks before I can get her. Though I am aloud to go and visit the puppies every three weeks. So I have been researching the care and training of a long haired chihuahua. But i havn'tfound very much, I have heard that chihuahuas are very hard to train and that they are hard to care for. Is this true?? If you have any tips or advice please tell me! I really want my chihuahua to be well trained and well cared for!


Answer by alice
Submitted on 3/31/2005
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hi i have been looking for a chi puppy for ages and have had no luck. i live in the UK and was wondering if anyone knew how i could get a pup other than it being shipped. any info would be appreciated


Answer by pinkchi
Submitted on 5/23/2005
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i would like to purchase a very tiny teacup chihuahua, but i'm short on funds. about $300 where could i find a cheap chihuahua?


Answer by Louise
Submitted on 6/15/2005
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I would like to know if puppies are born with soft spots, and if so are they opened and gradually close as they get older? About how long does this period take, and are there any special precautions to take.


Answer by Petri's Mom
Submitted on 6/24/2005
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I got a chihuahua about 4 months ago at 4 weeks old and I was hesitant to take her home because she was so young but she had already been taken away from her mom for a week so I took her home anyway.  She had been dewormed and was eating canned food.  When I brought her home after a few days I noticed she had worms and diarrhea and wouldn't eat so I bought her deworming mediation at Walmart and took her to the vet the next morning.  The vet asked me what the worms looked like looked at the medication and said it was good and told me she had a microscopic organism and gave me medication.  At that time I had her on puppy formula cause she wouldn'teat.  He said to bring her back in 3 weeks for her shots.  He also gave her nutri-cal high calorie food supplement.  I never got around to bringing her back she was 10 weeks old and I noticed the worms hat returned.  I gave her more of the walmart deworm.  I noticed she had a weird breathing sound before I left one day and didn't think much of it.  I returned at night and it sounded worse so the next morning I took her to another vet.  He said that the deworm was not for those kind of worms and that the vet should have gave her another kind.  He gave her a tablet and said it should get rid of all the worms.  She wouldn't eat at all and her stomach looked soo big.  It was full of worms I guess.  A few days before that worms would just be coming out all over her bed and when we would hold her.  Well that day after the vet she seemed much better she was more active and eating but not dog food.  I had fixed her up some warm milk with sugar and was watching tv waiting for it to cool down cause it was a little to hot and she was asleep on the floor next to my bed and I wanted to wake her up for the milk and I couldn't find her I looked everywhere and then found her dead on the floor.  She had thrown up some food and choked on it.  Her tummy was so full of worms she couldn't fit any food.

Now I just got a Teacup chihuahua from the same lady I bought Oreo, the toy chihuahua that died from.  His name is Petri.  I am worried about him cause he's not very playful.  He's already 2 months old, 9 weeks in two days.  He doesn't like to eat dog food.  The only time he ate any was the day I brought him home.  He will eat some table food when he sees me eating sometimes he smells it and gets really excited and jumps and I give him some cause I'm worried that he doesn't eat.  I had been giving him honey a few times a day for his blood sugar but today I went to the vet and got nutrical and highly concentrated sugar water.  The only way he will eat dog food is if I cook it up with some scrambled egg.  Even then he doesn't like to eat it.  Sometimes if I tell my other chihuahua Rocko, he's 5 years old, to eat the food then Petri will want to eat some when he sees Rocko eating it.  He even tries to make him get away from the food.  He never barks or growls.  Oreo would always play with me and bark and growl.  He started biting me a little, playing biting just yesterday.  He has a hole in the top of his head.  He also has a big patch of fur missing on his side.  The lady I bought it from said it's from giving him too many baths but that's not true.  The vet said we will worry about that later.  Oreo also had a patch of fur missing but it had the hair growing back already just very short.  When I first got petri I put his bed in a box next to my bed with a blanket on top cause I can't sleep unless I have two fans on and He cried and cried cause he wanted to sleep in the bed so I put a mattress on the floor in the living room and put his bed next to me and he's fine like that.  Once I made the mistake of watching tv with Oreo asleep on my bed and then I fell asleep and in the middle of the night she fell off the bed and was crying for about 30 minutes I think she must of hit her head or something.
Also one time I was giving Rocko a bath about a year ago and I forgot the towel and it was a large laundry room sink and I left him there I didn't think he would try to jump out I was only gone a minute and he was all wet and jumped out and got very hurt he was crying and his eyes wouldn't open very much and he hurt is arm very bad I would have to pop it back in to place just about every day for like 3 weeks.

