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I wanted to start litter training my new female Chihuahau. ...

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Question by Wendy
Submitted on 5/6/2004
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I wanted to start litter training my new female Chihuahau.  I was told not to buy cat litter with deoderizer, because if they eat it, it can tear a whole in their stomach.  Is this true?  If so why not cats
PLEASE help I am scared on what to use for her.  

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 5/7/2004
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Relax.  I use clumping cat litter with baking soda, it works just fine.  Some sources say not to use clumping because the dogs eat it.  Well, mine don't and neither do the dogs of other chi owners I know.  

Both my girls took to it rather well, but they have different levels of hygiene.  My older chi likes the litter thick and kept clean, if there are more than two clumps or it is not 'plush' enough, she doesn't really like to use her box.  She gets partway in, or just stands there looking at me as if to say "You want me to go in there, it's dirty!"  Once I remove the offensive clumps and smooth the surface, she happily hops in and does her business.

My younger girl doesn't seem to care if I ever clean the litter, and she uses her nose to root around until she finds a spot she likes, and to bury her clumps and poo poos.  It's always amazing, it looks clean, but that's just the very top, all the clumps are buried.  I wonder if she's part cat?

They have separate litter trays because one was an adult when her sister joined the household, so she needed her own litter tray in the bathroom, which I used during the day when I was gone and at night rather than using a crate.  Now that they're both grown, they still have both, since my older chi, the alpha, refuses to share.


Submitted on 1/4/2007
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i just got n femal chihuahau and i am not even close to sure how to train i love her very much and doens t want to scare her i have only had big dogs like boerboele to train can i get tips tips?


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