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why is there no computer access to Saint Hill Manor? My son...

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Question by concerned mother
Submitted on 5/10/2004
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why is there no computer access to Saint Hill Manor? My son works there but has no e-mail address, is this not odd in 2004?

Answer by Christine
Submitted on 5/22/2004
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It is because nobody there really wants to let an "outsider" get access to their phone numbers because maybe the authorities or other concerned people like yourself, will call your son and tell him what a horrible place he is really in.

I used to work for the "church" of "scientology" in Sacramento Calif. And I barely escaped with my sanity and a few dollars to my name. It took me years to get my self-respect back. I now have a life, and have been working on a college degree. I regret that I ever got involved with that insane organization. It is full of con-artists, ex-convicts and basically society's rejects. It is a cult, make no mistake about it.

I hope that your son can get out of there one day. And don't stop trying to contact him. Go there is you need to. I thank God every day that my mother kept in touch with me while I was involved with that horrible place. If she had not, I may have never been able to leave there...ever. But I did.


Answer by J. R. Wilson
Submitted on 1/12/2005
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Dear Christine,

I am a Scientologist not a Church staff member leaving close to Saint Hill.

There is computer access at Saint Hill Manor and there is no reason why you can't contact your son.

You should call +44 1342 324571 and ask for your son's name you will be put through no problem.

Just for information - Christine has some facts wrong. Scientology is a 100% bonafide religion, Tax exempt and recognised by the IRS.

There are over 1100 churches and missions ... around the world open to the public 365 days of the year.

Yours, J. R. Wilson.

P.S. It has been proven on many occasions, and possible in Christine's case, that when people have "left" the church with no reason and then gone off and criticized it - they have been found to have committed crimes against the church and have other hidden "wrongs" that they don't want others to know about.

I have been a Scientologist for over 10 years as have family members and friends and it has aided my life greatly and there churches are the some of the friendliest places on the planet.


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