Please let me know if you have any advice about how to get Petri to eat or any suggestions about my puppy.
Annie RobotAnnie@gmail.com


Answer by sue
Submitted on 8/2/2005
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I just bought a chihuahua that is only 7 weeks. Would it be bad to bathe her daily?


Answer by Brittany
Submitted on 8/3/2005
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I just got my chi puppy last week he is 7 weeks old.  I know that he is young & teething, but he has a biting problem.  He doesn't bite to be mean...but he has broken the skin on my hand 3 times already.

He also seems to have a very stuborn personality...any suggestions? you can also email me brittany@pescoinc.net   Thanks!


Answer by Chihuahua Law
Submitted on 8/4/2005
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I have recently purchased a chihuahua crossed with a maltese terrier and she seems to love digging at drain pipes. Also she sleeps in a box with a doonah and her favourite toy every night, although she seems to be obsessed with the box! She will jump in the box in the middle of the day (or any time) just to have a sleep! I find that unusual because she sleeps more than 10 hours a day and my last dog slept about 4-6 hours. Is it ok for a dog to sleep so much??

And I also have a cat and my chihuahua wants to play with my cat although my cat bats my dog away. The reason I am worried is that my cat is starting to take her claws out now when she bats my dog. Although my dog doesn't respond to any form of discipline (getting hit by the cat...). I'm worried that my cat will hurt my little chihuahua. How can I stop my dog jumping and prancing around (and on) my cat???


Answer by BB
Submitted on 8/17/2005
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I just got my 6 month old Chi and now he doesn't seem to want to sit beside me anymore when I am on the couch. He just sits on a blanket that is on the floor.I also have another Chi in the home. What do you think the reason is?


Answer by blackllama
Submitted on 9/2/2005
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I've had my German shepherd for about 2weeks, He is 9 weeks old and everytime I put him in his crate He will cry and bark. I don't know if he is asking to go outside to do his duties like he is trained to. Or he's just barking and crying for attention. How long should I keep him in his crate daily?


Answer by AznUniGurl
Submitted on 10/10/2005
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I have a 7 week old Chihuahua, and he just wouldn't stop whining when we crate him. I think he's learning to whine until we decide to come and he gets quiet, because he knows we won't let him out unless he's quiet. We leave him in his room and ignores him, but it just hasn't gotten any better. Any ideas of how to get him to stop. I live in a apartment, so I would like him to get quiet as soon as possible so he doesn't bother people beside me.


Answer by Rick
Submitted on 10/19/2005
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congratulations to my baby chi she had four babies this morning! woo hoo


Answer by Zina
Submitted on 10/26/2005
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why won't u keep the dog by u and she or he might sleep by u or just put it in the little rooms for him or her or make a bedroom for him or her and decorate it or just buy a another dog let them get use to each other and they will play with each other in the room  or some where else and they won't bother u ,if u live in a apartment let them play in the living room for a little bit and they will get tire and sleep some where OK. my dog it not potty train either until now he kept barking too when we are going to sleep, too .Bye


Answer by henry
Submitted on 11/26/2005
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i have a 10 week male pup who I am crate training and trying to housebreak. Where I got him he was in a basinet with a tray on the bottom so he could eliminate anywheres and it magically disappered.
He seems like a smart boy and I am having moderate success which I think I can attribute to the holiday weekend working at home and spending a lot of time with him. He has been sleeping through the night in an adjacent room and retires to his crate (with my encouragement and sometimes not) After reading here, I fear this could change on a dime. I also fear I may unwittingly cause an undesired behavior or ruin my dog's personality in my ignorance to proper training. Its an enormous time investment but I want a good dog thats happy and fits. Is this an impossible dream? Help, thanks.


Answer by Keila Mueller
Submitted on 12/8/2005
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I have a couple of questions. First, my Chi is 6 weeks old and every time i take her out of the house she sort of sneezes/vomits. it sort of shoots out and it is always clear. What is it and how do i help it stop. and secondly, he is ALWAYS biting. he especially likes to bite faces. How can i teach him to stop. and lastly, when i pick him up he acts all depressed, why does he do this. Please help!


Answer by spongiechic12
Submitted on 12/13/2005
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i just bought a new 7 week old puppy and all he does if whine whenever hes alone. at night, when i go to work.....what should i do?


