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i know temprement comes mostly from upbringing but is it...

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Question by sandra
Submitted on 5/10/2004
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i know temprement comes mostly from upbringing but  is it more of a sure bet  with a pit mix like say a pit/lab?

Answer by CH
Submitted on 5/19/2004
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NO, let me repeat that, NO, NO, NO!  You are right about temperment being mostly from how you raise them, but 94% of pit bulls pass the temperment test by the American Temperment Testing Society.  The black lab and golden retriever only pass 77% of the time!!!  So basically you are more likely to be bitten or attacked by a mixed breed pit than a pure bred.


Answer by Death Squad
Submitted on 6/21/2004
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Pit Bull's... the species as a whole are at best, terrorist's to society and to all that harbor them are to be given little heed of innocence and to which are deemed to be as guilty as the terrorist itself. With everyone's help the breed can be exterminated singularly and inevitabley, completely via decapatation and without mercy.


Answer by death squad my ass
Submitted on 6/27/2004
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death squad is a little whinny b!tch who would get the sh!t smacked out of him/her if he/she opened his/her mouth around me.leave an e-mail address fag.I'll show your punk ass the meaning of your nickname.no decapitation here though,it's gonna be slow so you have the chance to think about how big a dumbass you really were.make my dream a reality, i dare you!!!by the way your mom is a whore,your dad sucked my d!ck,and anyone who cares about you should all die a slow painful death for being so damn stupid.you want to try and act like a badass on here, but i bet you would beg for mercy if i got my hands on you.imagine me raping and torturing your mom fag, because i like the thought.P*SSY *SS MOTHER F*CKER, LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by SpitBull
Submitted on 8/24/2004
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I have a pit-mix rescue dog. Her first 6 months were he!!. Vet says she looks to be about 80% pit. Also have 2 other diffrent breed dogs. Spitbull is the sweetest of all.Washes faces and ears of both, sleeps by both. Anybody who would trash the pit has not ever spent time with one that was properly raised. I also have teenage kids with friends over all of the time. Spits only problem is she thinks everybody loves her and wants to play. So at a small 60lbs you have a lap full. Dont judge the breed, judge the deed


Answer by matt
Submitted on 1/31/2005
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hey CH, im not saying that ur wrong or lying, but ive been to atts' website and the pitbull got an 83.9%. still hier than the lab and golden retriever. which is great!


Answer by PitBull_30
Submitted on 5/8/2006
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It you think Pit Bulls are killers your an idiot. Ever owned an American Pit Bull Terrier? Ever spent time with an American Pit Bull Terrier? Where do you get the "killer dog" idea, the media? If so that's just sad. Do some research. Ever consider what PEOPLE do to these dogs? Could you identify a Pit or are you like all the other people who commonly mistake other breeds for them? Here are some sites. Educate yourself.










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