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Is Wicca a form of Satanism?

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Question by TY
Submitted on 5/3/2004
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Is Wicca a form of Satanism?

Answer by Silver RavneWing
Submitted on 7/3/2005
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No wiccans do not believe in Satan or a supreme evil or Hell for that matter we believe that all souls are sent to summerland and reborn


Answer by Gregory Morrison
Submitted on 11/27/2005
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'Satan' is the Hebrew for 'Adversary', which is why the angel who fell from grace, lucifer, has been given this name. Satanism is comprised of many different groups, some of which do not even claim satan'sreal existence, but simply claim their practise as an avoidance of the problems of life. The answer to this question really does depend on the person asking, not because the truth changes, but because a different question is being asked. If the person asking is non-Christian, and therefore the question is simply a query about whether wicca is a form of satanism in a religious beliefs/denomination point of view, then the answer is no. Wicca as a belief system is very seperate from satanism, and is seperate also in practise and ritual.
However, if the person asking the question is a Christian, then the answer will be different. Satanism to a Christian will not necessarily simply mean a system of beliefs which make a denomination or a sect, but more a way of life - following satan instead of Christ. All things come from God, and to ask God for help is right and good. To ask - or demand -  for help from anywhere else, ignoring God, is to recieve from someone else. Christianity is about doing the will of God. it is the submission of the will to outside truths. Wicca and satanism are both attractive for being ways in which one can manipulate change in the world for one's own 'good',in the interest of one's own will, regardless of morality - ie, 'love potions' andspells. to force someone else's will is scarcely an act of love, even if that forcing is to produce 'love'. The wonderful thing about love is that it is voluntary, an act of the will. Going against this is unnatural, and immoral, and because of both of these, must be against the will of God. If wiccanists do not get their power from God, then where do they get their power from? In Christian belief, there is only one source of power who is willing to heed every beck and call of us humans, regardless of morals. this same source is very willing to help humans fulfill the desires and wills of humans where they should be most controlled and fought against in the interests of attaining holiness - that is, closeness to God Who is Love, and the source of all that is good.
Power comes from God. But the ability to do certain things which twist nature and are not in the interests of moral good come from only one spirit - and his name is legion, and he is the adversary, satan.
Of course this is the answer to a Christian questionner. as a religious group satanism and wicca claim to be very far from one another.
'And the gates of Hell shall not prevail...'
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Sunday 27th November, 2005
The First Sunday of Advent


Answer by David
Submitted on 10/7/2006
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No, Wiccans do not accept the existence of Satan, or the Devil. Satanism sees humanity as the source of its own power, whereas Wiccan sees the universe and nature as the source of their power.


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