Answer by xlilxdevilx
Submitted on 12/20/2005
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i'm getting a long haired chihuahua on sat but i havnt bought any stuff for her yet. what should i buy her and any tips for training


Answer by Proud Ownerz
Submitted on 1/4/2006
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We just bought a dog and we live in an apartment, Its been whining/crying And were about to head to sleep. We put him in the restroom and we turn off the lights but it seems scared. What should we do?


Answer by chihuahuamom
Submitted on 2/23/2006
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I have a baby chihuahua that pees and poops all over the house I hive her treats all the time she goes outside and give her lots of hugs and kissies but I don't know what i'mdoing wrong!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by keke
Submitted on 4/9/2006
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I just adopted a 3 year old chi and she was not housebroken and just pottys anywhere and everywhere.  She hates going outside and simply refuses to potty outside no matter how long I have her out there.  She will be outside for an hour and as soon as we come in, she will go on the floor.  She doesn't even try to hide to go potty, she will go right in front of me.  I would LOVE to litter train her, but someone told me it is too late.  Is it?  If not, any suggestions on how to train an older chi?  Thanks!


Answer by Widget's Biggest Fans
Submitted on 6/22/2006
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My husband and I have some questions.
Has anyone had any issues with separation anxiety or leaving a chihuahua puppy alone for a couple of hours at a time in the house?  

Widget (our 11-week old chi) and our 5 cats play quite a bit, so cooping her up in her puppy room, even with use of a baby gate, seems to upset her because they all have the run of the house.  At least that is how it appears.  

She really HATES being in a crate in the car, too, she screams and cries and digs and doesn't stop.  She is much calmer and happier to sit calmly (usually falls asleep) in one of our laps on trips.  That part is fine.  

She doesn't mind being in her playpen at work as long as we are right near by when either one of us has her.  If not, she seems to get upset pretty quickly once she can't see one of us or we're not right there next to her at our desks.  That's not good.

Today was the first time we left Widget at home - just for 30 minutes - and we set it up so that we could hear her while we were gone.  She cried (pretty loudly a few times!) off and on for most of that time.  As heartbreaking as that sound is, we just want to be able to train her so that she isn't so attached to us that she can't be on her own if we go out to a movie or dinner.  Nothing lengthier than say, a couple of hours.  Three at the most, unless she has company to check in on her.  

On the other hand, we do like bringing her with us wherever we can and as often as possible.

Any tips?  What were your training methods?  And have we already blown it by taking her to work with us every day?


Answer by Eric
Submitted on 6/30/2006
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Hi, i just got a 8 week old chi female and she loves to nibble and bite toes, fingers, shoes, socks, faces, etc when she gets hyper from playing... i'vebeen rewarding her every time she licks and doesn't bite with a small piece of dry dog food. she seems to get the point but only for a short period of time then continues to bit... is this effective or is there a better way to train her not to bite??? also i want to wee wee pad train her but every time i put the pad on the floor she looks at it as a new toy and tries to rip it up, and when she needs to do her business she goes on the carpet or kitchen floor. i try to put the pad under her as she goes so maybe she would get the idea, but that seems ineffective... i heard from someone, if i get her to go on the pad once and i leave her "pee-pee" on it she will remember the scent and continue to use it (does this work??)... other then these little she is a great puppy, she goes to sleep when she needs to and she stays in her cage with no problems... she loves to run around, play, fetch, and follow me and my gf around the house like "a little puppy dog"...


Answer by Pogichi
Submitted on 7/6/2006
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have a sweet 2 year old Chihuahua name Pogi-chi. Unfortunatly, Memorial weekend
he jumped from the kitchen sink as my mom was washing him and he fractured (fine line) his front left leg.   I was told by the vet that he would splint the leg and remove it in 5 weeks. I was told to crate pogi and keep him quiet, However keeping a toy dog quiet is  difficult. I was told by the vet 2 days ago (5 weeks later) that though his leg is calcifying, his
leg is not healing. He said it is due to me not keeping the dog from moving. He said possibly that if it does not heal that I should take him to an orthopedic surgeon. Also he diagnosed a Possible amputiation. Now I find this hard to believe, because pogi has been trying to use his injured splinted leg and I can't stop him from doing so even though try to by crating him. Do you think the vet is a little unethical with this drastic diagnosis? He quoted that its about $2,000 for an orthopedic surgeon.   Also, when I first took Pogi to emergency, they splinted his leg without telling me I had the option to cast. Now,
his last visit I was told that I could plaster cast the dog for $300.00 more. All bells dinging in my brain that this Vet didn't feel right to me. I requested pogi be resplinted and that I would take him to another vet. I felt he used scare tactics to coax more money from me. I am asking other chihuahua owners who have had my experience with their pet (fracturing leg) then being told of a possible amputation to tell me how their pet is doing now?  I am sick with worry for my pet and would like to hear of other cases. I have heard that chihuahuas are prone to fractures...if that case being then there would be a lot more
amputated chihuahuas around and I don't see that.  I also appreciate any advice on how to help my little guy accelerate the healing of his leg.


