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We have three dogs: 120 lb dobi-rotw mix, female, age 5 and...

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Question by mary
Submitted on 5/1/2004
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We have three dogs:
120 lb dobi-rotw mix, female, age 5 and
2 chows;  one male, 65 lbs age 2
one female, 55 lbs one week older, all are fixed.  The chows have always sporadically fought, usually with the  male getting her down and both  running out of breath and concluding with no serious damage. Abt a month ago the fights have escalated to a daily occurrence.  The female will begin to growl, the male attacks her  and if the mix is close she tries to kill the male. Miss growly chow lost an eye a few days ago. There is no violence to any family members.  Help!

Answer by laura
Submitted on 1/29/2006
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My chow recently started attacking her "friend" that we got about a year ago.  the attackes were very vicious and the puppy was not hurt....yet.  I know that Chow's do not like to be restrained or trapped, but I have resorted to keeping her in a pen during the day and when I'm home, keeping her on a long "run" chain.  at least when she attackes the puppy, I am able to pull her off.  My problem is that my chow and my puppy are both spayed females.  YIKES!!!  


Answer by Sandy
Submitted on 6/8/2006
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You have a real problem there.  I've had a very similar situation with 2 females.  The answer was behavorial modification.  Since dogs are pack animals they have an alpha.  You need to be that alpha.  I was taught to take charge by feeding the most dominant one first and so on.  They all had to see that I was in charge.  There were more details that I had to follow through.  You can get that info from a professional.  I suggest you do before a human may get hurt.  My situation was resolved completely after a few weeks.  I became the alpha and they followed my lead in being kind to each other.


Answer by Emma
Submitted on 3/28/2007
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You need to get rid of one of the dogs. Or i f you are in love with all of them make sure that if one dog is hurting the other give a nice firm NO! and seperate the two dogs.


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