Answer by allen_tiffany
Submitted on 8/11/2006
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Hi everyone, I have a five month old female chi. We got her when she was 11 weeks old and the breeder still had not started potty training. My husband and I trained her to go on potty pads, 95% of the time she went on the pad. But for about 3 weeks now she will not poop on the pad but will go on hard floors. We have tried everything to get her training habits back to normal. Can anyone help? Thanks.


Answer by anonymous
Submitted on 8/14/2006
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i got a chihuahua (male) about 1 or 2 monthes ago..he is a year old and it keeps whining and barking when i leave and it barks when someone comes by due to the problem because we live in an apartment so can you please help thanks.


Answer by Caitlin
Submitted on 8/22/2006
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I currently own a 4 month old Chihuahua. He is small and we are happy with him, but we are interested on knowing when will he be fully grown. I just bought him and would like to know how long does it take for them to know there name?


Answer by Juan
Submitted on 9/23/2006
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i as given a puppy chihuahua 9 weeks old hes about 22 weeks old now and hes grown about an inch and the other puppies in his litter are all twice his size is there something wrong with him?? or is it normal


Answer by Leigh
Submitted on 9/26/2006
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I recently bought my first CHI but he does not see to want to eat. I have only had him 2 days now. tonight is the second night. Any suggestion on getting him to eat?? He is 8 wks old.. Is the litter traing better then taking him outside??


Answer by pinklady
Submitted on 10/2/2006
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hey there.. do you guys by any chance have  any advice to toilet train a pom x maltese 4 m.o puppy?


Answer by yogina
Submitted on 10/12/2006
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Hi My chi is always hungry, she is 3 months old. I feed her dry food three times a day. How much should I give her?


Answer by megan
Submitted on 11/15/2006
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I am getting a female chihuahua. What should I do when I get it and for the first time bring it into my house? Sould I play with it, show it where its things are going to be, what should I do?


Answer by Lauren
Submitted on 2/20/2007
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My chihuahua is 4 months old and he is already 5 pounds! How big will he get and when will he stop growing!? I've heard all different things but does anyone know for sure?


Answer by sassy chick
Submitted on 3/9/2007
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I used to have a chihuahua but we had to give her away.


Answer by FemaleAttitude
Submitted on 3/29/2007
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My 3 month old chi (pedigree) is 5lbs now!!! is this normal??


Answer by coco_aus
Submitted on 5/20/2007
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Hi there, i've just got a little female chihuahua, shes 8 weeks. luckily she can come into work with me and just follows us all around the office. i try to ignore her when she cries, and praise her when she stops. i only pick her up and play with her if she is behaving well. i take her out back to wee / poo every 45 min or so, as well as when she wakes up. she has a water dish here in my office along with her bed, a toy and a pair of my shorts (she likes to sit in my clothes). Am I doing anything wrong? Ive tried to follow your advice as best possible. Should I be doing anything else?


Answer by Moni
Submitted on 5/23/2007
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hi, my chihuahua is about 13 week and a few days old, he like to sleep. is there something wrong with him? or is that normal? he just get tired and his eyes start to get watery.


Answer by ChiHelp
Submitted on 6/5/2007
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I just got this chihuahua three days ago. She is five months old. I go to school during the day, but its only for a week more. But during the day she cries and cries so loud all day long when im not with it, if i put it in its cage, or just anywhere where it is isolated. I dont know how to make her stop whining, i play with her all the time, but she wont stop when im not with her. She whines so much and so loud, my parents want to get rid of her if she doesnt stop! Please help me teach her not to whine!!!!!

thank youu!=D


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